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Latin America increased by 15% in Internet users and participation in

ComScore published the final results of a study on growth of audience of Internet in Latin America based on its service comScore Media Metrix. The study found that in the last year the population of Internet in Latin America rose 15% to 112,7 million visitors as the digital ecosystem continued to grow and develop.

"Last year, Latin America has experienced strong growth in Internet use throughout the region," said Alejandro Fosk, senior Vice President of comScore Latin America. "Consumers come to the Internet for a variety of activities including communication, social connection, information and trade, as the web becomes a source of increasing value for both consumers and businesses." "With an expected continued growth throughout the region, advertisers and media are beginning to realize the tremendous potential that exists for this channel through Latin America."

Population of Sube Latin America Internet 15% last year

112,7 million people 15 years old or higher, agreed to the Internet from your home or work in Latin America, during January 2011, representing an increase of 15% of visitors in relation to the previous year, thus demonstrating the strong growth in the numbers of consumers getting internet access. Brazil, the largest in the region online market, grew 20% in the past year, reaching 40.5 million users, while the Mexico online population increased to 18.1 million, equivalent to 21%. Venezuela, which represents a relatively small online market of 2.9 million, achieved the fastest growth rate in the last year with 27%.

1 of every 4 Online minutes consumed in Latin America belong to Facebook

In April 2012, the audience of social networks in the region reached 127.3 million visitors, increasing 12% over the previous year. Facebook held a strong leadership position in the market with 114,5 million visitors, one 37% increase over the previous year. continued with 27.4 million visitors, while Orkut ranks third with 25.7 million visitors who come almost exclusively from Brazil. was the fate of faster growth of the first 10 places in the ranking, doubling its audience over the past year reaching 7.2 million visitors.


Facebook is by far the social network with greater affinity of its users consuming an average of 7.7 hours on the site in April. It also ranked as the website with greater affinity of the region, which means that 1 of every 4 minutes consumed in total online Latin America belong to this social network.

The visitors more akin to Pinterest in Puerto Rico and Argentina

Pinterest is one of the most recent participants and more rapid growth of social media. The site, which allows users to create and share photos in "pinboards" based?on different topics, he quickly accumulated an audience of nearly 30 million visitors. The Latin audience of Pinterest reached 1.3 million visitors in April 2012, with only 153,000 visitors at the beginning of the year.

A geographic analysis of the audience shows that Brazil has 27.8% of regional visitors to, followed by Mexico (16.1%) and Argentina (10.2%). Puerto Rico was home to visitors "pinners" more involved with an average of 24.3 minutes consumed on the site in April, followed by Argentina (15.3 minutes per visitor) and Mexico (12.1 minutes per visitor).

Brazilians lead the region as the most involved users

An analysis of the involvement of users concluded that an Internet user's average in Latin America spent 24 hours online in January 2011, consuming 1795 pages of content and visiting Internet nearly 50 times during the month. If we look at the individual markets, the Brazilians were more involved users averaging more time last online (25.8 hours), most pages of content (2,077 pages) and the largest number of monthly visits (55.5 visits). Both Argentine and Mexican, were more involved compared to the regional average, where a Argentina Internet user spends an average of 25.5 hours online per month and an average user in Mexico spent 25.3 hours.

Women have greater participation in Pinterest

A more detailed analysis of the audience revealed that women constitute most of the visitors and one still larger proportion of content consumption, something which has also been observed in the markets of the rest of the world. More than half of the visitors to Pinterest in Latin America are women (57.2%), women account for 62.5% of all pageviews and 65.2% of the time spent on the site. One of every three visitors have between 25-34 years of age while another 28% is between 15-24 years.

Mr. Fosk continued: "while Pinterest currently reaches 1% of the regional hearing, its impressive growth since the beginning of the year suggests that it could quickly become a key player in the social scene of Latin America."

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