It is important to take into account the return that a market can be different according to the alternatives presented and can be compared to the risks that

Search of my target market

A target market is a group of clients (individuals or companies) that the seller specifically directs its marketing efforts. The careful choice and exact definition of target markets, are essential for the development of an effective marketing mix.

The results of the aim market allow you to identify opportunities and risks, take corrective and preventive, market positions and plan and implement strategies, within the focus of the market allowing to preserve the interests of the company or entity; These results together with the database of current customers, easily identified three categories of customers or prospects:

-loyalty "target market and" Are those companies that are in both groups, i.e., the validation of those existing customers of the entity that meet the conditions of selection of the target market; and therefore, the strategy to follow is loyalty relationship. 

-Link 'Market objective and non clients' corresponds to the Group of companies market aim that is not part of the customers of the entity and whose strategy is to link.

-Reduce "Not market target and clients" defined as those companies which, being customers of the entity, do not comply with the parameters of the target market; the strategy in this case should face toward the protection and/or reduction of risk assets.

  Finding the target market
The market is huge and impossible to meet fully. For this reason, it is essential to define your target market, i.e. want to who arrive with your product or service.

Knowing this will help you make decisions about the features of your products, messages that draw the attention of your potential customers or the prices that will be willing to pay.

To run the company and your target market knowledge must be obtained and this goes from the beginning, first you must verify if staff is ideal for the project you want to run, then the product must know from the name, do come from where? Is the quality good? If you were a customer, you buy it?

Are simple questions and all who are involved should intervene and the reasons of weight is that if anyone has any doubts concerning what will sell, how will you respond to a dissatisfied customer? Please note that if the client claims is because he wants to continue buying, whether the reasons that it is, because if not claiming you have you lost a customer who is multiplied by ten as by magic.

Aspects to keep in mind to identify your target market

Income level: you should consider if your potential customer's economic ability corresponds to your product or service.

• Age and sex: are aspects that influence the tastes, type of products, fashion and prices that will be willing to pay your potential customers

 Geographical location: know who want reach, will help you to know where to place your points of exposure and sales.

Characteristics of customers customer may prefer a product high in price but that adapts to what you need, according to its specific characteristics, but may also prefer a cheaper product and with greater possibilities of adaptation. Good idea is not always to force the wishes of buyers offering cheap or similar products, each case presented is unique and must be analysed in order to define the most convenient market. 

Profitability and risks is important to take into account the profitability that a market can have according to the different alternatives that presents and that can compare with the risks that brings.

Urgency and speed the speed and urgency can occur depending on the way in which the market develops to which you want to access, the need arises to use all the capacity available within a short time or recoup the investment in a short time, if not it is best to think about directing efforts towards other markets. 

Business in the network define what your target market will take you to have a successful business; some tips to keep in mind when starting a business if it is on the Internet.

• Analyze the feasibility of your project.
It is important to know if there is interest in the product or service that you offer, for which you should have done a preliminary investigation.
The theme of your project you have to like
It is easier to devote the necessary time to something you like and which you have knowledge on the subject, you will find it rewarding and expand your knowledge.
• Define the type of visitor to your website you should have an idea of the type of person who will visit, learn a little of their interests, so rich with more information to your users.
• Analyze the market in Internet reviews everything that already exists in the Internet market, investigates how other companies are working, which are offering, ask them questions or subscribe to its newsletters to learn how they are selling your product or service.
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