Application of  pay per Click  traffic news duiih. Generate traffic to your Web site

It serves the pay per Click Advertising

There are basically two ways to generate traffic to your Web site, and with this attract potential customers to your brand and products. The first, oldest and proven, is the location of links on sites that already have quality traffic. The disadvantages of this method are firstly that requires a significant investment in time and sometimes funds are not available, on the basis of the results in efficient that we are applying SEO techniques and in our keyword density, and also in deadlines, because this technique requires three to nine weeks to start to get a decent positioningIf things are going well.

The second way is to use PPC (pay per Click) campaigns as the offered by Facebook or Google Adwords. Systems, "pay per click" or "payment for visits" are based advertising models in which the advertiser pays for each real visit received through the system. In a search engine PPC, advertisers bid for the top positions in the key words of interest. The highest bid, along with other criteria, makes an announcement appears in the top of the list of results, (supposed) will do that this website has a greater number of visitors, although more expensive the cost per visit.

The main advantage with the systems of "Pay per click" is its ability to provide visibility almost immediately to the advertisers in the main search engines and portals. Its disadvantage lies in its, on many occasions, high cost for what should be complemented by campaigns of positioning in "free" results and profitability measurement systems.


-PPC is the most effective method to get potential customers
-You have the possibility to continuously control the cost per visitor.
-It is simple: the more pay, better positions you will have in the list of "sponsored links".
-Only pay for the visitors that click your ad
-With PPC you can choose the terms to advertise your products and services.
-Generate quality traffic on your website that the visitor can read a description of your activity before clicking on your ad

The commercial focus

When a person is sought directly a product or service online, both to find out to buy it, it focuses much more on ads that prompt precisely what seeks to commercially. That the results or references that provide search engines usually have much "noise", with articles and related references, but no direct commercial offer.

The commercial visibility

Seeking a service or product commercially in Internet, the person who is interested in buying evaluates this visibility very positively. That is to say if competitors appear with commercials and his company do not, produce three phenomena:

Obviously its competitors have opportunity to receive many more qualified visitors and your company no.

If the proposal from its competitors fits with the initial interest of the buyer, it is possible to add the website to your browser bookmarks

Visibility becomes brand image, which will retain in the buyer's mind throughout the buying process

Disadvantages of PPC

If the biggest advantage is the traffic, the major disadvantage is the cost. A badly managed, with useless or ineffective keywords PPC campaign can make us lose money.

To be successful with PPC, you have to use your creativity and keep you away from all the key phrases used by your competition. For example, if you are promoting a product that the market niche is weight loss, and you are using PPC ads to promote "weight loss", this term cause suicide of your Commission by PPC, that there is too much competition in this niche. You can use terms such as, for example, "Use of treadmills to lose weight" or "fat loss walking".

Search for phrases or keywords that allow you to achieve a high position of your ad by PPC but at a low cost, preferably to $0.20 cents per click or less. If the product that you are promoting does not have too many competitors, your market niche will be of great interest to buyers, not being invaded by too many competitors.

Proper creation of the announcement: the announcement is a key factor in payments per click campaigns. It must contain a header and a very relevant description with both keywords and Web site. Depending on this relevant Google you give hierarchy to the announcement.

Segmentation of keywords: is important to consider different ads and/or campaigns for a specific list of keywords. Better segmented include key words, and more personalized is the announcement most important will be the campaign.

Relevant landing page: to create a PPC campaign the majority of the people not paying attention to this point. Any pay per click campaigns specialist will tell you that it is of sum importance that the landing page is relevant with the announcement and key words that are in the campaign. This will allow you to create less confusion with visitors, improve your conversion and generate greater relevance in his campaign.

Analysis and continuous improvement: is very important to monitor and analyze the information that generates the campaigns of payments per click. It is a continuous process that requires to go experimenting with different keywords to determine which are the most effective and thus go rethinking the strategy. For example in the analysis you can see a keyword generates many visits but few conversions, perhaps is worth reducing the budget for that Word and increase the budget for a keyword that has one higher percentage of conversions.

Not send users to the 'Homepage'

When the announcement sends the user to the 'Homepage', may they are distracted by several pages, links, and images that are there. It is possible the announcement take the user to another page that might be more useful, so may be more likely to get in touch, or to purchase, given that they are not already such distractions.

Google AdWords

This is probably the top of payment by clicking the button on the network and which have listened to you more about. It has an interface that is friendly, clean and easy to use. It takes just a few minutes from the moment of creating your account until your ads are live and ready to operate. It offers lots of different marketing options for your campaign. Its price is $5 to start, and you can bid for a price as low as $0.01 by keyword, so it is very flexible.Free to use tool for keyword research.

It also has its own tool free keyword research to help you choose keywords and phrases of destiny. Not for me, I think that it is one of the best and very easy to use so that even if you not use the AdWords tool keywords that I sincerely recommend to consult and use.

Yahoo search marketing

This is the search engine that started it all. It has gone through several changes of name of Yahoo to go, and then the suggestion, and, finally, it is time to return, as Yahoo Search Marketing.

Like Google, this search engine allows you to reach a massive number of users with their PPC advertising, and also offers ads sponsored in all your searches. Also service is relatively cheap and they offer specials from time to time, just go and have a look. Microsoft AdCenter PPC Microsoft offer is first class. Like the others, it has campaigns to help you customize your advertising campaign. Also has its own free tool keyword research that really allows you to reach your customers, can be reduced to gender, age, time of day, location, and almost anything else you can imagine. This feature makes it one wonderful all in one package.

Google guidelines

On the other hand, Google also allows to promote products and services online via contextual advertising. That Yes, we must take into account that Google also reserves the right not to accept ads it deems inappropriate.

And he considers inappropriate or inappropriate Google to not publish some kind of announcement? It is simple, gives equal to have budget to invest in Google, if you do not follow their guidelines are not suitable for Adwords.

Below, a summary of the content banned in Google:


-Liquors of high alcohol-alcoholic drinks (varies in each country)

Medicines with recipe and related content

Therapeutic qualities and miracle cures

Anabolic steroids

Fraud, "phishing" or impersonation

Sexual content for adults - Club night/contacts

Prostitution - Club night/contacts

Company services - Club night/contacts

Tobacco and cigarettes

Fireworks and pyrotechnic devices - pyrotechnics/explosives

Bet à Gambling games

Telephone dial programs

Unacceptable academic AIDS.

Campaigns that don't work

In case of not achieving the proposed objectives, we could take the decision to better analyze our target audience, analyze advertising strategies of competition, increase our advertising budget, change used advertising media, modify our advertising message, etc.

Consider a real example of what we discussed with a product taken at random, The diet solution has a few good conversions according to stockings that offer you and what you are paying for a sale between $23 more than $66 if you can sell additional products.

Based on these data and our campaign to have favourable economic results, we get a first objective of achieving at least one sale by each 11.5 investment which is half of what it will charge at least $.

Our next step is to get clicks at the lowest possible price but we find in this case that the keywords used to promote that product are very requested and therefore we will not get clicks for less than $1.

The solution is to take keywords with low cost and these are to be found in Adwords doing a bit of research and looking for those that are related to the product and which are least requested, usually phrases of two or three words could be the solution.