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As self-employed as a virtual assistant

If ever you consider leaving the Office to do your job from home, you decided that a pleasure would be to hang the head, or for personal reasons it is impossible to spend so many hours away from home, perhaps signal that you need to become your own boss.

And in that sense, the assistants Virtual as business represent an interesting model for entrepreneurs by the following 3 reasons:

It is a business that you can operate from your home
You can develop on a part-time basis
It requires moderate investment of resources

Virtual assistance was actually born in the 90s of the last century in the United States, and is now revealed as a trend that gained popularity in different parts of the globe. It is internationally identified by the acronym "It goes" and there are many associations and web sites devoted to the assistants virtual, providing technical support, training and a community of interest to share knowledge and experience. A survey conducted in 2004 by The Alliance for Virtual Business and the Brenner Information Group revealed that in the world of virtual assistance, the most required tasks are administrative support, virtual assistance in general, processing and typing texts and secretarial services, in 80% and more of the cases, and between 70 and 80% of casesthe required tasks were searched Internet, data entry and maintenance of databases and graphic design.

If we see the definition provided by the International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), a virtual assistant is  "an independent professional who provides administrative, creative and/or technical services." "Using advanced technology media, one is professional assists customers in their area of expertise from his own Office, framing services in a contractual agreement".

Qualifications, needs and skills

Many companies and self-employed entrepreneurs may need virtual assistance. From the point of view of those who require this service, must plainly what want and what need, and express their requirements in concrete form; the classical image of "Secretary" that does everything, does not have much room in this new modality that telework can provide greater efficiency and professionalism.

Services that can offer you a virtual Assistant include:

Purchase of materials & Control supplies

Design, development & maintenance of websites,
Preparation of presentations,
Preparation and distribution of electronic journals,
Management of e-mail,
Handling and processing of data,
Marketing through social networks,
Event planning,
Human resources,
Secretarial services,
and others.

What you need to do to get started in this profession?

First and foremost commitment and seriousness. One thing is that you don't have to show up every day in an Office at the 9 o'clock and another not you meet 100% the work that is assigned to you by the agreed dates. Comply with what you promise is the best way of bringing more business to your business.
Virtual involves the use of electronic means. It is necessary to have a Web site that describes the services that you offer. This site must be a reliable and professional, well organised with impeccable editorial and image, please, without spelling mistakes.

Once you've succeeded in convincing a prospect due to your page on the internet certainly may contact via phone can answer a line in a professional manner? are your answers clear? you clear the type of service that you offer and the charging for the service is competitive?

Previous experience as Assistant Executive or similar as well as knowledge that can supplement and enrich the service will be key factors for closing the contract. Be sure to be able to show a curriculum supported in references that customers or former employers to provide. No lies or exaggerations, at the end of the day always is discovered and all they do is ruin the reputation of your business.

When you accept work for a client, you implicitly spend a part of the company that makes you the business promoter. If the customer's business grows thanks to you it is very certain that yours will grow thanks to more contracts or references.

Finally we must think on a basic home computer

Phone line and fax
Access to Internet
Availability of computer (though it may be provided by the contractor)
Desktop and basic office supplies.

If you're wondering as to start a business as a virtual assistant, here are some tips:

Determines exactly that kind of services you want to offer, and review your history to see if you have enough experience.

Determines your business niche - thinking to specialize in only 2 or 3 services.
Determines how much time and effort you have to devote to your business. Want to work full-time or part-time?
Carry out a full investigation to determine the need for your services in your area.
Draft of who are your customers, where and how to reach them.
Performs an analysis of the market, determines the needs of your niche and you focus on as going you to implement in your business.
Understand your budget constraints - expenditure, revenue and for how long you are able to keep you afloat until your business starts to be profitable.
Make a business plan, analyses them frequently to effectively manage growth and the changes that may occur.
Analyze your equipment, software and work to ensure the needs of the client.
Formalize financial from the outset, and legal aspects before getting your first client.

Promote and sell your services

One extremely important final point is to have the ability to sell your services to companies. You must focus on your most important qualities as: accuracy, professionalism, punctuality and trust, which are most will wait your customers.

If you don't have much experience in sales, don't worry, you can follow these tips from sales for sellers not to help you take the first steps.

In addition, you can promote your services through blogs or social networks which will help you to get the necessary contacts to attract customers.

Start a business is a tremendously rewarding and enriching experience.

If you are liking the idea of becoming a Virtual Assistant means that something is within you forward to a change in his life, and the truth is that the transition from employee to a Virtual Assistant, implies a path of growth and development, both professional and personal.