It is very important to know, as well as your brand will focus on share issues that really capture the attention of consumers.

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In today's world where social networks are one of the main channels of communication between individuals and interbrand and consumers, content relevant, useful and shareable is the King. 

Once you manage to generate a topic that interests your audience, they will be responsible for giving life and virality to share it with their friends and followers. But what motivates a person to share content on your network?

If we publish content without knowing who our audience is and what they're interested it would be like shooting with your eyes closed right? However, it is a reality for many brands in social networks. It is essential that we begin our selection of contents thinking of who it will go directed.

We can begin by making a list that includes the following information:

• list 5 or + interests that may have our fans or followers.
• List 3 things that we believe that they follow our profile in each social network.
• Identify if our target audience is different in each social network.
• Define demographic factors such as age/sex/location to each network.
• Investigate what other brands in the industry are still my followers.

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The truth is that it is not easy to achieve this objective, but it is better to do things well from the beginning, to then be able to enjoy the positive results. First than anything, defines your target: who you are going to talk about and what content is relevant to the public in specific? It is very important to know this, because so your brand will focus on share issues that really capture the attention of consumers.

  Find help in your network if we are not of those who are fortunate in having news or information constant on our brands, must consider access to other sources of information that enrich and give value to our profiles. There are two sources of information that can give us lot of content: suppliers and distributors. Providers can provide us very varied contents on materials used, methods of production, recent innovations, etc. but getting information from them occasionally is complicated, because in many cases they don't have that content sorted or ready for publication, so it will require extra work on our part to give it shape. Distributors, may also participate in the generation of information, depending on the industry in which we are, but in many cases can provide on promotions, payment facilities, forms of procurement, opening of branches, etc. For its part, the audience can also provide interesting content, especially with niche companies you can make calls to write essays or articles related to the industry, and thus engages the community.

You plan the content for fortune to today We have various options of different software that allows the planning of messages, so that we can devote one or two days a week to upload content so that it be published in the future and thus have opportunity to concern ourselves more time to interact and build community, rather than spend all day posting. For this purpose, tools which I propose to the home can help, since they include the possibility of scheduling future publication of messages in various social networks, for example, Twitterfeed and Buffer, allow you to publish messages automatically according to the moments in which greater response can be, which facilitates the process of choosing When to publish.

In Social Media is called 'Properties' to each of the profiles or pages we have on social networks, for example if we have a profile, a group and a page on Facebook, we can say that we have 3 properties.

It publishes news. This is a content type that usually us want much, in general: we want to keep abreast of what is happening in our sector. If you are a source of breaking news, get you follow more people share everything - or almost everything - what you know. View with that predisposition. If you give, you receive. And many times you get more of what you give; then you receive it will be able to give, transformed with your style and experience.

Do not be afraid share: If someone wants to know something about your industry and you offer it free, is likely to when you want to buy a product related to yours go to you without thinking too much. Share generates confidence quickly: another aspect to consider is that we not only have to offer unique content, but that we have to do it quickly. If we are slow to report, whatever it is, we will end up generating a feeling of malaise among our users. In addition, given that everything is visible on social networks, we have to face always, without escape even the most virulent comments.

Retransmits events of interest. You can do this by attending these events in person or from the comfort of your office or from the comfort of your home. The important thing is to identify and attend in person or a member of your team. More and more events are broadcast on streaming, or webinars in your industry that add quality. If you attend them and relayed by social media, your followers will be giving quality content, and that will help you position yourself even better.

Translate events. If you attend live events in other languages, tweet in your language is one thing that works what they say the speakers as they are talking about. In this way not only you approach content interesting, but also content that probably many people not finally arrive by lack of knowledge of that language.

It is important to measure the extent of social content and for this we can use socialcrawlytics, which shows what urls have been shared on social networks, so you can know how many times you have shared on Twitter specific articles you have posted or what people have linked your Facebook page.

The operation is very simple, only need to enter the url that you want to obtain information, and generates the report in just a few minutes.

The tool is free, but it works with a limited number of credits per week.  There is an option of extending these credits through "pay with a Tweet". Its operation is super simple and data visualization is very good. We can see how many pages of a domain have been tracked and how many times have been shared on social networks. Also we give the option to export this report.
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