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Alternative online advertising for my business

To take advantage of the potential of the internet, there are multiple resources, through which small business owners can improve and enhance their online and offline marketing channels and tools.

While many companies have already discovered many of the advantages and benefits of all these resources and tools. Many others and even new businesses still are preparing to make this important and necessary leap.

Advertise your business on the Internet does not have to be complicated and can have great advantages for your company in terms of positioning of mark or cover new markets. That is why it is important that your strategy of promotion and sales you consider to invest a percentage of your resources to have a presence on the network, or use some of the free alternatives you propose here:

Create a website for your company. This tends to be the traditional way to let you know on the Internet that is not necessarily the most popular since it complying with certain minimum requirements of design, Assembly and publication of information that often requires the help of a programmer or an IT technician and some investment. However, you propose here a useful tutorial to create a website for your business in 30 minutes. Get publicity on the Internet 

Promote your business on Facebook (free).
 Social networks are popular and Facebook is the leader and this for a reason: it is very easy to learn how to use it and in a few minutes you could create a page of friends (fan page) to promote your business, company or product. And the best of this, free of charge. Follow these tips if you want to start to take the first steps to promote your business on facebook as of today.

Promote your business on Twitter (free).

 Twitter is another fast-growing social network and much impact with other distinguishing features that allow you to also reach segments of customers you not cycling by other means. Internet Marketing friends share us a complete guide for SMEs to promote themselves on twitter.

Advertise in classified sites (free). OLX is one of the pages of classified more important and far-reaching in Latin America. Also known as is the perfect place to publicize your company, your products or services without cost in a few minutes.

The search engine optimization

One of the most common mistakes small business owners could commit in their Web sites is to ignore search engines optimization. Whether to open a restaurant, a hardware or a consulting shop, we need to invest and take care of SEO strategies. Especially improving those aspects such as the selection of key words related to our business and a correct configuration of the "meta-information". The importance of SEO for the success and visibility of a web site cannot be ignored as it is through a proper optimization as users and consumers will be able to more easily find our business on the internet.

Advertising paid on Facebook (from $10). In addition to the pages of fans mentioned above, facebook also has a system of paid (per-click) advertising. This allows you to develop a detailed advertising campaign that will allow you to reach more accurately a fully defined market. For example, when defining your campaign, you will have to choose who you want to see your listing: range of age, country, sex, economic profile, interests, etc. This type of advertising is paid with a credit card and can invest a minimum of $10 and choose the days and times that you want your ad visible. You will only pay cents for those clicks that are made in your listing. A series of statistical reports that show you the effectiveness of your advertising response also have access.

Collective opinion

We must review the labour, product and sales process. Encourage people to do this asking for your participation and comments can promote valuable information for our business. So we can assert our participation and presence through media and social networks, directories, or our own blog so that users or customers can provide us their views or their more constructive criticism. This can also help us to create a kind of line of relationship and customer service through which we can also solve all kinds of queries and doubts.

Advertising in Adwords (from $5 dolarse).

 Another very effective system that you can use is the Google Adwords system. This is based on the mechanics of textual listing shown in millions of web pages around the world focused specifically on the customer profile that you define with specific characteristics. Similar to campaigns on Facebook, here also you define a specific campaign so that your ad is seen by people who can really be interested in learning more about your products and services. If you have a google mail account or any of your services right now you can enter the Adwords website and begin preparing your advertising campaign from $5.


Blogs are perhaps one of the most useful tools for small businesses. As a small business owner, there is little media better for marketing that use such tools to maintain and enhance its presence in the network through the generation and publication of relevant content and quality related to your industry or your own business. In addition, search engines 'love blogs' original and fresh content, and it is a good way to connect or launch a new point of information or contact with users and customers.

Advertising through Banners on other Web pages (from $20).  

Another very effective advertising mechanism can be through the publication of advertising banners on relevant web sites and whose thematic line has to do with your company's products. For example, if you want to advertise dog accessories, you could then pay for an advertising space in an important website such as a supermarket or a local newspaper. They regularly require greater investment which can range between $20 and $1000 $ depending on that site traffic (number of clients). Basically you will need to ask a designer to develop you a banner ad and contact the webmaster of the site to request a quote for publication.

E-mail newsletters

Email newsletters allow our information to the Inbox more receptive consumers. Whether to keep customers aware of new offerings and promotions as share articles, news or relevant information of our business. E-mail newsletters are another marketing tool powerful that we must not underestimate.

YouTube and online videos Get publicity on the Internet 

In the same way that users can use the power of Flickr, also you can do with YouTube. The creation of videos related to our small business or enterprise, whether they are videos of products or opinions on services or the company itself, can help to improve both sales and visibility of our business in the search engines, since in many occasions they appear at the top of the search results.

Back Links

 These are links that are on other sites, you must leave the link of your Web site in all kinds of comments you make on other sites through Internet, this is highly recommended for all Web site, this is a good way to point out our website through Internet, our duty is also to keep our business to reach of all.

Write articles:

 In Internet there are sites where you can write articles and leave them there with the link of your Web site, these articles are written with the purpose of marketizar our Web site, in addition these articles other people who have Web site can copy and paste it into your site, only on the condition that kept the name of the writer and the links that accompany it, this with the purpose of promoting the website of who wrote the article.

MeetUp Groups:

 On this site your can form a group where people who are interested in the subject you are trying to be sign by regulate it your forms a group which will be scheduling meetings either in person or online, always with the purpose of learning and exchange business cards to promote your business with other people.

Participate in electronic mailing lists, groups, chat and other online communities where you can offer your help, its services or simply staying in touch as an authority on relevant topics.


There are many merchants that offer free ebooks or any free software to people who have any type of business online. Some people will wonder... which is the benefit of all this. As well, many of them do it to attract more traffic to their sites, but most do to sell advertising. If ever bajaste this type of product on the network, you may have noticed that include advertisements or have banners inserted into all its pages. They just argue with the advertising they sell. Your can also do the same... I mean both possibilities: create your own ebook and selling advertising, or by purchase or exchange links in those media.


put up a program or system of affiliates for your products or services and offer it in the directory devoted to this theme. (there must be dozens of these sites in the network). This is a great way to make money... What you get, is recruiting people that sell your products or services for you. And your, change, you pay them a Commission for each sale that you make to a person referred by them.

Get publicity on the Internet 
All you need to carry out this task is to purchase a software that will automatically handle the system (affiliates, referrals, sales, commissions, etc).

In addition to these methods, there are others, some more sophisticated than others and similarly more or less expensive as e.g. advertising with rotating banners or videos, etc.