For developers, Windows 8 promises to be a paradise, because the store will have multiple benefits such as increased visibility online and a new distribution channel.

Windows 8 platform promises an increase in business applications

A potential growth in business for developers with the new market of applications there is meter for window 8. The tablets are in full growth and expected that with windows 8 even more.

It is estimated that most Windows users can upgrade to Windows 8 so you will have the opportunity to capture more than 500 million potential users can obtain their application. This is the first time the operating system Microsoft has an app store. Windows Store represents a major opportunity to make money for developers programming to date

In addition to the above this platform includes link for access to forums, blogs and other resources of the Community, that satisfy the questions, doubts and comments from all developers interested in creating applications for Windows 8 meter with different technologies such as JavaScript, C#, Visual Basic or C++.

For developers, Windows 8 promises to be a paradise. On the one hand, you will have multiple benefits, the tent because they will have the visibility of the official store and a new distribution channel. With Visual Studio, developers can make their applications and send them directly to the Store Windows.

In addition, they will also have other benefits, such as the use of more languages of programming (including C++. C# and the Web, such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS).

 Make applications for Windows 8
It is emphasized that business applications for the Windows 8 began since it went on the market, not only by selling the software itself, but because to be installed in a traditional personal computer and enjoy entire interface experience meter, new applications must be purchased are.

This is a "defining moment" in the industry according to the analysis of experts, as in the air is the doubt if Windows 8 will be enough to resurrect personal computers. PC manufacturers have already started to produce more advanced models that include touchscreens and convertible tablet laptops, so its release matches of the new operating system, such as Lenovo Yoga, or the live Tab RT of Asus.

How to create the applications style meter can be created using two technologies that could be associated with web development. The developers will have the option of building your applications using JavaScript with HTML5 and CSS3 or by another might opt for C++/C# /VB with XAML (XAML is used in Silverlight). Input we see that these applications are not created the same way as the traditional Windows applications. In other words, Microsoft is starting from scratch a new platform of development but with known technologies.

What technology should I choose?

If you are just beginning in the development of applications, in particular applications for Windows 8, you might be wondering what technology you choose.

• JavaScript with HTML5 and CSS3 are widely used in Internet technologies. Non-proprietary products and probably what you learn about these technologies you can reuse it on other platforms. 

• C++/C# /VB with XAML are very old and traditional Microsoft technologies by the community. If you already have experience developing with C# or Silverlight probably should opt for these. Also if you've already created applications for other platforms such as Windows Phone you could re-use much of the code.

• Windows 8 Developer Preview.Primero that nothing download the preview of Windows 8 to be able to develop applications.

• BUILD. On this site you can watch the videos when Windows 8 was presented to the were and see how you can take advantage of tools that includes the preview of Windows 8.

Do • how do applications style meter?. In this link you can find all the information you need to start to familiarize yourself with the apps style meter.

• Samples. These examples will help you understand and take advantage of the features of the libraries included in the preview of Windows 8.

All applications must be adapted to the Metro interface of Microsoft Windows 8, there the interest by the firm so that developers can make their specific proposals for this operating system. As mentioned above the signature, payments to developers will be carried out once a month, provided they have reached a sales value about $ 200; Microsoft has also stated that if a specific application can reach $25,000 sales quota, signing clippged a 30% in profits in favor of the Developer. After that figure, developers could count with a 20% cut in earnings by Microsoft, which would add in favour of the developer of the software.
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