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 Create better links with the client with effective advertising

 The technical advertising "below the line" better known by its acronym BTL, consists of employment not massive forms of communication for marketing targeted to specific market segments. The BTL is also known as war marketing.

To do this, you try to use stunning, creative and surprising ways that establish new ways of contact to spread an advertising message.

BTL complemented the concept of ATL (avobe the line) that is known to the techniques of traditional publididad by mass media.

BTL employs in its strategy means such as merchandising, promotions, events, corporate activities, sponsorships, sponsors, media, non-conventional broadcast and direct marketing, among many others.

In recent times has been an increase in the presence of the concept of BTL agencies and media, and although the concept is not new, if you can see an increase in the trend towards the use of such strategies.

This is because unlike traditional advertising, BTL creates a more direct channel of communication between a potential customer and the brand, as well as a response from the consumer more immediate.

Main advantages of the BTL advertising
Btl advertising campaign

It encompasses economic, direct and without restriction of time communication, they are easily measurable, in addition to their advertising media are unlimited creative and original.

The benefit or primary value BTL advertising can provide a brand is decrease the distance between the brand and consumers through different techniques, which allow mainly perceive, interact and keep a relationship face to face with the product, to reach the most important point of the purchase decision process.

To the creation of experiential marketing strategies, the BTL advertising uses media such as: OB, where people can test new releases; sponsorship of events; deployment of street marketing actions; and creative tactics such as interactivity and the guerrillas, to learn more about products and create brand memories. For the same purposes, BTL advertising techniques create actions at the point of sale, specific promotions and activations in places of affluence where the market is located, goal, and thus increasing sales and the rotation of products; without leaving aside the interactive marketing and Internet by the rise and trends to brand preference in the media market, today is one of the most important.

In summary, the BTL advertising identifies the consumer as the center of all points of contact that the media may have to hit that marks remain in the mind of the consumer, encouraging them to purchase.

Below are a set of media that usually appear framed under the the 'below the line' concept. A series of advertising techniques within the reach of all budgets.

Acts of sponsorship, patronage and social marketing: sponsorship usually aims to meet two objectives: a commercial performance and another image. We can serve him for a positive company image, as it offers us a new dimension of the same and a different relationship with its public. Patronage makes products or services more intangible, using indirect, subtle or more subtle forms of communication and going to the field of culture and art. Also the Organization of events and cultural events (social marketing) is the more relaxed form of directly approaching the client and do you live an experience with which, in a playful environment that predisposes you to the positive reception, relates to the mark.

Animation at the point of sale: one of the merchandising techniques commonly used by supermarkets and hypermarkets consists of the animation of the point of sale. The attention of the consumer must be provoked constantly with new stimuli, which leads to dealers to organize promotional campaigns in the establishment for a limited time. Generally, the campaign has a theme and a specific slogan and advertises widely through various media: posters, displays, furniture exhibitors, etc. Another way to encourage the establishment consists of the organisation of wine tastings or product demonstrations. With them, trying to promote the sale of a product in particular.

Promotional games: Are the modalities of luck games organized for purposes of advertising or promotion of goods or services, establishments, companies or entities, which offers a prize to the public, unless you pay directly to access the game.

Catalogues: A classic and essential. It is a corporate publication whose aim is the promotion of products or services offered by a company. In this a company finds the more orderly way to expose your products or services to consumers and is generally composed of several images that visually presented products or services that are offered. The key is that the catalog is primarily visual.

Fairs and exhibitions: currently the fair competitions are of great importance as business facilitators. To be cost-effective, a fair organizers must be able to provide all the services you need a fair and should be made by an appropriate strategy to achieve the objectives for maximum profitability.

Btl advertising campaign
For example restaurants can support in this advertising in order to develop, but if you don't have a business, a way to be able to enter it and achieve the success you want to is opening a non-conventional restaurant. These restaurants are those that do not offer an excellent meal, if not the best experience you get to eat it. Here are the best examples:

1. Dans Le Nior: Hotel located in Paris, where in addition to an excellent meal service give it when all the lights are turned off, guiding you nothing more with the senses of smell and taste. Live an experience blind, giving you the best food and being cared for by the most qualified personal blind.

2 Tommy's diners-cafe: restaurant located in Toulouse, France, where all the decor and the staff are played by the years 60's. You go to past experience is exciting, providing you a classic food and the best music of the 60´s.

3 Wagon Bleu: restaurant done in a luxury train carriage, where the person you keeping excellent. The experience of being in train is magical and fun, for all those that never have been able to climb one is sensational.

4 Modern Toilet: restaurant in Taipei, where the entire decoration, tables, chairs and dishes are made of toilets or baths, even food has a way of as it would be after eating it. The food isn't the best, but eating in a giant bath is totally different.