Here are some useful applications for business owners, which can give access to many functions with a simple touch of your iPhone smartphone or another

 Main mobile applications for entrepreneurs

The technologies that are available for mobile phones as devices, are becoming increasingly important in the lives of employers and workers from around the world, to the point that today is difficult to devise routines and labor tasks without the enormous range of possibilities that these tools offer to make more easy, fast and efficient business and communications. 

Not just technologies deployed by large multinationals, but that, on the contrary, since most small businesses have found ways of adapting to the most suitable alternatives for them, so that may make them the most and get excellent results to starting from them. 

The problem, as everything that happens on the Internet, is that with so many options to choose it is complex to know what is the best solution to meet the needs according to the own business activity. Without a doubt, the lack of experts who can advise SMEs explains little presence that have this type of solutions in smaller organizations. According to recent surveys, large companies are that most are taking advantage of the savings that implies the use of free technology (37% of large, compared to 27% of SMEs).

Here are some applications useful for business owners, which can give access to many functions with a simple touch of its iPhone smart phone or another.

Scanner Pro this application feel me great. Previously if you needed to send a document and not had a "scanner" available to capture the image and send it by email, you had to take a picture, sometimes of poor quality and low resolution and send it to the other person. This application offers a noticeable improvement on the above-mentioned rudimentary process before capturing documents. Scanner Pro can not only catch documents, but also business cards, receipts, notes and any other document that you need. Thanks to new technology, the image quality will be higher and the documents can be sent immediately to through the same application, even in PDF format. The application also synchronizes the documents captured with other applications you might use as DropBox and Google Docs.

Top  mobile apps for business users

 this application is for people that are constantly meet and greet potential business partners, colleagues and clients, as facilitator of networks, keeping all your contact information in one central location is essential for success. Gist does precisely that. This useful application can import and update a variety of contact information, including phone numbers and emails, and store them so that you can take in everything moment.

With this application you can synchronize your bookmarks through your mobile device and your desktop browser. In a nutshell, you can save the most important pages and share them with all your devices.

XMARKS belongs to the creators of LASTPASS, a tool that allows you to store and manage all our passwords easily through a personal account which is also found in "the cloud". And it is very easy to open an account in XMARKS and start using it.

Another feature of XMARKS, is that it allows the creation of different user profiles. For example, in my mind, I can create a profile that is "personal" and another "job". And in each, I'm recording the bookmarks according to my preference. The creation of more than one profile, for example, lets decide labour bookmarks stay on my computer from work and at home, while staffs are only in the household appliance.

DropBox. Once you have been on their way to an important meeting, but then realized that a key document forgets him? With the Dropbox application, you no longer have to worry about not having access to all your vital business documents. This application in the cloud allows business owners to submit, store, and retrieve documents without having to carry your laptop wherever you go, all your important documents in the Palm of your hands.

Square. No matter what either to manage their contacts or communicate with customers, the true mark of a successful company is a healthy bank account. The realization of sales is now easier than ever with the Square application. This software offers employers the opportunity to sell their services at anytime from anywhere. For a fee flat percentage per transaction, can process a customer's credit card from his own Smartphone.

DocuSign who needs a fax machine these days with this application? This application allows users to sign documents using your finger on the touch screen of your iPhone and return the documents in PDF format through email.It will no longer be necessary to convert, download, print, sign and send by fax the documents, increases the efficiency of the Office to delete all these steps from a single application. In addition to adding your signature to documents, you can edit the document by adding text, dates, pictures and notes before you send it.

1Password this application has won awards internationally and boasts more than one million users. In this application you will be able store all sensitive information such as passwords and user names and then use them with a single touch on the screen. The keys to access to your bank accounts, email, finance, investment accounts and applications anywhere else where to store sensitive information, account numbers for credit cards, in the end, you can save all your information in a format of AES registration and security. In addition to auto double safety function, in the case that your iPhone is stolen or lost information shall be kept safe. In addition, thanks to its function of guard, the information will be available to access then and is compatible with MAC, Windows and Linux.

The rapid growth of Google apps shop, has done for many followers andriod system. Therefore if you are evaluating the possibility to manage your business from your smartphone with Android, here's a list of the most interesting applications for this purpose, and the best thing is that you it's totally free tools.

Documents To Go is an interesting tool that allows us to view the type Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It supports type files Doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, Ppt and Pptx, as well as allowing us to view PDF files. It also includes the functionality of being able to edit these files through our Google Docs account, directly in the application. Two versions are available, one free and one more complete payment.

here we have a totally free tool, which basically is a text editor which allows us to synchronize all our notes. One of its main features is its great ease of use.

Astro File Manage an interesting application that allows us to manage all the files and applications that we use in our portable device with Android. We can also use the tool to manage tasks and carry out backup copies.

Intuit GoPayment
 It is an application that lets you use your smartphone to pay tickets for exhibitions, fairs and conferences. Allows use of touchscreen during operations, it provides the ability to send receipts to customers at the point of sale.

It syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks and includes the card reader. There are different versions, among which includes a free basic version.

It syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks and includes the card reader. There are different versions, which include a free basic version in synthesis, applications allow any employer to leverage the immediacy offered by mobile devices. Once defined strategic objectives and scanned the target, can maintain better contact with customers and prospects.

Top  mobile apps for business users