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 Use of internet devices in Latin America

ComScore, Inc. company analysis statistic in the digital world, today released its latest report on use of connected devices in Argentina, based on Device Essentials from comScore. The report discovered that the digital consumption from connected devices (including mobile phones, tablets, etc.) reached 2.1% of the total number of page views from Internet generated in March 2012. To scan the traffic of no-computers, mobile phones recorded 70.4% of activity, while the tablets have a 25.2%.

"The Internet in Argentina consumption is beginning to change significantly as consumers adopt increasingly more mobile to stay connected devices" said Mark Christensen, comScore country manager Argentina. "Understand how consumers are using smartphones and tablets to access the online content is of growing importance for the media and advertisers seeking to engage their audiences wherever and whatever"

Main findings of the market of mobile devices of Argentina:

In Argentina, the traffic of no-
computers such as tablets, mobile phones and video game consoles make up 2.1% of all page views of the internet in March 2012, compared to 1.2% in June 2011.

This 2.1% no-computers traffic, mobile phones have the highest rate of participation with 70.4%. Tablets make up 25.2% of traffic from no-computers, while other devices (includes ipods, e-readers, consoles, video games, etc.) accounted for 4.4 per cent.

Internet device usage
Compared to Mexico and Brazil, no-computers in Argentina traffic was more oriented to mobile phones to tablets and other devices.

Google Android led as used more mobile platform representing 56.3% of page views from mobile phones, while the Apple iPad led the market for tablets with 78.3% of the page views of tablets in March 2012 in Argentina. 4 of every 5 Tablets views pages are generated in iPads.

In March 2012, Android led as used more mobile platform accounting for 56.3% of page views from mobile phones. iOS reached 10.7% of mobile traffic, while Symbian followed closely with 10.6% of mobile pageviews. The iPads dominated the market for tablets, representing about 4 of every 5 page views generated from tablets during the month, while Android accounted for 19.5% of traffic of tablets.

      Internet device usage  
Share of Operating System in Mobile Phones and Tablets Pageviews
March 2012

Fuente: comScore Device Essentials
  % Participation in Internet Pageviews
Teléfonos Móviles Tablets
Android 56.3% 19.5%
iOS 10.7% 78.3%
Symbian 10.6% N/A
RIM 4.3% 2.2%
Windows Mobile 0.6% N/A
Otra 17.6% N/A

The report found that the device, such as mobile phones and tablets, accounted for an average of 2.6% of all browsing activity by internet through 10 Latin America markets included in the study. When we look at the mobile traffic, Brazil had the largest percentage from tablets to 39.9%, while Chile had the highest percentage of web traffic comes from mobile phones in 78,8%.

"The consumption of digital media consumers is expanding rapidly to multiple devices with a growing number of Latin Americans who are connected with smart phones and tablets", said Alejandro Fosk, SVP of comScore Latin America.

"The understanding of how these multiple platforms consumers influence in media consumption habits must be priority lists of sellers, advertisers and publishers planning for 2012, due to the new realities of the multi-platform digital environment", supplemented.

Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Chile lead mobile consumption in the region

The analysis of the current distribution of Internet traffic (defined as points of view based on the browser the Web page) through devices found that traditional computers still represent an overwhelming majority of internet traffic in the majority of markets, despite the fact that mobile traffic has continued to increase in the last year. Among the markets included in this study, Puerto Rico had the highest percentage of mobile traffic in October 2011 at 5.9%. Costa Rica was the next with 3.7 per cent, followed by Chile in the 3.1%.

Percentage of mobile traffic in the region.
Internet device usage

Puerto Rico 5.9%; Costa Rica 3.7%, Chile 3.1%, Mexico 2.9%, Colombia 2%, Ecuador 1.9%, 1.7%, 1.6%, Venezuela Peru Argentina 1.5% and 1.3% Brazil.

Smartphones and Tablets Drive a Growing Share