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 Grow the family of domains on the Internet

 Since the beginning of the internet as a popular tool for search and consultation, one has always needed learn the difference between the suffixes of the addresses to which you want to access. Among the most used is. net, .com and .gob, among others. Google now intends to change that schema to 'facilitating' site search by adding more than 2 thousand new suffixes. Among them are .google, .youtube .lol and. secure.

2,000 Proposals have been presented as part of the further expansion of the Internet address system since its inception in the 1980s. These suffixes would rival . "Com" and others about 300 currently in use. Companies can create web sites and addresses separated separately for each of their products and brands, for example, even if they maintain their current "." "Com". One day, you may be expected to "comedy.""YouTube" instead of "YouTube comedy /."

The organization behind the expansion, the Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers of Internet, will announce a full list and other details in coming days.

Since its creation in 1980, the current system of internet addresses has directed our traffic to the desired addresses.

According to ICANN, this process will take still a couple of years to be fully adopted. The selection process will be based on the utility of the same and how easy that is to remember them. After all, it has no case add foreign words that complicate things rather than facilitate them.

Companies that have proposed some of the suffixes were those with sufficient capital to do so. Each proposal cost about $185,000. On the other hand, the maintenance of which are approved will cost 25,000 dollars a year for a decade for its maintenance. A common suffix such as .com has a cost of $10 per year. However, to be fair, once adopted some of the proposals, these generate millions of dollars in profits per number of users entering them, so this becomes a risky investment, but that is worth the effort.

Increases the  number of domains
The internet company, Artemis, Alex Stamos is proposing the .secure to protect the identities and interests of local doctors, banks and payroll businesses, having higher measures of safety in case of a computer attack.

In the private section, some investors with much foresight are proposing different suffixes associated with the porn industry until someone more. Among some of the addresses are .porn, .xxx and .sex and. adult.

Many new applications come from large multinationals such as Apple, IBM, Mitsubishi, and only the technology giant Google has asked more than 100, including.YouTube and .lol

From a technical point of view, the names to computers connected to the Internet know where to send e-mail and locate web sites. But they have come to mean much more. Inc., for example, has built its brand in the entire domain name.

ICANN for years has development guidelines intended to restrict the harmful activities, but critics say that there is no adequate safeguards in place. Critics include a coalition of business groups worried about the protection of their marks on the names of new creation.

There is also a question of the utility of the new names will be, at least among English-speaking people. Alternative to the "." "Com" introduced in the last decade have had uneven success. These days, Internet users find web sites that do not, simply by entering the address, but through the use of a search engine. And with mobile devices increasingly popular, people are using applications to bypass web browsers completely.

The demand for new suffixes seems to be greater outside the United States.UU. This is because many of the "." "Com" names had been seized by the Americans is on the Internet in the first place. Furthermore, the suffixes had largely limited to the 26 letters of the English alphabet until now. The proposals announced on Wednesday include some in other languages.

"This is an historic event for the Internet and 2 billion people around the world who depend on this network," said Icann President Rod Beckstrom, in the presentation. The Agency argues that the explosion in the number of Internet users makes essential to expand 22 suffixes now in use, including .com and. org..

Beckstrom said Icann expects that the first new suffixes can begin to be used in the first quarter of 2013, but cautioned that evaluate all applications might require about 20 months. Almost half of the requests, 911, originated in United States, 675 in Europe, 303 in the Asia Pacific region. 24 Of Latin America (including .lat,. coffee. flights,. hotels,. legal) and the Africa 17 are unreleased. All applicants paid USD 185 000 required by Icann, which raised $ 352 million. The Agency said 66 proposals were linked with geographical locations, such as .nyc. miami. River, or. paris.

The most requested suffix is .app, with 13 applicants, including Amazon and Google. Nine want to record .blog, 6. baby, 4. pizza. When several agencies have requested the same suffix, "community requests", i.e. of bodies representing various groups such as associations shall take precedence. If there is no Community requests, Icann will encourage applicants to "reach some kind of agreement". If it does not, will be an auction of the domain, which could lead to a war in cases where two large companies, such as Google and Amazon, pursue the same suffix as .books or. blog. Fever of domains the Vatican requested register .catholic; a Turkish signature requested. islam; the Arab League reserved .arab, and a European company, and another American,. latino. The company ICM Registry, which manages the .xxx generic domain name, since recently asked this time suffixes .porn, .sex and. adult. Guidelines, a reseller of domains with headquarters in Dubai, called suffixes, including 30. web, .music, .bank, .law. hotel...
the most powerful companies in the market have also requested their domains, either your name or one of its best-known products.

1930 Requests have been received.
  Microsoft, for example, has applied for registration of '. hotmail', your email, or '. xbox', its popular game console, among others. Obviously, the Californian giant requests are not the only. Apple, Samsung, or Dell. And others, such as Sony, Symantec, Nokia, Yahoo or Cisco have also sent their own.

Particularly aggressive, has been demand for applications of Google, the search engine has applied for registration of '. android ','. chrome ','. cloud ','. vip ','. lol 'and'. wow'.

However, the Mountain View are not the only ones who have requested the domain '. cloud', the term that makes reference to the famous internet cloud, but other companies like Symantec have also asked.

As this case, in total there are 731 repeated requests. When several companies requested the same word, ICANN Opens an arbitration process to decide which company takes the cat to the water, but if there is no 'happy ending', the term goes on auction.

Not only companies have taken advantage of the 'open bar' domains to develop their marketing strategies, but that different agencies or entities have opted for the name of the cities, countries or institutions they represent, as in the case of '.Rome ','.Miami 'or'.Africa'. OR '.Madrid.

Although the terms can help companies position their products in the internet search engines, the ranking of these results is composed of about 200 different variables, which include the URL of the web pages, but is not a determining factor.

None of the applications shall be adopted until after a review process rigorous and objective, said Beckstrom. The new TLD is not expected to appear until April or may of next year.


ICANN is evaluating requests in batches of 500 names at the same time, and the huge volume and complexity of the process means that it will take a long time. The process will be extended until next year. "2013 will be something of a free country without a TLD for everyone", said Warren Adelman, CEO of Go Daddy, the largest domain name registrar worldwide.
Increases the  number of domains

Ultimately, this effort could change the landscape of the Web. Some companies such as Canon, has said that it will use Canon. He is expected to start branding themselves using their new top level domains. At the same time, if some of the generic chains of new take off, could be easier for businesses and consumers to find domain names you want.

The candidates have spent large sums of money to try to make your claim in a new Internet space. Each applicant has paid $185,000 for chain just apply, that I also had to put money to ensure ICANN financial weight who have to run a domain registration.
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    Increases the  number of domains