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 Using a landing page. Tips and Tools

The Landing Pages are called to a campaign target pages. This is the page you enter when we click on an ad, a banner, chat, social network or any other point of presence on the internet that will allow us to generate our business target group-related traffic links.

The user spends only 1.8 seconds of time to take a look at the listing and decide if click on (data of Enquiro Search Solutions, Inc.) and then once reaches the target page, the web have only 13.2 seconds to convince him that he has directed to the right place.

Because of this, your destination page must solve a problem or solve as many problems as possible.

The first impression must be eye-catching and interesting, and will be much better if they start to have a sentence of question like "What?", "Where", "How", etc.

To achieve an optimal landing page, we list 12 strategies that help a lot to attract the largest number of potential visitors that leave your details in it.

 You must first focus on what the purpose of your landing page. Users will decide in 5 seconds if the page interested or not. For this reason, we must have a title interesting you awaken the curiosity of its prospect and if possible add a subtitle related. In these 5 seconds is important to demonstrate that there is a relationship between the announcement that captivated the interest of our visitors and our landing page.

Landing page anatomy
Our single Landing Page must have a product or service. If you have multiple products, we create multi-page landing for each product.

Maps of heat and scroll: provides a simple way of knowing how behaves in the landing page visitors. On the one hand the heat map provides information about where the visitor clicks and how to move the mouse. On the other hand scroll map allows you to know what areas on the page where they spend more time and has come far. With this information you can begin to make changes and tests to improve the performance of the landing page. An economic and tool with trial version which lets do this is Crazy Egg.

Our landing page must not be very extensive, the majority of people do not like to read. If we chose to put an explanatory video of welcome, let's try it is not heavy and can be loaded quickly. Occasionally a video of this type can significantly increase conversion, sometimes not. If you should or not have it can determine it with measurements that you get in your landing page tests.

Deletes the navigation. As in the shopping malls where eliminate sunlight and all kinds of time reference that you used in the process of purchase, at a landing page there is to eliminate distractions to lead the visitor to desired action: the conversion. If the navigation is maintained on a landing page, runs the risk of the visitor to click on one of the links, is lost on the way and never again to become our client.

Do not use photos of known, especially if they are listed in the first results of Google Images because we've all seen them in hundreds of websites. The images should appear natural and own. Failure to do so may cause mistrust. Many studies have shown that the photos with people make better. Also the products that can be rotated 360° photos get significantly increase conversions.

Use social media. To increase conversion rates and attract more visitors to our website, the web design must include buttons or forms so that it can be shared through social networks. Since that encourages users to share the landing page with your friends and followers, a form of viral marketing.

Discounts: Several tests have shown us that expressed in monetary units (- 115$ discount) discounts work improvement as a percentage (10% discount). While the amount is equal, psychologically outperforms the first. An idea: can combine urgency + discount on something as well as "Saves $ 115 if you book by August 15".

Landing pages are intended to ask people to buy, or give them more information. This is accomplished through a call to action, which can be obtained, for example, through a simple button that ask visitors to buy a product or offering a free scan using a click. The button must be clearly labelled and must explain what is seeking is to make visitors.

One of the keys to make a page a success is the confidence that convey to visitors. The main reason why people do not buy on a website is the lack of confidence in the page because the site looks unprofessional or not convey credibility. Visitors want a design that is similar to what is announced in the banner or the link that has led them onto the page, to know that they are in the right place. If changes are made to the campaign it advertising, these changes must also be reflected in the landing page.

A Landing Page or landing page, it is best to avoid banners and links to other pages.

One way to measure the effectiveness of your Landing is a test that relies on having online two different Landing. You must measure the results of each conversion. You can then use that better conversion rate has shown.

The Landing will serve to optimize your database. If in the form you add also some other field (from gender to geographical location), you can segment your subscribers based on their preferences.

Tools to use


Usually it is best that a designer will create different Landing pages, however there are some solutions very good if you have no budget to hire a designer everytime you need a Landing Page. I use OptimizePress, a WordPress theme that allows you to create Landing pages in a very simple way, using many templates that are already optimized for achieving high conversion.

Google Website Optimizer

Despite everything we can always go improve the conversion of our Landing page by changing text, images, the call to action, etc. The best tool for carrying out these tests is Google Website Optimizer, which easily allows us to create different versions of the same Lansing page, and analyze which is which achieves a higher conversion.

Landing page anatomy
Lander is a new platform for the creation of Landing Pages, developed by Doppler. Tasks related to Email Marketing and Landing Pages are largely complemented on the day of the Marketing Online. What features does Lander?

-Integrated analysis tools
-Optimizing forms
-Increase the SEO of your site
-Create your own domain name
-Perform a/B Testing
-Choose different templates
-Increase your leads

It seems a good solution for those who are not developers, programmers or Email marketers and need this tool to apply in different projects.

Lander App is a tool to create Landing Pages without the need for with the help of designers or programmers: "allows you to measure the effectiveness of our landings related ads, Email campaigns, Marketing, etc." At the same time, facilitates the possibility of obtaining information from potential clients using a form.