Email is not just a means of communication, is also a very powerful marketing tool, so it should pay attention to use that, otherwise, you can become a weapon against our business.

Management and E-Mail Tools

Email is one of the big eaters of internet time. Whether at home or at work, read emails becomes one of the daily activities that we spend more time.

The email account is not just a means of written communication, is also a very powerful marketing tool therefore, due attention to the use given, otherwise it should be can become a weapon against our businesses.

Then some ideas that will allow us to make the most out of this great tool. Here's the list: sort your Inbox by subject. This helps to discover things that are happening and the people consider right away important, because many of the people that you write will use similar phrases to the subject of your message. It also helps if slip spam, since they will be grouped together.

Bring color to the messages of well-known people. This probably simply that you add your address to your email client address book and you think a simple rule or filter that I will put a color of your choice to messages from anyone who is in this address book.
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Set hours determined for check/read/process both if you receive many messages a day whether or not, a good measure note specific times to check and read the email - me me like to say "process-." And it is more important to set those moments, to not skip them or alter them. Because go see if entered me an e-mail message is one of the favorite activities of distraction. (Now I don't speak of notifiers, a bomb for our productivity.)

Best practices of email 
If you receive a few messages you can process your email at the beginning of the day and late in the afternoon, before you begin your relaxation at the end of the day. And if you have one larger volume of mail for example you can check at the beginning and at the end of the morning, the afternoon and at the last minute. Conceive them as daily "meetings" you at a certain time and that "you can not / should skip".

Completely empty the mailbox of Input when you go to process your messages, at times you choose, do it to complete them all. Do not leave any loose message without checking in your Inbox. Why that is - laziness generally or because it requires an action - we leave one or two loose messages "to review more later". You think that then they will still be there, "bothering" and take or early will have to take care of them. Do it now that you can, processes and completely empty your Inbox.

Messages that are outstanding matters marked with a flag. But sometimes you find that the amount of messages marked with flags you exceed, this is one of the most practical ways to keep track of the messages that require greater attention but which can not be served at the time.

Write the answers to 5 lines. If you can do it in five lines, it is probably more effective to use the phone or explain it face to face. People do not usually read long emails and also lose much time writing them.

Use an application to ensure that you respond. Use Boomerang for Gmail, an extension to the mailer of Google that returns you the message if you have not replied. It is very useful to remember pending tasks.

Manage all mail in Gmail web who have used many specific programs of management, such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Entourage, sparrow, and others have been aware that none of them lets so much customization and options such as Gmail through the web, especially if you have several e-mail addresses or receive many emails every day.

Gmail gives you more than 7 GB of space for free and even have the option of being user of payment and have 25 GB onwards. The user of payment can reverse a ridiculous amount per 25 GB, about $ 6 a year.

Get all addresses that mail controls in your Gmail account if you manage multiple email accounts and have to send and receive emails from all, is essential to this point. Have the addresses distributed in various services or programs only contributes to the chaos.

What you can do is put all the data SMTP send and forward each and every one of the addresses that I have to my Gmail account. Thus, from the same place I can control everything.

It is important to also created different signatures for each account, so that you will always leave contact details (yours or the relevant company) in all the emails you write without having to type it again and again.

Creating filters creating filters is another essential thing to make for a correct management of the mail. Filters divided them into two categories: filters that labeled email filters that labeled the email and also move tray of entrance to another folder leaving it as unread or read even if you think it suitable to receive emails that do not have nothing to with each other, if you have created filters can be categorized by colors many of the emails that you get. You shall be classified automatically and a glance can see that item is each.

In addition, filters that not only label but also move the content to a particular folder to configure as well, allowing you to the Inbox is not saturated. The aim is that emails that need to be answered or read as soon as possible and that other emails without as much importance to stay in others only reach to the inbox folder waiting to get it the right time to review them.

This step takes time and in fact is in constant evolution. Creating or modifying filters is an action that I do at least once a month. You can start creating more obvious filters that you see and then go see if you need to create any more or that even one of the created little by little have to modify it. Don't run with this issue, with filters you can never say that you have finished 100% since they must always evolve because you're not always going to receive the same communications.

filter spam spam is a real problem today. A lot of all e-mail that is transferred by Internet is unsolicited mail (spam). One of the best filters functional anti-spam is that is integrated into GMail, the free service of Google mail. The technique of Greylisting, at least for the moment, is very effective.

We have found that this happens very often in filters anti-spam of hosting providers, for example. Many people are confident because you know that your hosting provider is dealing with the spam but... do until point can be?. Many times, in many customers, we find that there are filters configured anti-spam with too high a level of "paranoia" and deleted much mail that was legitimate, and the recipient even realizes it.

Mail Washer program to clean spam email accounts. It is a mail filter intelligent which eliminates spam from your email. In the MailWasher Pro you can configure as many email accounts as we have, that way we can take a quick look at all our emails without having to visit the website of every one of our accounts. The latest version of this program imports directly our email accounts, without having to do it manually.

Installing as a "plugin" added to Outlook and Outlook Express, SPAMfighter identifies and filters emails wastes which can be sent to your email as a tool antiphissing is also different, either in Outlook / Express, Windows Mail and Thunderbird.

Avoid the phissing given the growing number of reports of phishing-related incidents, they require additional methods of protection with software anti spy. 

Debank is a free tool that is able to detect, according to its creators, all variants of the five major families of malicious software developed to steal banking credentials online. To achieve its mission work scanning process of the computers memory. The product is capable of detecting almost all variants of malware, SpyEye, Zeus, CarBerp, Gozi and Patcher programs. Below you can find more information about the application, as well as the use license.

SPAMfighter is a mail filter junk (Spam) very easy to install and use, which can capture and completely eliminate the annoying mails unwanted to encode postal protection Alternatively convert our email address into a series of unreadable characters for trackers programs (bots) email addresses but transparent to the user. For this purpose there are web services as the Bankoi has developed an encoder of e-mails in HTML to avoid being captured using tools of automatic extraction of e-mails, which guarantees that the spam is drastically reduced. This tool has been has available for free for webmasters.

NotifyMeNot is a small, compact site dedicated to helping you as your stop annoying e-mails from reaching your Inbox. Focusing on the hows and the whys of notification messages, the site aims to make to your Inbox one place clean and calm your mind of mono.

The site is part of the AwayFind family and works offering tips and instructions that lead us directly to the configuration of the different services to turn off their respective notifications, thus avoiding receiving unimportant notifications in our trays of inputs, especially now that we are involved in a greater number of social platforms, being overwhelmed by notifications that send some as other platforms.

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