The ability to create an augmented reality provides us with a better choice for our consumers to interact with our brand.

How you can help the business to augmented reality

Augmented reality consists of creating a mixed reality in real time, mixing real and virtual elements. I.e. adding virtual information about physical reality, so that through a screen (mobile, iPad, computer...) you can visualize a mixture between reality and the game, you can add data of interest to what you see, or even images that complement your reality.

I have always believed that technique good nor bad sales, there is no as there is no good or bad marketing and therefore technique and therefore believe that technical or advertising approach good or bad there is no. There are simply different approaches, that will be good or bad depending on the time, place and the product or service to advertise, and that also applies to the augmented reality understood (in addition to its other features) as advertising medium for businesses.

And it is that if something offers augmented reality, it is a superb option reach the customer in a different way, "in situ", street and at the time that the client as precise or you can refine. This option will not be valid in all businesses, but surely that businesses as catering and hospitality (among others) are two great candidates to get a good juice to its possibilities. Juice that no doubt can be combined with other interesting online options, as offerings on websites that tell us where we are GEO, or in services of discount coupons.

The ability to create a superimposed reality gives us a better option so that our consumers interact with the brand.

The majority of people unknown possibilities that offers augmented reality and believes that the only thing which serves to display a model dancing in a huge poster located in the middle of Times Square. And the truth is that this is not so. It is what we see more flashy and flowing of one wall to another on Facebook and a Timeline to another Exchange on Twitter.

But there are many utilities in business, example look through the mobile, as we do when we take photos and that on the screen we can appear where there is available pharmacy, an ATM or a parking lot, and know how many spaces there is free... This is augmented reality. Everything that gives us an additional knowledge about what we see and we have ahead.

What kind of applications we talk about when we talk about augmented reality? Here are some examples.

-Recognition of images of tourist sites to obtain information (Lonely Planet for Android) - Car Finder: there are many applications, like the Hexter Labs Software, which can locate where aparcaste your car through GPS and picture taken by the camera in your device.

-Scanning of any movie poster, logo of cinemas, producing, image, etc. Using recognition of images, reader QR or bar code shows you that movie information and where to see it. Hence, you aimed at the purchase of inputs (intARact for Android).

Rayban lets you test your goggles on a picture taken by the camera from the PC or mobile device (iPhone).


-Metro Paris not only offers tourist information and transport, but also located shops and restaurants to detect the logos in images of the mobile or our location by GPS, providing more information about them.

Yellow pages has an augmented reality for iPhone and Android application: close to me, which you can see a video here. With it, you can find nearby restaurants, Choose one and the application shows you the way.

A company can also be leveraged for augmented reality to, for example, show the video of their latest announcement when focuses its logo with the camera.

Augmented reality for business
The possibilities are endless, the augmented reality for mobile can be applied to businesses of all kinds for promotional events, marketing campaigns, tourist applications, etc.

Augmented reality is a technology that is already available for many businesses.

The applications are endless, only looking for pictures of augmented reality in Google we can see many examples of what we can experience.

It is important that we take into account that the content is suitable to the environment and our business. It must not let yourself be dazzled by technology, investing large amounts of effort and money into something that will be little used, too slow for devices that have to process it or useless for our users. We must find utilities and content suitable to our customers and our possibilities and budget. In addition, it affects all channels, which are integrated to creating a new and unique experience multichannel. It is essential for us to integrate it in our process of purchase, not as an additional curiosity, since augmented reality helps customers.

Trends in the automotive industry is one of the most active in mainstreaming augmented reality solutions to improve their training processes. One of the most used techniques provides for the incorporation of a helmet-Viewer similar to the virtual reality, incorporating synthetic information (such as 3D graphics) without blocking the view of the user, or by blocking certain elements. This generates a coherent world between what we see and what we touch on fundamental issues such as our level of support, but you can add any item imaginable.

Such is the case with BMW, which they have incorporated the use of goggles that broadcast images of a car engine and will indicate steps to follow on the motor be arranged for its part, Toyota has developed a solution that shows one of their vehicles circulating on a track that unfolds in a person's hand, and that even allows the auto can be separated by parties with your free hand and is analyzed in detail, serving purposes both training as commercial General Motors nor remains alien to the innovation incorporated by other automotive. The Canadian firm Ad-Dispatch, in partnership with the Agency MacLaren McCann, in October of 2010 released an augmented reality application to allow potential clients to explore the Chevrolet Cruze 2011 3D model, within the framework of a strong promotional campaign online.

It is expected that the market for augmented reality arrive to move $ 600 billion in 2016, according to the latest study of Semico. The challenge is that augmented reality is a technology that is not yet fully developed. Still there are no tools and business that make it accessible both quick to small consumers or entrepreneurs, but the passage of time will give the opportunity to make frequent use of this technology.
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