Every business should consider the importance of mobile communication and marketing channel

Good use of sms to boost my business

The SMS has proven to be an ideal medium for companies, to interact with your customers and generate business. Internet allows us to use this channel in optimal conditions, both to carry out mass mailings segmented and personalized with their contact data, and to perform automated submissions to events using simple software applications within the reach of everyone that allow that an SME or an individual have the same media that a great company.

This article will look at some simple practical case examples of use of SMS in the relationship with our clients, that all us we could find in our daily lives, and that they can inspire us in our activity.

Every business should take into account the importance of mobile communication. This channel is in fact the dream of any seller, because almost no one leaves home without her phone. This means that while you follow the golden rules of marketing (relevant synchronization, convenience and right) of mobile communication, will allow you infinite business opportunities.

Some examples of use of SMS in the relationship with our clients, that all us we could find in our daily lives, and that they can serve us in our activity.

Imagine a person at your computer e.g. not knowing how to activate certain function in word, or how to insert a picture in PPT or how to find a page to do some homework on the internet and who could then send you an SMS with your inquiry to your number and your on the other side, by a few cents (us$) could offer any immediate suggestions in response.

Sms for business use

Avoid cancellations and optimize resources: commonplace is already receiving an SMS the day before going to a dentist reminding us of the time for which we have appointment the next day. This type of shipments can be scheduled to occur automatically, allows effectively reduce annoying cancellations at the last minute, and promotes timeliness of customers more confused (especially if you include in the message the address that will take place the quotation), so we think the management of our appointments in all kinds of business: hairdressing salons, clinics, restaurants, companies of "outdoor" activities, etc. 

Give comfort to the customer and offer added value. We will avoid many inconvenience and waiting times to a customer if instead of saying you fix some shoes take you "two or three hours", we send you an SMS when they are arranged. The customer may go to run errands, knowing that while we have not said anything, it is not necessary to call or switch to ask 'if it is already', with what will contribute to make your experience more positive. Applications in this regard are endless. In arsys.es, for example, our customers shipments of SMS alerts can be configured to alert us when to exceed consumption.

Text messaging services for chambers of Commerce.

• Inform members of meetings.   • Send alerts of any new benefit for members.  • Send payment reminders.  • management of the campaign from anywhere via the internet.   • Notifies members when a new member joins • Campaign management from anywhere through internet.

 Text messaging services for social clubs: • Send schedules of meetings • Saves costs in printed press releases • Inform members of changes of last minute • Campaign management from anywhere to internet text messaging services to associations of neighbours through: • Send schedules of meetings • Saves costs in printed press releases • Reminders of activities in common (cleaning of streets, parks, garage, Garden, etc) • Management of the campaign from anywhere over the internet also must take into account that Sms has additional features: durable your client can save it and refer to it as many times as you wish. Simply record it and have it in your mobile phone for what you want to.

Concrete if we sent an sms to allow us a maximum number of characters, we are forced to be specific and say only the most important thing in each announcement. Easier to remember by who receives it.

Difference can decide in each action of sms marketing to what kind of clients send the message. It is what in marketing is called segmented or differentiated by customer groups. Segmented by age, gender or place of residence according to your objective.

Ecological a letter or an advertisement placed in a mailbox always represent an expense in paper and ink. In the case of an sms, we eliminated these costs and raw material, thus contributing to the environment.

Effective practices to make mobile marketing campaigns: be clear about the principles of marketing: first, must be wondering what is the goal?, who is our target?, how do we measure actions?, What is the expected outcome of the campaign?. Then think about the optimal channels for our campaign and see if the mobile channel fits the campaign. We must consider the advantages of mobile: Ubiquity, interactivity, location, proper use of search and display viral effect: search: focus on brand search terms, take into account common errata on the mobile and focus on the first positions, because mobile search results most only have one ad per page.

Screen: Capture the attention of users. Give the possibility to interact: make a call, find a store, etc, focus on actions by boost.

Tests. Being a new medium, there doing tests. You can make a simple mobile application to a particular target and see how react before making the mega application augmented reality that takes half of the annual budget, unless the goal is to exit in a press release.

Ask for permission first: nobody likes to receive unsolicited messages. Ask your customer number, and be clear about what is going to send. 

Send only what it says it will send: most people pay more attention to their mobile phones to their spouses, so that once you have someone personal mobile phone number, treating you with respect. If you are sending the placing someone in your "information updates about" list, need permission first. 

Send messages at appropriate times of the day: do you have had your mobile phone switched off at 3 am? It is not pleasant. Most people sleep with their phones in the room with them. Don't give them a reason to leave their messages.
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