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Web catalog with the greatest impact on the market

 On the Internet, potential customers are left to their fate, there is no person of sales or managing talk them about products or services. Customers may not have contact with products and study them carefully. So how do they make the decision to buy? There are only two answers:

(A) that the customer is already familiar with the product, likes and wants to buy it;
(B) the client liked the information given on the product and decided to buy it.

Let's consider the second variant, when the client chooses a product only for the description given on the site. For this reason, the description of the product should show best of the same and noted the main features that a customer is fixed when you visit a regular store. To navigate through the web site, the client must be with photos of products and be able to easily access their descriptions, what we could call the "item card".

The catalogues are tools that allow the detailed presentation of the products offered by an organization. The importance of the catalogue is that is the meeting point between the company and customers.

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 The catalog must have a well organized design for products look and are easy to view with the located information so that it is easy to read, with colors that no dulling but give life to the products or services listed. You must have visual consistency and harmony that is consistent with the mission and objectives of the company, this means that when a customer see a catalogue of one company x, design and graphic art show and reflect to the company itself.

Presentation of the products. Always use real photographs of the products and distribute them so that you can properly explain the main features of each of the products, accompanied by a descriptive title.

Pricing policy. The price on the Internet is, without a doubt, one of the factors that influence the decision to buy. Don't forget to put them well visible on each of the products. Even if you move in the B2B segment.

Promotions. Call them clearly, highlighting the price on one side and offer the non-discounted rate. Always keep your catalog prices updated and let "forgotten" old offerings.

Links. Using visible links to encourage the search for more information on the products, or even for them to share information about these to your friends.
Design digital catalogs
After-sales service. Don't forget to include the terms of payment, warranties offered by your store (both to make the payment after the sale), the return policy, etc.

With this tool, the business can win for example:

Positioning: A catalog that is distributed or exhibited in an environment as universal as the Internet, generates greater presence of the brand and products in the market. As in the, it facilitates the process of giving new products or keep existing ones in the mind of the consumer. As well as, to be a graphical representation of the company and the products it sells; It reinforces the image that customers of the organization.

Knowledge of the availability of the products: the catalog may be linked to a database that takes inventory of products, so consumers know the availability of your data.

More interactivity: the Web catalog, giving customers a more efficient and fast access to the products of your choice; giving the consumer the ability to choose where to go and that is Web surfing. The interactive catalogue, also allows you to maintain constant contact with customers based on the information that they provide.

Online tools for drawing up a catalogue

There is now a new site called Pickie, which aims to provide customized product catalogs, user navigate themselves, on the basis of the items that are discussed by his friends at the sites of social media. The service is based on a premise similar to Vineloop, that the recommendations of users much more value when they know that they are being developed from trusted sources such as friends.

Currently in private beta, Pickie customers come for the first time details about themselves, such as gender and the interests of products, before linking your account from Facebook, Twitter, tartelettes and other social networks. Then, the site gathers data about what these users on your network contacts are talking and filters it to its recommendation service, with what the aim of offering a more personal and intuitive shopping guide. In addition, articles about shopping and products are also supplied to customers based on items that come in your account. Those who seek to be part of Pickie need to request an invitation through the site of the Facebook page.

Another website to create catalogs is ISSUU. This allows to create from our files in PDF, Word, PowerPoint, ODT, WPD, RTF, ODP, stunning magazines, catalogues or virtual newspapers.

Also, it must be said our files will be online and access them from anywhere in the world via our browser. In addition, ISSUU allows us to indicate whether our files are public or private. I.e., we select the option that best suits us according to our needs.


Whether we want to send our catalog to our customers, we can make them private or if on the other hand we want to advertise on the Internet can create a campaign around our files online giving feature that are public.

Features of ISSUU
Design digital catalogs
Some of the main advantages of ISSUU are:

It is free of charge. There are also versions of pay according to your needs.
Nothing of programming we need to have our own "flipbook" in Flash.
We want to share our document we can do with a single click.
Our customers can enter and review our catalog via your browser.
Make it easier to advertise on the Internet and dissemination of our products or services.
He has mobile version, so you won't have to make any investment.