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 Facebook is the most active social network in the world, this makes it a great opportunity for brands to build ties to attract and interact with their fans. Of course, you need more than a simple page to be noted on this social network. Why brands are using large number of options offered by Facebook (follow us) to create a better user experience, such as the integration of video, music, twitter, google +, feeds and many more, but the option is the creation of a cover of unique and attractive welcome that invite you to click on the I like button.


But behind the boom of social media, are now entering a stage of maturity, in which companies have realized that be in them simply for being does not have no sense. For this reason, it is essential we have rankings like this that take into account much more realistic parameters. A brand does you nothing collect fans, that really gives us value is to get people who feel really identified with our brand and who are willing to interact with us.

Innova et Bella, an Italian consultancy, has published its ranking of the best practices of international headlines on Facebook. Basically, the ranking is assess capabilities of the daily relationship with readers in the social network.

The research includes major printed newspapers of national circulation in Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain and the United States.Taking the ten most popular newspapers in each country, with a total of 60 samples analysed. For the classification are taken into account 12 different criteria, including the critical mass, participation, applications, the interaction between writers and readers or the multimedia content extra.

In short, the newspapers no longer limited to find the mere approval or uni-directional reading of its contents. The objective is to develop a more personal involvement, which provide a higher added value. The best competitors are constantly experimenting with new alternatives to offer to the public "1to1" opportunities in the relationship with the media, its content, its journalists.


The ten best. Newspapers on facebook

At the top of the classification, with a "triple to", we find two American newspapers that represent the excellence for the entire field of newspapers. Firstly, the Washington Post, exceeding 400,000 followers by 172,000 in 2011.

Secondly, even with "AAA" rating, appears the New York Times. The newspaper, which has the largest number of followers (2.2 million), is characterized by a very high participation of its journalists in the debates and discussion of various topics.

Thirdly, with a rating of "AA", the German newspaper Bild: very interactive, high aesthetic quality and characteristics of the new social page of Bild function contents.

Fourth position and a rating of "AA" for the French Le Parisien, which is characterized by the intense participation of the reader: direct and special services available on the social platform, high-value relationships with supporters dedicated to the promotion of competitions: games and photo contest. More than 527.000 followers in 2012, were 88,000 in 2011.

Fifthly, another French newspaper, Le Figaro, rated "A". In 2012 he significantly increased the quality of the reading and social issues sections. The followers of Le Figaro are more than 330,000 in 2012 by 64,000 in 2011.


A French newspaper, Le Monde, rated "A" is also found in sixth place. Of particular interest are the implementation of social reading ' Le Monde Vous', a wide range of subject areas and a careful historical content sections. This year it exceeded 360,000 fans who were 157.000 in 2011.

Classified seventh, diario Marca. The sports newspaper Spanish is characterized by extensive integration with other channels and social media platforms like YouTube, as well as awards photography contests and topics of the day. It is approaching 600,000 fans, the 135,000 by 2011.

Newspapers on facebook
In eighth place with a grade of "A", we find the British The Guardian, a newspaper always featured as international reference in the new digital media. His followers are more than 400,000 in 2012 by the 76,000 of 2011.

In the ninth place in the ranking, The Wall Street Journal. The journal of business excellence stands out for their research, the participation of supporters and the attention to the iconographic content. WSJ now exceeds half a million followers, double that in 2011.

Finally, the ABC Spanish appears in tenth place. Although not noted for the high number of followers, just 75,000 do so by the high level of integration with platforms like Twitter and tartelettes, social as well as the presence of many blogs and web.

This ranking analyzes the number of followers that accumulate each company Facebook pages, also investigates innovation and another set of parameters as the growth and stability of each community, the variety and continuation of the contents as well as the quality, effectiveness and applications available on each page.


But most importantly, it considers the loyalty of clients by comparing the interaction of users with pages, data that shows if there is interest or not by the brand.
Newspapers on facebook