How to get more customers with a blog. According to many respondents blogs have resulted in the acquisition of new products.

Get more customers with a business blog

Many business owners put all your expectations in a marketing strategy. The difficult part is that not many marketing strategies really get a good value for a business blog.

As it can be seen from the report "State of Inbound Marketing" developed by Hubspot, corporate blogs are generating real customers for businesses. In addition, the majority of sellers reported that putting up a blog or digital publication is below the average cost to start marketing and communication strategies through other channels.

57% Of respondents said that blogs have resulted in the acquisition of new customers. This shows that the publications of digital content are increasingly effective in the generation of potential customers.

Having the preference of customers to buy a product or service constantly, you must advance working in order to turn customers into clients of lifetime, which means that they have a high degree of fidelity so so both people and business can get what they want.

To fill all the expectations of the clients and Captivate to a different market segment to increase means the number of sales, we must take into account some requirements of a good business blog.

Listening to the client

Using tools available on social platforms and web sites, we know what are the interests and needs of customers, to define which of those interests will resolve to optimize the blog.

Optimize a business blog 
Write articles. Create an image of knowledge through the exchange of information to your target audience. This is a good way to increase the recognition of your name, as well as to get more customers to believe in its value as a business.

Types of articles based on a blog:

The "How to" article. Do you know how it is or should be something specific in your industry or niche market? Share it. For example, if you are an architect, you can write: "Ensuring you hire the best architect to build your House". That is something that surely your clients are interested in.
The article's definition. If you are an expert in what you do, you surely know terms than the common of your customers or prospects do not know, so you can write an article that serves to define and describe, in a clear and simple manner, any term of interest to your customers. Is your business blog about personal finance? You can write: "That is the compound interest".

The argumentative article. Do you think that your point of view is different from the common and it is worthwhile to share it? Do it in an article. If you write about health and convinced that Influenza is a conspiracy, share your theory and argues your hypothesis in what did not know flu and why you should not vaccinate you", for example.

The "List" article. People we love to read in an orderly and simple, and lists help that. Are you an insurance advisor? Write "10 reasons why not to be insured you can get very expensive".

Until you have 10 articles ready pillars, passes to the next item:

Please enter as much detail as possible
What do you think of the following phrases?: 'Attract more traffic to your website with this method'. So very well! And what does it mean much more traffic? And now: " with this method attract 2,000 visitors per day to your website more".  2000 visitors a day is a particular statement. "Much more traffic" says nothing, makes no sense. "2000 visitors per day" > > an approach is clear. Gives answers to your reader. Do not allow it to invade you with doubt.

Acquire and maintain the objective

It is important to know before selling. In this way, offer through social networks or newsletters, profiles information of interest on the brand, images that talk about the same, clarity in the content, and find opportunities around the own business - special offers, promotions, submit to the product, among others - are fundamental elements to achieve the goal.

The dialogue, interaction, content quality and consistency in the actions also are points to consider.

Lead the reader towards a particular action. To achieve this goal we must optimize some aspects of the blog:

 Masks your holder.
It is the first thing you do when you want your readers to take massive action (as a comment). How? Take a look at the title of this article. Perhaps not you lent you attention when you did click to read it, but I guess I got your interest, no? I had success in capturing your attention. Perhaps you had many things on your mind, but with this title, I got you to read my article.

In short, do not wait until the last paragraph to call the action through a phrase, a button or link... It begins with the owner.

 Create curiosity.
When a person reads an article in the blog, which awakened interest?. Don't assume everything is working perfectly. You have to give a reason to stay and explore your website / blog.

The introduction is where you can create curiosity. Did you watch as I began the introduction of this article?. After captivate your mind with the title, I went above and beyond to awaken your curiosity.

 Highlight my business blog.
The look makes the difference between a product that sold a million units, and another that does not sell at all. Yes, the quality can be excellent, but if you don't have a good aspect that can complement it, the seller will have to struggle to promote it.

This is what you have to do for your website / blog: highlight it. Request the services of a designer to customize it. Your logo should be noted. The first impression that you generate with your website / blog will determine how effective use call to action.

Since people now judge a book by its cover, you can not convince a reader to buy on a web site / blog that looks like an ugly duckling. Start your call to action with a blog of professional design, a flashy headline and an introduction that will generate curiosity.

Announce new articles in your blog and on Twitter. Similar to the above if you can create expectations about your forthcoming publications get subscribers who want to receive an email each time you post.

Images and color: carefully select images that complement the content of the site. The use of effective images contributes significantly to keep visitors on the site and improve your website bounce rate. Similarly, the color affects behavior, so choose the appropriate color palette to present to your product and service in the best light. Remember, it's about the user experience, not for you!

It includes fixed on your blog invitations

The idea applies to individual articles; However, you can also include elements fixed on your blog without being intrusive. This means that you can include banners on the side rods or links to your internal pages, which explain more about your services, in the header of your blog. Of course considering the design and navigation of your users experience: it is inviting them to know you better, rather than repel them.

In almost any optimized blog you can find such items; However, putting a banner does not mean that it will work, so this may give you results three things are important:

• Know your audience for...

• Use the right words.

• Use a design that you like.

Get surveys to know the theme of your blog. The easiest way to know they expect from your blog readers is to ask them. To the extent that cover their expectations will visit more often and end up subscribing.

Delete everything that is not relevant for your sidebar.
You look like your sidebar? Full of widgets, links, categories and ads? If so, your sidebar could this conspiring against you, which means you could be losing a lot of valuable subscribers on your mailing list.

Publish in many places
Those articles which you are publishing weekly in your website, you must put them also in other internet sites where articles are published. If above these places have to do with your niche market, even better. Articles should always be with a link to your website.

With this you get two things, that google will go your positioning because there are links to your website in many places and on the other hand more visits to your site that come from sites that you've published. 
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