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 Best recommendations  to increase sales with technologies

 It is never easy to sell, but it is even harder when the economic situation is not good. Customers have less money available, and it costs them more to get rid of him.

In the business sector, there is a range of possibilities and technological advantages whose implementation contributes not only to the reduction of the costs, but it also helps to improve the acquisition of new customers and, therefore, to the increase in sales.

Learn to implement these technological advantages according to the specific needs of each company or institution becomes an essential work for the projection of such organizations and requires the collaboration of a highly specialized team who can advise on needs and more efficient solutions in each case.

For example now, the brain is considered "last" in the area of business, and is the technology that allowed companies to take a look at what happens inside our heads.

The electroencephalography (an exploration neurophysiological that isn't painful and is based on the registration of brain activity) allows researchers to observe electrical impulses in the cerebral cortex. The study attempts to measure the emotional response, attention, and memory of the participant.

Apparently this so-called neuromarketing is a ruthless business: in the world of marketing and brands, is high interest in potential clients.
  Companies should orient its offer of products and services to, highlight an additional value based on emotional aspects that differentiate it from the rest. It is obvious that if brands generate proximity or transmit any value that is to our liking, will exponentially increase your chances of being chosen entre the rest.

Another example of innovation is the billboards. In the world of current marketing this resource many be regarded as relics of the old world of advertising, but innovation and new technologies have made it possible to resurrect these supports giving them new properties that have a significant impact, getting the attention of any passerby.

These are equipped with tiny cameras that gather information on pedestrians (sex, approximate age, time in front of the announcement, etc...) that is transmitted to a central database and which allows to use these data for different measurements of effectiveness.

Thanks to this technique and technology it would be possible to segment and personalize a message destined for the bystander, or change the appearance of the ad in those cases in which digital media are used.

Traders are clear that technology is one of the keys to drive your business. In fact, 70% of retailers are equipping their employees with the latest technologies at the point of sale to help to their businesses evolve, according to a study prepared by RSR Research and co-sponsored by HP.

The major conclusionesmas of the study are as follows:

Self-service kiosks are highly valued by retailers (43% of respondents), as well as technologies of synchronization of inventory and the customer channel with updates in real time (70%). 85% Of retailers aimed at their modern systems of TPVcomo an important factor influencing the customer experience. Also, 75% of respondents stated that offer prizes or coupons to customers in stores also are critical actions to improve that experience.

57% Of retailers recognize that offer information through the shop phones, tablets and PDAs has a high potential value. In 2010, only 21 per cent perceived those as important solutions for the business.

To answer the question as to make there are more sales in your business?, here share you seven recommendations to sell with the best technology:

Automation of orders. He is achieved with good logistics supported by a business of next generation ERP solution. It allows a better use of the opportunities and facilitates its follow-up until the end of the chain which makes the delivery to the customer.

Optimize processes

There are numerous applications to organize documents, orders, invoices... The role and the chaos make us lose time and efficiency, lead us to provide our customers a worse service and can make us lose them. Acquiring customers is a very expensive process, retain them saving neatly our information with appropriate management software, such as FacturClick for billing, SalesForce for CRM customers, ContaPlus for accounting, etc.

Avoid displacement

Physical meetings and training sessions that involve displacement generated multiple expenses on travel, subsistence, accommodation and lost time (who has not had to lose three hours of ida and three back for a two-hour meeting in another town). Using videoconferencing software enables us to save on travel and time of our employees and our customers. We gain efficiency, we hold meetings more frequently, at the same time that we improve our service and gain quality of life.

Another example to avoid displacement may be the use of multimedia material to display a third party to what is happening at the moment. If we have a workshop, it may be much faster send a photo or a video recorded with your mobile phone at the time the expert rather than wait for that move. If we have a franchise that must comply with certain standards of style, for example in shop Windows and placement of the store, it is much faster send a video with the location of the products for approval or for efficiency studies. This quickly in the process earn loyalty in customers and save on travel expenses and management.

Internet portals.
Technologies used in sales
A top-level Web site is no longer a luxury. Today having a space in the network offers the company omnipresence, credibility and reliability of its products and/or services, optimization of the distribution, strengthening market presence and foray into new ones. In addition, to be able to interact with prospects and customers, internet portals are converted into a tool to build your loyalty to the company.

Reduce losses by controlling inventories

Do often sell a product that there is in existence? This in addition to look unprofessional can make us lose a client. With an administrative system, you will minimize this type of situations.

There are various administrative systems on the market.
Implement a system of administrative computing will not cost money. Quite the opposite: it will save you and generate more money!

Mobile devices.

We live in the boom of mobile technology. The companies that are reluctant to venture into this area pay a high price in customer loss, business stagnation, growth of competition, among others. It is of the utmost importance connect not only to people, but also processes and applications. Fortunately there are in the market of field robust applications such as the ERP that facilitate the formation of a business without barriers.

Minimize consumption

As they say the mothers, should turn off the lights when leaving rooms. But not only consume the lights of the Office, but also computers: leave them on overnight you can assume an additional energy cost of 60 euros per computer per year, in addition to producing one greater equipment deterioration (up to 70% more than go off), which means to renew them before time or call the technical service.

If we have fleets, delivery vehicles, sellers or any logistical process involving geographical displacement, however their routes and control spending on gasoline. There are GPS tracking solutions that allow to know where our resources are going and plan their routes to minimize the mileage and associated expenditure.

Save money with a biometric clock

The "digital fingerprint identification" considered by many science fiction subject or only accessible to large corporations, is now within the reach of small and medium-sized enterprises.

This type of solution gives greater accuracy in the time log and prevents fraud assistance which consists of registering the entry or exit of another employee. It also reduces the cost of printing identification cards or the need to remember passwords or personal identification numbers.

Technologies used in sales
Special sales on request. Generate purchase orders for special products allows the company to avoid inventory costly to meet competition, expanding its portfolio of clients and, consequently, have a better positioning in the market. A robust ERP allows to enter purchase orders for special products.