If our intention is to have web presence must choose a name that provides an idea of ​​what we offer

Principles and rules to choose a good name for my business

The registration of your business, either as a sole proprietorship, limited company, is a standard process once you have chosen the correct name, but often people not pay him enough attention. It is very important to choose the correct name, hence depend on part of the success of that company.

Semantic aspects of the name: these criteria have to do with what we want to communicate with the name:
• the name should give an idea immediately and unequivocally of the type of business referred to in 
• the name must also differentiate ourselves from the competition, showing the basic attributes of our value proposition and competitive advantage.

Functional aspects of the name: these criteria they are related to the ease to remember the name.

• The name should be short (ideally from 7 letters or less), easy to pronounce and remember.
• The name must be different, unique and authentic.
• Ideally, the name should be catchy (for example, using rhymes or repetitions of sounds pleasant to the ear).
• The name must avoid negative connotations in the target audience.

Compatible with the Web in addition to the logo and the font we'll use to design, one of the first issues on which we must reflect is if we are going to be present or not in the Web.

Rules for Choosing a Business Name
Currently, any company that prepares or who intend to grow you need to have Internet presence. With it, it will not only offer their services or products through the network, also you will have the opportunity to meet and reach a wider audience.

If our intention is to have a presence on the net, we must choose a name that is attractive and easy to remember for the public, but which at the same time provide an idea of what we offer, to make it more accessible and easy to find on the web. However, before choosing it, we must check if that domain already exists and if you are registered on the Internet. If so, it is preferable that we choose another name, to avoid confusion with another company using the same trademark.

In addition to the network in General, we must search in Facebook if there are pages with the same names, to not repeat ourselves. We must flee from names that already appear on the web or on social networks, to get the exclusivity of our brand. Finally, we must also take into account compatibility with the search engines.

Select a name that transmit the role of your business. This is not a rule, and in fact only some companies make use of this leaving total clarity to the customer of what you will find. As any name, has a lot to do with the marketing and image to work behind it. For example: "The House of curtains", 'Payless Shoes', 'Planet Internet'.

Do not use initials although there are brands such as IBM, HSBC, or 3 M which have managed to position their names based on acronyms, these are actually little attractive and difficult to remember. As you start with a small business and do not have an international company only trust names interesting for your audience.

The logo once we have thought of the name, we must have the logo in mind. The logo is the image that consumers will associate the brand, thanks to the visual memory immediately. For example, only have to do one block to immediately associate it with the company we all have in mind.

A tip: when you need your brand name, keep in mind that some names allow more creativity for associate them to a logo; which are associated to an image (e.g., Apple) are generally more "logo-friendly" than those associated with a word (for example, Microsoft).

Try it in Google AdWords this Google tool allows you to find similar phrases, keywords of your rotation and know how many searches local and global are having certain terms. Some of these searches will help you to know if there is a name very similar to you're considering that has better positioning on the Internet. Also this may be the first step toward SEO of your future Web site.

Think of the future. Think of a name that will remain over time, every business has to keep in mind its future positioning, by which I do not recommend that you use buzzwords that today mean something, but perhaps tomorrow does not. You are looking for generic, simple words accompanied maybe something special.

At this point we must investigate and have a little bit of common sense. Performs a Web search of more franchises in your country or the world, think of companies such as Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Cemex, Telmex, among others. You see that all these companies have in common and are looking for something, do not wear over time.
 Rules for Choosing a Business Name