Related Web Sites and the latest trends. Now, digital advertising also faces great challenges and one of them lies in the balance effectiveness vs. competition 

Related Web Sites and the latest trends

The big brands who are wondering if in 2012, will be more advertising shall be imposed on the Internet or on traditional television. To answer this question, there are many studies that help us identify the behaviour of the different types of advertisements and their analysis, we can extract an irrefutable conclusion; the effectiveness of traditional media (specifically television) has experienced a detriment of magnitude in relation to digital channels.

Now, digital advertising also faces great challenges and one of them lies in the balance effectiveness vs. competition and overcrowding.

One study that best help us to analyze the evolution of advertising and trends that are imposed in 2012 comes from Nielsen who, through a study involving 14,000 people, revealed that online video has a rate much highest television memories, 65% vs 46%.

About 40% retain the message of brand advertising in online video versus 21% that assures to achieve this with television commercials. In relation to the subject matter; cars, food and personal care, are the most attractive.

Real Time

For some time, Real Time Bidding or bid on advertising space in real time is a form of buy inventory of advertising display, mainly banners on all kinds of pages and all kinds of possible vendors. It is usually a last resort for advertisers, and aims at a price much cheaper than the original of that format.

The system works from a DSP platform that centralizes bids and placements ads. The first step is to send orders with the users display information using its data monitoring capacity. The second is that the DSP platform use a predictive algorithm to calculate the value of display of users, and then returns to send the price of the offer who responded to the invitation to tender. Finally, orders are sent to a system of exchange of notices, code of the notice is sent to major media and then it passes it on to the end users.

But a study by Forrester Consulting and SpotXchange has revealed that market could happen from 190 million to $ 382 million only in this year, thanks to the popularity that is winning the online video but, especially, advertising formats of video between advertisers. Furthermore, Forrester anticipates that this figure once again doubled, to $ 667 million in 2013.

The more popular are these formats between advertisers, more pages are interested and more increases the volume, at the same time as the CPMs. In addition, sellers of inventory are increasingly attracted by these formats that focus on a series of popular spaces and can segment more directly than the more traditional display ads.

Why is the RTB system so successful and popular?

Provides a higher RI (return on investment) for the three parties involved in advertising campaigns: publishers, agencies and advertisers. Publishers can increase advertising sales, automate the sales process and reduce the cost. And the direct benefit for publishers and agencies is the increase in efficiency and RI.

RTB for mobiles.

RTB Mobile helps advertisers bid on exact impressions that want and allows publishers to benefit from more competitive bids, while fitted with analysis and management tools. Many vendors, however, not have heard of RTB, understand how it works in the mobile space, or what you can do to make it even more effective.

Researcher IDC predicts that you for RTB in the United States.UU. It will grow at a compound rate of annual growth of 66% between 2010 and 2015, by which point to represent more than one quarter of screen online spend. In a study conducted by Byeconsultancy with The Rubicon Project - which provides the RTB editors such as Trinity Mirror and The Guardian - 48% of respondents said that improved performance was a benefit of the RTB. Between advertisers, 42% stated 'waste' reduced means, a better focus and lower cost per acquisition.

Microsoft in the advertising revolution

Microsoft Advertising has presented in recent months important developments in his bet by innovative technology and provide advertisers and users the best experience in online advertising.

The inclusion of Skype in Microsoft Advertising, makes the company a leader in digital communication services. Currently, Skype accounts for 25% of all telephone traffic world.
  Skype is not only a way of leading communication, but it has a very interesting audience for advertisers: not so young, of both sexes, with purchasing power, a higher than average level of studies and an active profile in the online environment.

On the other hand, Skype for mobile represents 33% of the total traffic, so special attention has also been paid to provide advertising tailored to the specific application for this screen, with very visual formats, but that respect the user's activity.

Microsoft Surface SUR40 Samsung becomes a unique experience in interaction with digital information. This new generation of Microsoft Surface is a clear example of the power and performance that can offer the natural interfaces, with a completely intuitive use of technology and multiple possibilities for the business world.
  This system will transform the shopping experience or develop ads on demand, allowing the audience to interact with them in a completely innovative way.

A good example of its use is an application that allowed write messages through Windows Phone, and customize them in completely innovative ways thanks to Surface.
Later, these messages are projected on giant screens for viral advertising.

Luxury to dream and humor to provide information to learn, make up the triangle of reinvention of the commercials, a revolution that is not only attractive, but that looks towards the audience becomes network that you know is there, its greatest competitive advantage.

This phenomenon takes more strength as soon as we see the decline in investment in
advertising television which is not product of the crisis, but a structural change in the current advertising map where, combine the digital advertising and traditional drift in a very critical situation for private television stations. This also leads us to close this reflection once again emphasizing the importance of listening to customers.

The best way to illustrate the change of axle that occurs in relation to advertising and collateral and positive effects of this for brands, can be found by analyzing the 10 most viewed ads on You Tube in 2011, where we will identify the new audiovisual new consumer preferences who in turn, is also a producer, a new way of analysing the major challenges faced by advertising in 2012.