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Women have greater participation in online shopping and related topics health

Women are very active on the internet matching and surpassing men in many applications. Probably this trend will remain in the coming years.

At least in the United States women already constitute an undeniable majority of American Internet population. Internet not only allows women to learn, it has now become a complete channel of communication, entertainment, business and daily activity.


Researchers from the University of Bath (United Kingdom) have repeated a study they did 10 years ago about the use of the Internet and have found that gender differences have increased the content of interest. Men are still more using the network for games and entertainment, while women prefer to use to communicate. The growth of social networks has increased these gender differences.

Analyzed prospects began to use the Internet, on average, 11 years of age and currently spend approximately 3.4 hours a day connected to the Internet, without gender differences. The number and percentage of men and women who had a computer, a tablet, Smartphone, an e-book, a personal email address, a profile on a social network and a microblogging account was examined and no gender differences were found in none of these elements.


Where differences appear is in the type of content that you visit. Men use the Internet for more things than women. For example, to online games, sportsbook, download music and videos, and listen to music online. Also to visit websites with "adult content" and get product information.


Women, on the other hand, is more used to communicate with others: email , phone, social networking. The exception are newsgroups that use more men. Women use the internet to book travel more than men, while there are no differences in issues of health or banking online.


comScore, Inc. a leading company in measuring the digital world, has published an overview of the use of the Internet in Europe, showing that 395,7 millions of Europeans was in line in may 2012 for an average of 27.6 hours each. Data for may, which includes the use of Internet in 49 European markets grouped in the European region and the individual notification in 18 markets, also highlights the categories of sites and properties of the fabric with the highest concentration of use of women in Europe. Tumblr.com had the highest concentration of use among women, representing 69 percent the time dedicated to the popular social network. The report also showed that women generates most of the time devoted to several subcategories retail such as perfumes or cosmetics (71 per cent of participation), clothing (67 per cent) and department stores (65 per cent).


Women have the highest concentration of use in Tumblr, Otto and Groupon

In Europe, 191.5 million women over the age of 15 became operational in may 2012, representing 48.4 percent of the total Internet audience and 46.9 per cent of the time that remains online during the month. Among the best 100 web properties in Europe, Tumblr had the highest concentration of use among women, representing 69 percent of all time spent on the site. Otto Gruppe German retail site (68.8 percent) ranked second in this dimension, while he wore daily Groupon site agreement (61.7 per cent) completed the top 3. The total amount of European women's time is spent on websites Mail.ru was particularly high, but perhaps it is not surprising, since this group includes services of electronic mail and the second largest in Russia Odnoklassniki social networking sites.


Women in social business
 Top 10 Sites* for Females by Percent Share of Total Time Spent
May 2012

                                    % Share of Total        Total Minutes   Average Minutes
                                     Time Spent                 (MM)                per Visitor
Females Aged 15+        46.9%                        308,096              1,608.8
Tumblr.com                     69.0%                        606                     71.1
Otto Gruppe                   68.8%                        433                     22.8
Groupon                         61.7%                        137                     9.4
Mail.ru Group                 61.1%                        16,686                398.8
Groupe PPR                   60.8%                        195                     13.7
Spil Games                     60.2%                         768                    48.8
Ikea                                57.5%                        123                     13.0
RTL Group Sites             57.4%                        383                     25.3

Sites for sale to the retail and community has high female audience.
subcategories retail accounted for half of the 10 main categories of sites by time among women, showing the inclination of the genus for purchases online compared with their male counterparts. Sale to the by minor perfumes or cosmetics came to the Summit, women represent 70.9 percent of time spent in the category during the month, followed by the community - beauty / fashion / style (67.9 per cent of participation) and the by less - dress (66.8 per cent of participation). Health information also had a relatively high percentage of female participation (63.6 per cent), which suggests a greater likelihood of active involvement in health issues.


Top 10 Categories for Females by Percent Share of Total Time Spent
May 2012

                                             % Share of     Total Minutes      Average Minutes
                                                       Time Spent     (MM)                per Visitor
Retail: Fragrances/Cosmetics              70.9%            256                  13.5
Community: Beauty/Fashion/Style       67.9%            511                  10.4
Retail: Apparel                                   66.8%            2,030               30.6
Retail: Department Stores                   64.9%            208                  14.3
Community: Pets                                64.4%            94                     8.8  
Services: e-cards                               64.0%             68                    5.5   
Health: Information                             63.6%            604                  11.5
Community: Food                              62.2%             424                  8.8   
Retail: Food                                       61.2%             315                 15.6
Retail: Mall                                         61.0%            203                  13.5 

 Women in social business

Internet use in Europe by country

Below is a snapshot of the use of the Internet in Europe in 18 markets declarable comScore provides individual information. Russia Internet audience continues to be the largest market in Europe Online, with 57.9 million online users will be in May. The hearing of United Kingdom was the most committed across Europe, with an average expense of 39.1 hours of user online, an increase from 5 per cent in the last month. Turkey occupies the first place when it was average pages a user has visited during the month in the 3674.

Overview of European Internet Usage by Country Ranked by Total Unique Visitors (000)
May 2012
                                            Total Unique        Average Hours     Average Pages
                                             Visitors (000)      per Visitor            per Visitor
Worldwide                              1,484,382         24.5                    2,388                                   
Europe                                    395,693            27.6                    2,920
Russian Federation                 57,856              25.5                    2,737
Germany                                 51,714              25.2                    2,889
France                                    43,212              28.9                    2,872
United Kingdom                       37,640             39.1                    3,637
Italy                                        28,564              18.1                    1,857
Turkey                                    23,710              30.7                    3,674
Spain                                      21,775              26.3                    2,315
Poland                                    18,451              29.3                    3,308
Netherlands                           12,006                33.1                   3,247
Sweden                                   6,305               24.7                    2,497
Belgium                                   6,199               22.8                    2,392
Switzerland                             4,951               18.9                     1,970
Austria                                    4,842               15.0                     1,621


Women in social business
Due to these data that wish to do business on the Internet you know that increasingly more opinions, criticisms and suggestions that are made in social networking forums are vital to their business results. And who are most influential? Which users generate more opinion regarding companies and products? It is clear that they are women. This is the main conclusion of a study conducted in United States by the Partch-Hillard Company.


The probe shows 54% ensures that it likes to advise in the social environment on purchases. But more significant is that 50% is convinced that, in effect, influences others (that figure was only 31% four years ago). I.e., 45 million people carried out, unconsciously, a work of social commerce.

The growing presence of women in the major social platforms comes to reinforce his image of creators of mass opinion. This same study indicates that 73% of women Internet users in the United States.UU. they use Facebook (eight percentage points more than a year ago). But they are also more active: average of friends and brand followed in that network has increased 12% over the previous year. Most significant is its activity in tartelettes, the new social network that is a unique phenomenon in the network, among other things because of its potential in the social commerce. 68% of visitors in tartelettes are women, and they are 85% of your traffic which lead to that network.

These are all essential data so that brands and in particular e-commerce know what market faced and how to segment it by age and sex. Moreover, even if your customers are mostly male, most likely to be your partner or friends who comment it on social networks.

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