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Design considerations for a good website

 Most companies today have their web page. But do your web pages work for them?. Reach your potential customer base and achieved convert traffic into sales?

On average we have 7 seconds to move our message to visitors until it leaves our web site towards the competition.

Taking this into account, I detail below some elements that should not miss on a website and what is possibly more important, some elements that should not be included, so that we can take advantage of these 7 seconds to convert our traffic into profits.

Pages Web standardization design of Web page width of web page background page the use of readability navigation image fonts and icons page load time simplicity learn from other WebsitesWeb on usability of pages.

You must standardize the items in all the web pages on your web site. The total number of "look" of your website should be similar, and visitors must recognize that the web page you are visiting belongs to the same web page. It is important to keep the background color of the pages, tables, lists, panels, etc either same or similar for each page. It is also necessary to standardize the type of font, size, and color for your headings, paragraphs and lists.

To do this, the use of cascading (CSS) style sheets is highly recommended. You not only standardize your web pages with CSS, but also prevent formatting tags in your web pages. This helps you in two ways  first place can change the appearance of your web site just by changing the CSS file, and secondly, reduces the size of your website considerably having less time to load in browsers.

Tips for good   website
1 Use template in html,  because this allows the engines robots of search read your website and extract the required information for the search engine.

Before writing the Html code must be very clear which are the objectives we want to achieve with our website. It is advisable to write an outline of the content of the document.

2 Use template based on technology flash sure to control the template through XML technology  this technology allows us to generate meta data for search engine robots.

3 Must generate a meta tag appropriate structure,  that part of your website is critical, this is the place where first will the robots of search engines, reading the information on the website for example:

Keywords, copyright, invitation to the robot of the engine of search to return.
While most times this robot visit us most is the probability of obtaining a high PR (Page Rank).

4. Use elements or objects with size (not very large in terms of KB) flash technology,  this causes that our web site later too become available.

5. Do not over use of the elements and/or objects with flash technology,  for the above reason and this directed the attention of our visitors to the elements or objects with flash technology.

6. Include a contact form,  we must establish contact with our users and that they can establish communication with us is of the utmost importance. This is in addition to any e-mail published on the website.

7. There are to pay special attention to the navigation within our website,  visitors should always know where they are.

8 Do not overload the critical areas, such as the menu design: can you think of the important areas of the page require advanced graphics, animations, colors; However users sometimes confuse them with advertising and focus on the parts of the site that seem most useful.

9 Uses graphics that make sense: not only use decorative images, but it looks for graphics or pictures that reinforce the message you want to communicate, and that are related to the topics you are trying.

10 Build the website thinking in your target user,  in this you must consider several factors in terms of the technology they use our users (this data is usually obtained from the statistics).

a type of connection to the internet

b. connection speed

c. Browser

d. operating system

e. location of our users.

Tips for good   website 

11 If you have used multimedia files consider using external resources that are prepared for this for example, if you want to use videos in your website can use,, among others, to host your free video. Web hosting companies even unlimited do not allow more than 1-2 videos per customer because this reduces the performance of the server. Remember hosting service website is a shared service so that do not damage the service, the server becomes slow or simply the server can not handle the traffic and stop responding to requests from users.

12 If you use a Chat service to communicate with your users, use an external resource such as for the same reason as with the videos.

13 If you are using music files you can use for the same reasons mentioned above.

14 If you transmit cults live you can use or for the same reasons mentioned above.