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Many SMEs have poor website

 They say that there is never a second chance to make a first impression and is a phrase that sounds like a truth of hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the country, according to a new report. Despite being the equivalent of a "showcase", only one of every six small companies (16%) believes that they have a website that can be very proud. One in ten small business owners (11%) say that their web sites use cutting edge technology and a 11%, it describes the online presence of your company as it either "bad" or "embarrassing", according to new figures published for the company's technology, BaseKit. A quarter of small businesses (25%) say they have envy of your competitor websites in their struggle to keep pace with technological change and maintain a client to use the site.

When it comes to talk about the changes that the companies would like to perform on their Web sites, 32% points to a better design, while 17% said that it would like to be able to change and update the content directly. Also, respondents also bet by accommodation cheaper (16%), by having better analytical web (16%) and better assistance technical (7%).

It is amazing that, even though companies are adopting digital media as a tool for marketing, by what are integrating a few tools like blogs, videos or Twitter feeds on their web sites a number of small. companies admit that their sites are very retarded with regard to technological bets, with only one in four could accept online payments.

Certainly there are a lot of small businesses with vision for the future when it comes to the web, there are many others who have yet to climb aboard it seemed to us that, given that many are having success with the.

We have spoken with over 500 small and medium business owners to discover how they are struggling with technological advances and if they are able to exploit them for their own benefit.

A trend that emerges with force is the fear among small enterprises to become "digital dinosaurs" if they are not able to take advantage of internet and its presence website more efficiently.

Website for SMEs
To avoid problems of operating the website, we do well to take into account the following recommendations:

The main page or homepage is the most important, must be optimized and does not take much to load. This can do you by reducing the use of images, optimizing the necessary and avoiding third-party widgets.

If you are not an advertising agency, producer of video games or movies, then avoid the introductions in FLASH. In addition to be heavy, often little interest to your readers and badly positioned your website in search engines.

It only plays music optional. There is nothing more uncomfortable for the visitors of a website than audio that plays automatically and, in many cases, forever. Even though it is the site of a musician, listen to the beginning of a song that loads or refresh your page is annoying. The logo of your website should have a link to the homepage.

It includes a menu bar. No matter if it is horizontal top or side. But it must be clear and have the primary sections of your page.

Simple design but elegant
Website for SMEs

A single website is not being unattractive, unlike those who many people think, the web sites to more business opportunities has and more currently sell online are precisely those that are simple yet elegant. Very important without grammatical errors, a place with typos denotes little professionalism and generates rejection and mistrust in users. It has no garish background colors, it must be pleasant to view and their texts with a size appropriate and easy for everyone to read.

Basic information

Always, should include the name, address and phones on our website.
It is amazing the amount of business flowing through the network to give the impression of being orphaned or without a head, lack of basic information on the person in charge, which generates no doubt mistrust and little credibility to the user, must also be an e-mail of contact if possible in each and every one of the pages that make up the site.

Website for SMEs

If you have to answer the same questions over and over again, it is best to do a page with answers to these frequently asked questions, your visitors only have to consult them to quickly clear their doubts related to your products or services.

Give them a glossary of terms
Website for SMEs

An excellent way your prospects to return again and again to your business is put at your disposal, a glossary of terms with the information they need, they will return again and again to consult their doubts and you will have more possibilities to offer them your products or services.

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