The criticisms are very important and we should listen carefully. our task must be to carefully monitor these ratings and decide what is in the majority and which not.

Our business is prepared to listen to customers

Say it all marketing manuals: a dissatisfied customer generates between 9 and 20 negative reference service that said to be non-conforming. In this way, to a problem or deficiency of the service that we provide, which is below their expectations or the promise of our brand, we will not only lose an effective client, but it also will lose many potential customers and our reputation, that intangible heritage so difficult to achieve.

Like employees, consumers need to be managed and grown, changes must be made carefully and with a lot of tact. Radical turns can go spectacularly wrong with our consumers in line of the twenty-first century, as learned it the company GAP, and in the worst way. The company wanted change, such as fallen from heaven, and with very few explanations, your logo. Two days later, he strongly defended her brand new look against criticism on the part of designers ("an attempt rather poor to change the branding") and consumers ("current and vulgar";) "sucks"; (boring, just like clothes"). Finally abandoned the new logo and returned to the original option.

Listen to the criticisms as opportunity traditionally companies see the criticism as something bad, and seek to not listen to them and hide them, but with the global scenario that we're living in where people have the capacity of Search, find, and share information almost immediately, anywhere, is very difficult to hide a negative situation.

The above rather than something negative for companies, can be seen as an opportunity in two ways: on the one hand can be used to review and improve its processes, as well as the relationship with consumers, thinking to offer a better service. On the other hand, receive criticism from consumers on social networks can give the Organization the opportunity to know in greater detail what they say about the products or services.

An example of this occurs in Foursquare, which is a social network based on mobile devices, designed to make people virtual check-in facility, notifying your contacts by way of game. In Foursquare users have the possibility of sharing their experiences with business probe found through tips to other users, and it is common to find comments about poor service from an airline, the quality of the food in a restaurant, or the arrogant treatment of a government employee.

This type of platforms can be a great help to know the opinion of consumers, without removing them from your comfort zone and without having to invest large amounts in market research to obtain the same information.

Cross-criticism are very important and we must listen with attention. These occur when our customers or followers made negative ratings on an aspect of our product or service and its opposite: for example, when after a presentation to some seem to a software program or other 'long' and 'short' 'too easy' for some and 'very difficult' for others. Since according to the laws of logic that we leave Aristotle one thing cannot be at the same time itself and its opposite, is impossible that both clients 'are right' when their perceptions on the same theme are radically different in opposite way: each one is appreciating from its subjectivity and our task will be to monitor carefully these ratings and decide what is in the majority and which not.

When encounter negative comments by the client, it is very important to discover the source. Why they are dissatisfied or angry customer? What about what has gone wrong? Once identified the reason for the criticism, it will be easier to find a solution.

With this purpose discussed some important issues: working to achieve the loyalty of their customers the reason number one for the customers to leave to buy in a business is because they were treated badly by someone. It is much cheaper to retain loyal customers who get new clients.

To create the loyalty of your customers, you have to calm customers angry and assure you that you are going to find a solution acceptable to them.

Let them know that you value them as clients. Thank you for being patient and cooperate.

-Have a professional look (and act in the same way.) The first impression is the one that counts. Their appearance must indicate that you are a serious and reliable professional. Also non-verbal communication speaks volumes.

Your body language and your tone of voice should be kind. Pay attention to his facial expressions, his posture, gestures and his way of speaking.

Pay close attention to what the customer says including and the time in which says it. It is advisable to mentally review this interaction with the accuracy and objectivity as possible. Once we have managed to separate the emotions, it is essential to learn something from this Exchange to be able to grow the business.

Apologize, an exercise for the brands we should not forget that the lack of honesty, transparency and information, have been the main cause of the loss of credibility that exists in the structural crisis which we are experiencing.

Offer an apology for how first response to an adverse comment that has caused injury to a client, is the best way to defuse the controversy.

Here it is important that we remember that on the internet and social networks, relationships are virtual and although it can seem obvious, it is not. Customers are not interacting with us, we do not see, not hear us... and need to be listened.

How much faster is the apology, more efficient response and more positive solution to the conflict, stronger will be the brand. An adequate management of the adverse comments can be a great ally of the marks, if done in a committed and efficient manner.

We are listening to customers 
Decrease the time of response the immediacy is one of the characteristics of the network of networks. Users can access the second information that they are looking for and as a result, claim an almost immediate response.

24 Hours 365 days a year pending our Facebook, Twitter or any another social community is practically unworkable. There have a solution of monitoring alert us when someone speaks about us are highly recommended.

From there, take action as soon as possible you will prevent us greater evils and will help us to strengthen our image and service to the customer via on-line.

Autoresponders in relation to the previous point, can think that to give a fast service there is no more than go to automatic responses. However, this far from being a solution, can provide a picture of carelessness by the company that does not appeal to customers.

Although the use of this type of response is not recommended completely, it is necessary to have a second reply to as soon as possible.

Constant commitment to the best way to administer and manage the negative comments about the brand is to be sure of the quality and commitment that we have acquired with our target audience.

In addition at the present time the competition is fierce and there are many brands that use this route to "discredit" their competition against their customers in social networks.

Proper social interaction with our customers and have very clearly defined channels of communication and the policy of our brand in relation to the fierce defence of the trust of our customers, are the best actions for avoid complaints or baseless claims pose a detriment to our online reputation.

There are several online tools that allow monitoring comments and opinions of customers and users on the internet. There are usually tools that provide deep analysis but they can be useful for our brand image in the network.

BackType is a service whose main objective is to measure reactions that they generate social networks the contents published on the Internet. It has a tool called BackTweets, which helps to understand the reach of publications on Twitter, as well as its ability to generate traffic to certain web sites or sales.

In principle, without need to register, we can find comments that have crawled on a particular topic or comments left by any author in different media, provided that it is linked to the same url. In addition, if we register, we can add an author to keep track of new comments go leaving in different media. So, like Twitter and other microblogging services, our followers and people that we do tracking.

Technorati if you want to know what is discussed in the blogesfera, then Technorati will be our reference Finder, since it is a search engine specialized in blogs. First of all we must check our blog, and from there... you can discover blogs that link to ours, comments that are written about our brand, the reactions that occur to our posts, etc.

Very interesting and complete Socialmention in the world of social networks, a search engine in real time is Socialmention. We also carried out an analysis of our Online reputation. For example, we can know how many positive, negative or neutral terms have generated; How many authors we have mentioned; What are the key words related to our company, etc.

Boardtracke. It is a very complete tool that lets you create alerts, search and customize your search. Twitter is possibly the social tool of fashion today. The difficulty of tracking our brand is in quantity and agility that the messages are written.

The connected consumer has come to stay and firms must accept that relations between customers have an important role in making the decision to make a purchase of what formerly was seen, but the result is a decline in the relationship of buyer with the brand. Dialogue and not the monologue is the future and successful companies will more actively participate instead of simply imposing. The real interaction with the community of consumers on the internet requires a great effort by marketing organizations, and the target will be moved in the manner and means that the community is interconnected and evolves over time.
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