Inertia is a reason that may cause the sales process will stall without reaching any resolution. Customers are comfortable, very quiet and doing what they are already doing.

As rescue the closure of a nearly lost sale

Have you ever had the impression that it is impossible to understand you with a client? Perhaps there is an obstacle you don't see, but that hinders your communication. It may be a misunderstanding or involuntary gesture, but if you do not detect and delete in time... already can give your sale by lost! 

It is not that they are not interested in the benefits of your product. It is only that they are overwhelmed working and are difficult to make the time needed to analyze its recommendations and make a purchase decision. And how much better are like customers, more occupied tend to be. This is the reason why you have to keep pace during the process of sale and "kindly press" for reaching the closing at the right time.

Inertia is one reason that can cause that the sale process is paralyzed without reaching any resolutions. Customers are comfortable, and sometimes feel very calm doing what you are already doing. Buy your product or service may require that they have to make great efforts to accommodate the change or to adapt to a new way of doing things.

There are many techniques known as "Alternative" or the "assumed sale". Attempting to close with one minor detail type "you want it in blue or red" or "where deliver it is" and try to take unsuspecting customer, or to give the sale concluded that the accepts. Avoid losing a sale

Honestly, I think that these techniques in our speaker was not of the over-information and can also make us be evil in the eyes of potential customers. 

Therefore, before you worry about approaching how close, let's make sure that we know the following before attempting to conclude a sale: which is the client's situation? 

Is which the customer's perspective? 
What you're doing customer and why? 
What do the client and why? 
What are the needs / desires of the client perceived? What are the hidden desires?
What are the customer's issues and which is the priority of each? 
Each of these problems is impact? 
What is? be based customer to buy? 
What are the tastes of the client (and what you don't like)? 
What has dismissed or accepted the client in the past? 
As it will be the decision making process? 
Who is the competition? 
What time limits are there? 
Would be the ideal solution (total number of characteristics, conditions, price)? 
What can you submit to increase your credibility? What preliminary ideas do you have? What is the reaction of the customer? 

 Avoid losing a sale

 It distinguishes between what is good and what is right.
You've tried to renegotiate an agreement or change a product and responded you that it is not possible? Technically, the responsibility of purchase or establish a contract is the consumer; However, you'll always run with the feeling that the company did the right thing. And the first thing you will do is tell your friends about your horrible experience. It is in these cases when the consideration for the customer and take the time to understand each individual situation becomes excellent to good companies.

An indifferent potential customer a customer who is interested in doing business with you always have questions and concerns. If not openly rejects, but nor has any question, you must be alert.

To resolve this problem, is proposed the creation of more than one relationship of consultation with customers. You can let you know that you're going to help, either by solving your problem either pointing the address of another business that might be a better option. 

Little clarity about the product. Often your client does not understand all its range of products and services. If you make your customers to explain what is happening in their companies, can use his knowledge of products to decide how to deliver them and where. Ask for a list be listed where other future projects of the company, as well as a list of the decisions being taken in the field of shopping. This will help to extend the reach of your business. 

 When they request a proposal when potential customers ask for a proposal before agreeing to talk to you, it is usually a sign that simply are collecting quotations of prices from different suppliers.

Before submitting a proposal, devote yourself to know what the customer is looking for and what criteria used to make a decision. Reached a verbal understanding about these issues increases the likelihood that you get the sale.

The problem in one easily give a quote is that there is no possibility of that tell you what is wrong in it, therefore, it is best to know that seeks your client until you submit an offer.

When prospects retard decision. Identify the consequences of the passivity of its clients and keep in mind what you may lose the customer who is not acting. Let talk about features and benefits and focus on the objective value of your product and service in quantitative terms. You must be able to convey the message to their customers and prospects, offering creative solutions to help them. They are examples of methods that can be used to provide discounts in key moments for contracts that are signed at end of year, establish a day in which employees can make online shopping during their office hours or make unique offers for contracts who sign one day a year are only.

Objections about the price for properly handling objections to the price, we need to start a job with ourselves to overcome our own beliefs bounding about the price. If once you've worked and overcome these limiting beliefs and your proposals you support them with the benefits of the beneficial and added values of your product/service, still find resistance on the price something more happens here.

If some of your clients are still objecting on the price, they believe that your price is too high, others believe that they can find a lower price offer somewhere else or it will give them more value for their money, then we would be talking about that these clients are not suitable for you. It's that simple!

If this is the case, simply re-qualify your portfolio of customers, segments of your market, and concentrate only on the universe of potential customers having to buy him an intense desire or need for the benefits that offers your product... and clear, money!
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