The video positioning offers exciting possibilities for promotion. Online video consumption is growing and increasingly videos have a greater role in Google's results.

Better position and get me a video on Youtube and get more visitors

YouTube is one of the main platforms of online content by which include Youtube in your marketing strategy is necessary if you want to improve the positioning of your website in Google and get more visits. 

Video positioning currently offers very interesting opportunities for promotion. Online video consumption is growing year after year dramatically and the videos are increasingly higher in the results of Google prominence. This potential has not been accompanied by even a competition by the positioning of the same level as that provided in the web results. For this we can use some recommendations very useful as explained below.

The video title: Youtube gives you 60 characters to write the title of the video, so take advantage of them. Procurement include basic words that an ordinary user could write to when performing a search, it is very important that the title is as clear as possible.For example, if your video is an interview and you holder it "Interview to John Smith", imagine how many John Smith  will appear in the results. In this case, the ideal is to take advantage of your video content. Search and analyze what is the main theme, includes the name of the interviewee, and combines words to take out a title that really draw attention.

If your video is a tutorial, use the combination of words 'how' + verb 'do' + skill to acquire, and the word tutorial, work very well together. You can create an abbreviation or initials which identify you to place them at the beginning of the title. This helps if you search for the name of your project it will be easier that your videos appear on the first results. View as video of 120 seconds are identified.

Contents of the video the video content has to be very good and interesting. This is the fundamental. More than strive in the next aspects that I am going to reveal, when your target audience reaches your channel on YouTube, watch your videos and perceives that it is not of value or is not what they were looking for or are definitely bad, they will be quickly.

Why you have to choose the content of the video very well. Ask your target audience what want, what are their biggest problems and needs, and then begins to make videos.

The content is also valued for the quality of the video. You try to upload videos with the highest possible quality, if possible in HD. Also keep in mind, that sound is important. Nobody likes to waste time, and if a visitor finds your video and does not, or not listening well, you will feel it is a waste of time and will go.

Call to Action: the title of your video should be so incredible that people can not avoid clicks. But be careful, you have to be consistent. If your title announces the best remedy against boredom and your video is boring, nothing you will get clicks and visits because users will not react to your video as you expect, not discussed, not shared, not will eventually see it and will never recommend it. Remember, do not promise anything in your titles you're not going to offer in your videos.

Use labels to maximize its effectiveness instead of putting loose key words put those searches that you think that people who want to know about what he speaks your video will do. Example: 'online video marketing'; "video marketing online"; "how to do quick videos"; "how to promote with videos"; "tricks of marketing with videos"; and things like that you think they are possible searches.

Recommendation: to discover what these searches that people can do using two methods which I've talked about above: the Keyword Search Tool and/or the search in Youtube. Viewing the results appearing alternative to search for keywords that you've taken. Look at competition and searches and visits received.

To place these labels should put three key words between quotation marks. For example: "Online Video Marketing".

Optimization of the thumbnail of the video thumbnail does not affect the position in search results; However, it becomes more attractive to video, which will make to increase the reproductions.

Customize the thumbnail of your video with an image that is part of the video and is striking. Some channels have the ability to upload an image, at the moment my channel does not have it, but when you have this option I will use it.

Some tips for thumbnails: 

• representing the content accurately.

• That is a visually compelling image.

• Image clear, focused and high resolution (640px x min. 360px, 16: 9 aspect ratios)

 • bright and high contrast.

Transcription of the YouTube video subtitles also offers the option of uploading files for transcription of videos. Is also proven that this information is transcribed into another language support to determine the relevance of the videos, Thanks to the key words.

This Youtube service allows to obtain the full transcript of the speeches and dialogues of the videos in English, as well as automatic synchronization and translation of subtitles in the CC (Closed Caption) option located on the player in the video-enabled.

How do it work?
To activate this automatic subtitles option, only you must enter to the brand or the user's channel and the option called /caption transcript or subtitles are on list showing the videos.

To enter this option, it is likely that Youtube has already made the transcription and have a file ready to activate and use. Otherwise, you can make the request in the option "request processing" to generate a transcript file. 

Create and use playlists YouTube has a feature called "playlists", which allows users to group the videos distributed on YouTube in a single list or collection. If the video is added to a list is more likely to help increase the power of SEO of that video, since it is sign that are categorized and are easier to find in terms of site search to be within a collection.

Final important aspects • inbound links help YouTube to calculate the popularity and relevance of a video. Therefore, more links Since other websites (links of quality) pointing to your video, you will have greater probability of having well positioned.

• YouTube better positions the videos during the first 24 hours of having been uploaded. This happens because YouTube wants to show people the newly released videos and give the opportunity to the new videos to be seen.

• The amount and frequency of videos uploaded to YouTube helps to improve the positioning of the videos. This factor is critical and very important.
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