If you want to be known, have more customers or rising from a small business to an MLM company, then you should start with the small things

Online marketing mistakes

Achieve a powerful online presence is much more of what he believes must be done and is also what you need to quit.  

In this sense, there are common mistakes that prevent, errors that we should not commit to implement a better content strategy.

 Confuse marketing with advertising

 Another very common mistake advertising is only a very small part of the marketing. Charge of conveying the message to the market and generate notoriety, and you should only operate the tool when you have determined the characteristics of the market where want you to go and which will be your strategic positioning.  But in addition, traditional advertising is in decline for four reasons: rigidity, interruption, saturation, and inefficiency.

On the other hand, the possibilities of segmentation, measurement, personalization, response, flexibility, interaction and optimization of marketing and online communication in general, and of the own online advertising, make both cost-effective options available to any company. What's more, online marketing is the key piece of so-called marketing attraction that seeks to attract consumers through value proposition based on content generation of high value to attract customers to the point of conversion, conversation or uptake.

Your online ads send customers to your homepage, not specific products.

Customers who shop on the web usually aren't looking for one-stop-shopping for a wide range of products. At least not initially. When they search the web, they usually search for something very specific, such as "antique brass faucets." If you send that customer to a home page depicting 50 different styles of faucets and the antique brass faucets don't happen to be at the top of the page, they'll hit the back button and go to another site. Make your PPC money go further by sending searchers to a page that exactly matches what they searched for. You'll see your advertising conversion rates–and your profits improve.

 Incorrect online marketing
 Entrust it all to marketing online

 Online marketing is necessary but not sufficient. If you have a bad product or a non-competitive service, an undifferentiated offer, or a bad logistics management, your success on the Internet may not be long-lasting. In addition, you must make an extra effort in the attention the customer on Internet, and the arrest of latent opportunities which must be discover and stimulate. Fortunately both web analytics and email marketing, or own social networks can help us in this task. But let's not forget that at the end everything depends on people, and the ability of our company to respond to the expectations of our audience, and to connect to it.

For build a solid strategy, which results from the very first moment, must rely on professionals who have mastered the medium and the various disciplines, as many specialists, explain it to not complain after having a web only and not a strategy on the Internet.

 A web site without shine 

Are you one of those small businesses that have embraced a Web presence? of course that is the first step. But is your website everything that could be? It is not enough to claim their real estate properties online and in real life, you have to develop your website to maximize its value. You don't need to hire an expensive Web Designer, but you should be sure of your website is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate and allow a contact with you.

Focus on the increase of sales and not in the service customer

 Thanks to the excellent analysis tools we have at our disposal, there is a kind of obsession with knowing how many sales have been every month, week or even day that can make us lose much time. Spend resources or tempo in be constantly studying produced sales will not have a beneficial effect for your goals. We must focus much more on serve the user and get that this is compatible with the service that is given, with the attendance of his doubts, with the resolution of their problems... to see if It has generated one sale more or not. We need to change the obsession with seeing the results, by the obsession of being able to respond to our clients in the shortest possible time and with the best quality. The rest will come only, whenever we have customers with a professional quality. Of course, there are many well analyzed relevant data will help us to improve our service or business, that Yes, no abuse only consult sales, visits, etc.

You're selling one product to one customer at a time.

The most expensive sale you'll ever make is the first sale to a new customer. The cost of your ads to get a new customer - combined with your cost of goods and other expenses -- can eat up most or all of your profit on that first sale. The real profit – as experienced online marketers and mail order marketers know –comes from getting that new customer to buy additional products at the time of sale and/or in the future. If you don't have additional products to sell yourself, consider selling products produced by other companies. You can either become a reseller or sign up as an affiliate for many types of goods and services.

If you want to be known, have more customers, or rising from a small company to a MLM company, then you should begin with small things that are very important. If you have more to share, please do not hesitate to comment.
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