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 Technological knowledge necessary for a good CV

 When hiring a new employee, companies always have in mind some things more than others, there are some skills most in demand which must pay attention. Leadership and initiative, the flexibility of schedules or languages are some of the elements that generally are valued more. Put that you look you should meet the following requirements:

Usually take several criteria into account. That record companies usually give. In addition, they reject the "cheap candidates" and granted a relative importance to the domain of the technological tools applied to the generation of benefits, Marketing, etc.

But as always, references, the ability to work, the experience in a similar position, training innovation capacity and the speed of incorporation remain significant factors.

Education and training: never of more highlight the importance of having a good training, more specialised and updated. It is a trend that will increasingly more. A master's degree or a postgraduate degree is increasingly necessary specialization, the title of the race or the diploma only, it is not. Both will come to specialize and to keep abreast of developments that are occurring in your sector and knowledge.

Teamwork: almost nobody works today only. The companies are formed by large teams to know know and who will have to work together every day. Why, the ability to work in a team and the team management skills are more demanded by the companies.

Flexibility, mobility and versatility to adapt to changing environments: the companies demand for employees who can take unforeseen tasks and assume not scheduled jobs. Flexible professionals are highly valued, because now more than ever

The languages Today's digital knowledge

New technologies have enhanced the importance of English as a second language. Much of the applications and programs that we use are in English, and although the Spanish is one of the most widely spoken world languages, becoming increasingly more necessary English.

According to a study by the portal of Infojobs employment, 79 per cent of job offers seeking knowledge of languages, prefer English. French was the second language most demanded with a 12.6% and the German is the third with a 6.9%.


More than one language is presented as a prerequisite in most jobs. In much of the offerings is a prerequisite for access to the workplace and many others is a highly valued when it comes to opting for a candidate requirement.



Along with the languages, another prerequisite will be knowledge in computer science or technology, since they will be part of the day to day of the majority of employees. Already for some time, it is one of the most in demand by companies requirements. According to the Fundación Universidad Empresa, 90% of the companies require computer knowledge among university professionals.

Today almost all professions have at least one small technological component. For this reason, a curriculum in which the candidate claims to have knowledge about the Internet and knows handle with a computer, will be always preferred by the company.

Management of programs of texts and spreadsheets, email, databases and porInternet navigation, are the basic requirements.

Knowledge of social networks: this is a highly in demand skill that has become almost essential in areas such as advertising, marketing or communication. Social Media has been erected especially in 2012 as one of the sectors to which companies have paid more attention in order to achieve a good corporate reputation and to be known. Although there are professionals specifically dedicated to manage corporate social networks, the general management of these networks is a very positive point in the curriculum.

teams must improve their business effectiveness and market requires good use social and professional networks for the management of clients. A good sales team must have digital skills such as:
Utilization and management of professional networks like Linkedin or Xing to attract and engage customers. Many brands have their own community in these professional networks. Know and use new Web 2.0 tools such as social networks: Facebook, Twitter. There are personal profiles, but also profiles pages of undertakings, where interacting with customers and to publicize our brand. Positioning in social media.

Operation and management of corporate blogs (know what kind of news published, how and why) to manage the commercial brand strategy. Use of other tools for support in the commercial management as for example share documents on tools like Google. You can share documents with clients to have a closer relationship, for example. Knowledge of social networks impact metrics.

Software and programming 
Today's digital knowledge
It officials require today to have knowledge in multiple areas. Initially, they must have the ability to disrupt a computer and reassemble. Management skills of operating systems such as Windows and Linux, and familiarity with one of the significant such as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server databases and license open PosgresSQL and MySQL databases are also required.

Connectivity and global presence requires experience on the safe operation of the computer and the knowledge and application of security policies.

Need to know Internet technology does not lag behind. Extensive knowledge of HTML code creation and editing are required. Also incorporates all the technologies surrounding the generation of Web applications such as PHP, ASP, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, XML and many others that have each particular use. It is also essential to be able to handle a scripting server (scripting) language and at least know how to operate a modern programming language. The domain of the themes of the object oriented programming is assumed.

In general if you managed too strict selection criteria, you may bring some negative consequences. For example, in the short term, it will tend to reject high potential candidates who do not meet some less relevant factors, such as the immediate incorporation.

If you managed too strict selection criteria, you may bring some negative consequences. For example, in the short term, it will tend to reject high potential candidates who do not meet some less relevant factors, such as the immediate incorporation.

Another great reflection is the key importance given to the issues of innovation, looking for professionals that provide new ways of doing, adding new practices to organizational codes. Finally, highlight the weight the "maturity" element acquires when hiring technical profiles.


On the other hand, in the long term, these changes will produce changes in the way companies whose priority is now the talent management, measuring productivity, control the time, collaborative environments, and other trends.

As for the search for candidates, stresses the importance of own sources, routine use of environments for employees and the use of social networks and portals of employment. Instead the use of Head Hunters and ads is becoming increasingly rare.

The trend also takes into account economic factors that determine the selection of candidates in terms of pay, 59% of respondents supported the impact of the crisis on wage levels, and in 2011 18% of organizations world involved have reduced their workforce, while 24% of companies intend to do so.