Crowdsourcing is very useful for entrepreneurs and small business owners who do not have much capital, because the platform allows for the best quality

How to prepare to get the most out of crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a model associated with what is known as interactive Web, whereby the solution to a problem, the answer to a need or the development of any work is not done by a professional or a company, but by an entire community, collaboratively. This, of course, has only been possible thanks to the massification of Internet. 

The phenomenon of crowdsourcing is imposing ever more frequently in the marketing and advertising sector. Resorting to the talent group when developing an action or a campaign for a brand is a trend to which recur every time advertisers. This phenomenon currently has multiple platforms, of where can go to make use of this "talent to everyone".

Go to the collective talent in search of ideas for the development of a campaign is a very convenient strategy in marketing and advertising. Crowdsourcing may represent a marketing strategy in itself, adopting common positions with regard to the viral communication, insofar as its primary objective is to obtain the maximum possible without being invasive spread, alluding to the motivation and interest of the user the advantages provided by this service are many. First, the company can access many proposals that, through other services, could not be achieved.

Hence derives another of the benefits of crowdsourcing, satisfaction, because among all the proposals, customer can choose the one you like. In most cases, the company obtains what he was looking for.

Value for money is one of the main advantages of this business model. The customer sets the price that is willing to pay for the work and receives proposals for quality. If you like any, you don't have to pay for it.

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Advantages of the use of crowdsourcing in the digital marketing some advantages of using crowdsourcing in the digital marketing strategy are:

  * Customer knowledge. Crowdsourcing allows to improve the knowledge of the client, which will allow really understand your needs.

* Low cost. Crowdsourcing allows lower cost of solving problems at the company.
* Adjusted to the client. Crowdsourcing allows the company evolve at the speed of your market and conform to the needs of the client.

* Team work. The crwdsourcing allows to work as a team with their clients to provide better products and services.

* Sense of belonging. Crowdsourcing allows to create sense of belonging of customers through contribution and collaboration.

* Loyalty. Crowdsourcing allows you to generate long-term relationships with the client in this regard, advertising agencies use Crowdsourcing to ask your customers or consumers deliver brainstorming about a brand or product, to improve it or improve it within the market.

Often consumers are called to be active participants in the marketing of your favorite brand and gives some basic rules of how to run the crowdsourcing in advertising campaigns:

  1. be clear in what you need. If you're going to ask for ideas to your clients must be highly specific to get ideas you need. 

2 Offers good incentives: If're going you to deliver money to your customers or consumers in participating in this process, which is at least an amount that enforce the penalty that they are there helping you, if not, they will not enough motivation to contribute with ideas. 

3. Do not abrumes to consumers. They are willing to help you with your advertising campaign, but if you screw them over the account they bored and will only want to go there as soon as possible. 

4. Prepare for brainstorming. No doubt that your customers and consumers will have a lot of ideas that deliver and the more arduous work will be selecting which of all is the most appropriate for your campaign.

Many firms, which already enjoy the advantages of this model, are willing to put aside his ego and fear to share confidential information, for the benefit of the results obtained. For example, reduce costs from: advertising, generating content, research and development. 

Crowdsourcing is very useful for entrepreneurs and small business owners who do not have much capital, as the platform allows to obtain better quality design at a lowest cost proposals. Therefore, we want to engage with business incubators. At the same time, is a shared project, where ideas isolated will feed back and complemented by collective proposals.

And the best thing is that this tool can be used for all kinds of projects. But now the site relies only on creative ideas and design, entrepreneurs are planning to launch challenges in other areas.
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