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 Reasons for considering Google + within business strategies

 Upon completion of his first year, Google+ has set as one of the most important services on the Internet and with more followers of the current era. Companies, artists, journalists and, in general, users willing to share on the Web as they do in real life are part of the more than 250 million followers conquered by this platform throughout the world since its launch on June 29, 2011.


Shortly after its launch, on September 20 this social network left the beta access phase who wished and would be higher than age. Here he began one of the biggest campaigns support Google has ever made. They began to integrate it with the rest of Google services, like Youtube, Android, GMail, or more controversial integration with Google Reader, which caused the Elimination of options such as sharing with Twitter or Facebook for Google+.

What motivates a customer to be in Google+? There are common things that any user looking for access to this type of services: that is easy to use and share content, and at the same time be able to decide how to handle the information and the security of the data. Not all social platforms can deliver on this promise. These are good reasons why thousands of users are registering daily to Google+.

 Google+ is really fun if you're in the right circle. A time Google's policy is clear: top priority to Google+ and total integration with other products.

In general we can highlight this network as follows:
It helps search engine optimization SEO.
It's snap-in with Google's services, as is integrated to Gmail or Google Maps and place in the Google navigation bar help to the user not leaving your network services. It has a high rate of segmentation since the social network organized by circles that make possible the segmentation of contacts and content, favoring easily communicate with very specific audiences.


Integration with Google services
Email, documents, videos, news, readings. If you have a Google account, everything is in one place. From Google+ access the Internet search, share a video, or publish a picture taken with your Android phone is an easy and fast process because no unnecessary turning or be jumping from one site to another.


  Each person in their appropriate 'circle'
Google+  benefits
Google+ the person decides at any time who will be in their circles and who do not with a single click. This allows people to easily differentiate family of friends, work colleagues or your business contacts to share information securely and aimed at those who might truly be interested. He is have 'social circles', enabling you to decide what to say and who to contact on the Web, such that in real life.


  Hangouts, the new way of communicating online
The hangouts are useful for those who want to teach and do business, and fun for those who want to be close friends. This videoconferencing system allows you to see face to face up to 10 people at the time; share videos, photos and documents with ease, and now with the new feature of Hangout On Air, open to the public, make live broadcasts with audiences located anywhere in the world, and where more than 10 people can join.


  Chrome and its extensions just a click
The advantage for those with Chrome is that functionality between a browser and a social platform will be joining the Google+. Available in the browser extensions give the user greater freedom to manage and share information. For example, is can add Chrome bookmarks button + 1 to share items, or other to check notifications from the browser without having to enter the social network.


  Finding what you need is easy, fast and efficient
The integration between the search engine and Google+ allows that users can find easily on the Web which people socially share, also allows access to accurate searches and information of real interest classified through the circles in which it organizes Google+.

Google + Local
Through this option may be the best places to visit according to what you are looking for, café, restaurant, entertainment, hotel, etc. Giving us all the information about the site you want.
On the Local tab which is located on the left side of Google+, you can find specific locations. It also provides you the opportunity to write the site that you want to make the displayed results correspond to your location. Once you've found the site you want and click on the link to display information about the place as a map, address, pictures, client reviews and Zagat score. From the Google blog ensures that updates will be in the coming months. Without a doubt, a great opportunity for various business owners.

  The data are most valuable to users
Google knows the importance of protecting data from users. Google+, as is the case with all services, is the user who has the control over information sharing when accessing the network, always offering the opportunity for to know how to do it.


Visibility for enterprises and business
It is not only have a profile in which a company or business show that knows how to do best, everyone knows that it is important to be present and to be timely. Having a profile on Google+ companies have more opportunities to appear quickly in searches, and that is the impact on results and profits.


  Integration with YouTube
The possibility of linking the accounts of Google+ YouTube has lots of benefits. To share videos by this platform you can define with who do so, share it when making a hangout, or more detailed information of who share the videos you upload straight.

Another recent innovation has to do with which its users can now record and upload their videos directly from the social network. This way you won't need to have to first upload them to YouTube to be able to then hang them on the social network.

So, when writing a message, or status update, users may attach a video very easily by simply clicking record video. Once the execution of Flash are allowed to access the camera, users can start recording. At the end of the recording, the video appears as a file attachment in the message that can be shared with all circles of the user.

  The best way to view and share photos
The photos are part of all social experience and Google+ allows organized images. Also the 'tagger' photos is not automatically by facial recognition but each user decides what you want to appear, and if the user has an Android phone can show what is happening with only focus and is now ready to be shared.

button sharebox
Google Plus presents the possibility of publishing directly from the profile pages and only the owner will see the option "sharebox"

  A constantly evolving platform
Google+  benefits
In the tradition of Google, the products are released as the culmination of work but as the beginning of a process in which the tools and services will improve with the help and input from the users themselves. Since its launch, Google+ has had significant updates and additions. The latest, filed a few days ago, are Google+ tablet and Events Google+, the first is a special version for Android tablets and IOS that includes new features to show and share content, do hangouts and view photos with greater definition, while events which is a new feature that provides a better experience live events, because not only is limited to sending out invitations, but it makes people more cheerfully share the before, during and after the event.

In short, Google +, is becoming the preferred social network for professionals in the areas of ICT (information and communication technology), journalists, webmasters and marketing.

Apart from praise certain features of Google+ as the hangouts or multiple video conferencing, developers are solving the problem of multiple accounts since each mail from GMail account automatically occurs high in Google+ including professional Google Apps accounts.

For these reasons in relation to the positioning of the search engine, the companies that have a page on Google+ will have greater opportunity to exploit services such as advertising now that the Google search engine can read the + 1 on Google+, and thus provide greater relevance to a website or company registered in the social network, and that therefore better position in the search engine. On the other hand, there is no integration with the "I like" on Facebook.

Also it is clear that Google will leverage the great expansion of Android to gain users in your social network. And it is that as detailed recently, users access Google+ more using mobile phones and tablets to computers, an impressive figure and that insurance is powered by large applications that have.


Another thing that we expect of them is greater integration among its services as the Hangouts chat Google+ and Google Talk, which are already some linked and synchronized. Would indeed not be strange that GMail integrated now with Google+ becoming the first social email. This would benefit Google+ because anyone who would like to access GMail would have to use Google+ and discover all its benefits, which are not few.


It would likewise not be strange to find a new way to reach adolescents and the younger audience that can access the social network even though they are under the age of 18 years from January. It is a public very powerful, just need to keep an eye on social networks such as Tuenti. In addition, bet on youth, is to bet for the public in the future, something that Google always has sought.

 Google+  benefits
According to Google, they expect to reach the 400 million users in December of this year. the Vice President of the company, Vic Gundotra, said there are more than 150 million active users per month, of an estimated 250 million registered users. More than half come daily in the social network and has also increased the time that are in it. With this pace of quite rapid growth could be possible to achieve this goal, despite being a very high figure.