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 Retain users through RSS feeds

 Most likely when you have visited a blog, a news site or a commercial website, it has seen some buttons or icons orange that offer "Content syndication", with the letters "RSS", "Atom" either "Subscribe to a Feed".

The word syndicate or associated content is used to create a link with the users to join a Trade Union. What we interpret is: "publish simultaneously in different media through a fuente…". Also is the process whereby a producer or a distributor of content provide information in digital format to a Subscriber or a network of subscribers, usually with the intention that these integrated them into their own websites.

With this benefit when a website has updated their content, users receive information tailored to your needs. In this way the Web feeds or rss feeds are a vehicle for delivery of content as a method of getting new content over the Internet and share it with others.

initially created by Netscape, the technology behind rss is well tested. It is a format that describes the different types of information. RSS feeds (or files) include some basic data about the content, such as title, description, etc logo, and the content you want to deliver.

Feeds allow Web sites to inform stakeholders about the latest publications, typically through the distribution of news headlines and brief contents. When the user sees an element of interest in your channel, you can follow the link to get the full content.

Therefore, content syndication is an option to avoid navigating a page elsewhere in search of information of interest. Thus "becomes a means of communication to the letter, comprising subscriptions from all kinds of sources and sorted according to the criterion of each user".3 is a way to customize the content offering electronic publications, portals and Web sites. A service of added value with respect to the more traditional mechanisms of delivery of electronic content. Content syndication is a new way to reach an increasingly segmented audience

The online visibility and traffic volume are naturally very important for everyone and anyone doing business online you should ignore. Rss channels thus become a key tool to enhance its presence and quantity of visitors.

Advantages of having Rss feeds

Without doubt, the biggest advantage of sending content via RSS is avoid anything that has to do with the spam. But there are also other advantages:

They are always contained requested by the user, which is who handles the situation and decides, at any time, when receiving the content or unsubscribe (in a more simple process than the traditional opt-out of the email)

They do not have the user's data. What may seem a disadvantage, it becomes advantage if look you from the point of view of us avoid problems with maintenance of databases, privacy policies.

The format helps to a better perception of the contents. The reception of content via RSS hosts a simple text-based format, almost exclusively. This format is designed to receive information in small doses, without images or navigation, text only. The user processes quickly what you are interested in and what not and, if positive, continues forward visiting the website. Google Adwords has shown us that they are worth 1000 words than an image that us loosing and diverts us attention.

There are different ways to access or subscribe to Rss feeds. In the present, there may be more than fifty programs designed for this purpose, with few differences between each other. Them can be classified in the following way:

Readers (applications that are installed on the user's computer): Feedreader; AmphetaDesk; (FeedDemon).

Aggregators (readers from Web platforms): Bloglines; Oddpost.
Plug-ins for browsers or e-mail clients. For example: Newsgtor, that adds channels to Microsoft Outlook; the Mozilla Firefox browser RSS reader panel.
Browsers with built-in channels readers: Opera 7.50 and Internet Explorer 8.
Web services that provide RSS feeds subscribed to email addresses.
Systems of content management with built-in RSS reader modules: PHP-Nuke or Mambo, Moodle learning managers.

The combination of several RSS feeds into one single is also possible. The planets, which are aggregators of RSS feeds that you can create a Web page that contains the latest updates of the authors of the proprietary blogs of these channels have been developed for this. You only need to subscribe channels to the planet that the annotations appear as they are written. All related information (well talk about the same topic or because they belong to the same group of users), is concentrated in one place to view dynamically.

Loyalty and build links with visitors

The RSS is a tool to get qualified traffic to ensure the return of its visitors to its web site, which otherwise could mislead you and forget that your business exists, so it is very important that you promote its use among the users of your Web site.

First thing we must do is to educate our readers on the use of the RSS. We bear in mind that there are people that are unaware of what the purpose of this tool, so a good alternative is to offer the receipt of news through RSS and email.

Another aspect that we take into account to increase our subscribers resides in highlighting our RS channel button.

To do so will have to incorporate this button as a fundamental part of the design of our site, placing it in any sector visible and accessible to our readers as much as possible with a large size and repeating it on each of the pages that make up our blog.

Thus in addition to appear RSS symbol in the navigation bar by default, it will become further integrated to our blog, almost in the same way as categories that we use to tag articles.

To achieve an attractive potential subscribers RSS, we never place advertisements with our RSS channel buttons, that it inferior to such a tool. In addition, never incorporate advertising within the RSS, that this can cause our readers to cancel your subscription.

For our site and our RSS channel, a feature that will make it to highlight the rest is, without doubts, offer news instantly, and subsequently to extend the themes.