This business has a great advantage over others. Thanks to the great savings that we can find in terms of infrastructure and logistics

Dropshipping Business alternatively fast

Dropshipping is a business model type electronic commerce with the big difference that the seller does not need to store products or have stock since all logistics management is borne by the importers.

Explained another way, in this business come into game 3 participants: customer, retailer and wholesaler or dropshipper. In a typical e-commerce business, the process to be followed would be that the seller bought the products to the Distributor and stored in their facilities, in the moment in which the seller receives an order from a customer, the seller would be responsible for processing the order and send the product to the customer. Instead, in the modality of dropshipping the seller does not have stock by If same but has at its disposal the wholesaler or dropshipper, then at the time of receiving the order, rather than process it and send it as you would in a normal case, the seller contact the wholesaler to make this you ship the product to the customer.

The model is very beneficial for small retail stores, Internet stores and those that mainly use catalogues for sales. Customers of these establishments do not always expect out with purchases in hand, so a little delay between the order and the shipment to the point (dropshipping) is not an inconvenience. A representative article can be placed on store shelves or in an image in your catalogue, but the product you purchased you can be located in a warehouse of a factory of 3,000 miles away.

ADVANTAGES we will focus initially on the advantages that we find in this model. Thus, we can relate the following: • reduced initial investment. Perhaps we are before the great advantage that it presents this business against others. Thanks to the huge savings that we find in this business as soon as regards infrastructures and logistics (remember that we do not need to have a stock, or a store or physical space to shelter to this stock do not even have a network of distributors), costs that we are going to have to do front stem initially almost exclusively those that come as a result of the design of our online store, as well as the hosting and domain.

  Drop shipping business model
It is not necessary to have an inventory or a distribution network. As we have already said, one of the great advantages of Dropshipping is the necessity of having a more or less extensive inventory and, above all, an expensive network of distribution of our products that send them to our customers.

We have an extensive and up-to-date stock at all times. Given that is the own wholesaler which makes this stock, that inventory. Much of providers or distributors who work with Dropshipping put to our disposal systems updated their catalogs of products fully automatically, so that our online store is automatically fed and real-time updates the own wholesaler or distributor carrying out in its inventory.

There is no shipping cost: as not a people or a retailer, you don't need to pay shipping costs. In normal situation where you are a retailer, you pay for products to be shipped from the manufacturer, as well as pay products when they reach the customer. In this case, payment is made twice. But the customer pays the shipping costs and the drop shipping company will send products directly to the customer. 

For start with this small business do not need much knowledge of Internet, simply required a website that offer the products (which can be facebook for example). Even in some cases is unnecessary or that, since many people simply chooses to offer items for sale virtual platforms as well as eBay and MercadoLibre.

The advantage of these two sites is that investment is virtually zero, so everything you get from that moment will be one hundred percent net profits. You are listening this technique for the first time perhaps should start by the last - sale and auctions-pages option, since in the event that something goes wrong the only thing that will be invested will be a part of his time and a couple of hours of research.

Make your first contact with a potential supplier that is professional and polite to begin with few products. There will be time for negotiations and requests later. First, you need to sell and tell the provider what you can do for him / her. Be persistent. Electronic mail. Call. Send e-mail again. Be sure to consult a potential provider of your web site. Give bright reports on traffic or how your product will be the perfect complement to your customers. or are examples. 

A  continuation I present some of the online stores that are used to make dropshipping: SaleHoo SaleHoo is the dropship that offers retailers an inventory to find providers according to their needs. The site says that more than 8000 manufacturers and suppliers has in their books, while there are about 90,000 + members. The site provides tools for market research and information about the latest trends. Users can pay an annual fee to access your directory in which many manufacturers and dropshippers listed with detailed information.

Worldwide Brands The company has been functioning since 1999, and it provides with factory-direct drop shipping retailers. It primarily serves retailers in the USA, but other regions in the world are also covered. The site claims to have more than a million products in its catalogue. The site also provides success stories and a discussion board for the members. one of the best sites that sells Chinese quality products without a doubt is all in hand. This site sends the products directly from Hong Kong and with free shipping to worldwide.

Every day, they incorporate the latest Chinese technology that puts for sale at factory price and with excellent quality. I'll stick with this site because there are really good products that have greater demand as Android phones and accessories for all cell types. is a store of gadgets (all kinds of electronic material, MP4, mobile phones, USB sticks, etc...). You can find everything related to technology in this store. It has prices that can be found either in the Chinese bazaars. And also the shipping costs are free. But there is an inconvemiente, products are not original Chinese and must have good eye to choose those products that are really good quality.
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