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 Last implications of networks for use

 What is the first thing that makes a young woman waking up? Look at Facebook. How are employees entertained in your downtime at work? In social networks. With all the studies pointing to a continuous and rapid growth of the number of users of these new media, the conclusion is obvious: the social media are everywhere.


The new possibilities offered by the networks have completely changed the way that we entertain. The latest mobile applications allow us to be connected at all times and changed our shopping habits. New barcodes are the products becoming a social experience. These upcoming digital trends can help us to identify who we are and who our clients are:

The professionalization of companies on social networks. After 2 years of being to seeing happen trends come casual and inexperienced, so companies are being account being in social networks isn't anything, it is not easy and require professional resources to do so. The 2012 one can envision as a point of break in which you seek to either you have a person skilled in your company or do so through an external.

 A life of luxury without expenses of luxury:

  Who would not like to have the best standard of living, but little money to invest? Surely everyone. For this reason, we must look as some web sites have been successful in promoting savings and also the warm. TaskRabbit online platforms, that found a niche in the sharing of tasks in the home, or Renttherunway which lets you dress a Haute Couture design for a lot less than I would buy a dress.

  Create a loyalty for the future program:

  Loyalty should not always be a synonym for reward with a gift, but might also create an exclusive emotional experience for the customer. For example, there are companies that give you access before anyone at any new product if you're your fan on Facebook, making you feel special. Or even published the photos you send them, making you famous...! It is clear that many people like the exhibition. Ready to choose your fan of the week?


Generate protocols of action in a crisis.
This is a very important team approach, because we know that the scandals of the community manager (their errors) are everyday in the country and abroad. You have to know well handle this, so the client can see it is a brand that responds that it is suddenly wrong but also changes and it gets to the people. This in the short term means many followers, many fans and many also buy because there is loyalty. That's what brands have to understand: I not only win in sales because I buy, I win because people are loyal and will return to me.

Purchase social.

  Social commerce becomes a very serious. Now, in addition to collecting opinions, recommendations and increase its influence on consumer behavior, social commerce will no longer be the "add" the channel as complement. If is used wisely, will begin to generate a serious sales volume on a par with traditional channels.

Use the platforms for service to the client:

  In the era of social networking, we are aware of the enormous power and impact that can have a single angry with our business customer. Why should strive to give good service and be cautious with the customer experience. Leverages the network to respond to your customers, but that you don't take much time do so... because you can have the opposite effect.

Quality before quantity.

When social networks emerged he struggled to expand the network, in an effort to make more friends and followers without taking into account the limits, privacy, and the relevance of their interests and beliefs. However, over time your communication to your consumer is becoming more important. Consumers seek to be better informed about the topics that interest them and that are consistent with his style of life and their hobbies. As a result, they will connect better with people and brands that are more related to them.

The mobile first:

  Are more and more companies that are born by and for mobile media. And also large companies have seen their power. Then think of what you can do from mobile platforms to enhance the experience of your users. It is very important to understand the client and how to use your devices, you have to seduce him, and keep them happy and increase the average profitability of each in a satisfactory manner to the client.Sooner or later all companies will have to adopt a strategy of mobile marketing.

Persons as curators: Considerations  of social networks

  Now not only considered experts to those who have written books on a discipline, also are those who "heals" a particular specialty. Looking for customers to see you as an expert in something timely, make reports on that topic, share content thereon, even if it is produced by others.

Have a sense of humor:

  Social networks are the space to exploit and slightly loosen the structure. Do not fear a little fun and share content or funny thoughts.

  Now is all about sharing! Platforms such as Dorothy raise small funds of millions of people, contributing to have someone start their creative dreams.

Social networks more influence the purchase decision.
The presence of companies on social networks and their permanent interaction with customers and prospects will generate a greater willingness of consumers to purchase a brand or use a particular service.

Advertising as a means of influence will be supplemented powerfully by the own opinion generated clients in your conversation with companies on social networks.

Gifts and coupons:

  Many companies within Facebook create their own accounts offering such benefits, with great success!

 Video and Livestreaming:

 Many experts advocate the intersection between traditional media and social, convinced that he can unite and complement. A good way is to use the technology to fix exclusive moments of questions and answers between any director of the company and a customer, where can see face to face, providing a different and personalized experience.

Return to the tablet.

  As the price of tablets is reduced, the trend says that print will be forgotten. Developers are thinking about their Exchange with the next evolutionary step in the communication.

The keeping of all:

  life becomes more fun with games! For example, a Nike application transmitting you applause while you run with your headphones, everytime someone you "Like" the activity you're doing. And games like Farmville, Zynga developer signature, are succeeding large impact on the users of social networks.

Change in the Marketing Mix.
  You will now discuss the integration of traditional media and social media, every day there will be more convergence, this is not the replacement of one medium on the other, but a change in the mix of the same. Everything will be part of the same strategy. The world is being transformed with new media, this both persons as companies and institutions are understanding it, the coming years will no doubt be a time of change to make things well and in a planned way.

Considerations  of social networks
It is clear that social networks and other online platforms can improve the lives and get closer to your customers ... even to "those over 50 years, with strong purchasing power, which are increasingly using Facebook," And you already taking advantage of some of these opportunities?