The navigator in most cases a WebSite hates you then do not expect an action

Things we hate on a website

Really is what most bothers us when we entered one web page? A mi me personally stinks when they begin to get out those annoying Windows that tell you "Play CASINO", or good things average rises of tone that is not necessary to name. For many Pop-ups, are the elements most annoying with 95% by vote of users.

After the pop-ups, with a 94% slow loads follow them... is classic that when one gets to a page by something specific wants everything fast, we live in a fast world where I regret to say that the slowness is not accepted and personally, when to my me passes this to wait for her paginates digne to show what I want see, I fish my exclusive and I go.

As internet is very varied (thankfully), we will find different levels of bad techniques. A site like us more (or less) by the colors that use background, the readability of the script, transmitting in essence and the way it does, etc. That taste is based on a subjective characteristic of every consumer. Will some a site like much; others, more or less, for this reason we list some elements and unwanted practices in a web site.

Have a lip "who we are" that contributes nothing the visitors who are clicking on this section, surely are looking for information that clarifies them what the company is and what can It provides the brand to them. It is important to let the technical language of side, and opt out of the use of clear, concise and understandable for users. Remember that you don't have to justify anything or not give an image to the company that is not. It is best to speak as sincerely as possible and allow visitors to create their own perception of the brand.

"Call to action" buttons misleading both actions online and offline one of the most serious mistakes that can perform a brand is try to mislead the user, since this Act will not only damage the credibility and image of the company but will also be a good reason to lose potential customers.

So include buttons of action that promise a reduction of 50% in the first instance, for example, and that after the click the account user to make effective this promotion must make a purchase of more than thousand pesos, is the best way to discourage users and encourage them to leave the web site.

 Annoying Web pages
Own scroll texts is extremely annoying to find texts inside an iframe with scroll. These "side scrolls" assume that the user cannot read all the text on the page making the main scroll. We are sure that once you have seen: using the browser scroll bar you find a cut text, after a brief confusion initial understand that we will have to go towards a bar next to the incomplete text scroll, which move to access these texts.

A video is played automatically. The songs are more tolerable, at least if they are good. The bad thing is when you open multiple pages of the same blog and all playing video/audio, at least should configure it to come out just in front.

That to comment on a popup is opened. This usually happens on Blogger blogs that have not configured the option to comment on the same post. For this reason have removed me desire to comment on many blogs.

The best-seller of the image bank would never has happened that you have entered a website and you have said "that face smiling I sound"? To my it occurred to me recently, it was also an experience that mixed the online and offline.

The other day looked at a calendar and the person in the photo was well known to me. Then I thought, given that it was not of my grandmother, I would sound because I was recently studying the competition of a residence for the elderly... I checked my history of visited pages and, indeed, there I turned to find a lady. And not just on a web site, but in two. In both (in addition to the calendar) with the same smile, the same glasses and the same clothes.

I'm not saying that it is wrong, but when you run a typical elements you start to lose credibility. The user wants to see faces real, want you to transmit you something close. Oh, and the same goes with the illustrations or resource type puppet (see side picture): at the beginning maybe do grace, but when they are subject to copy and easy recourse, they become synonyms of "cheap" web and of poor quality. All demand freshness, originality and authenticity on the Internet, especially on a professional site that tries to sell us something.

Contained too institutional, it is necessary to think about the user and not so much to explain the values and the chronological history of our company. It is necessary to orient the content to the objective of the visitor.

Use of elements Flash file flash badly used tends to be heavy and consumer of resources. Flash on the Mac or PC from designer files can run and load so smoothly that sometimes it is amazing, but it turns out that 90% of the rest of the planet does not have a PC or Mac equipped to support thousands of vectors and videos on the move, more the aggregate of the music that plays to broken making single action to close the browser to flee from the site to become a bad word. 

links of the type Mailto in unexpected places this is a common mistake of novice committed inexplicably by many designers. It seems rare that has forgotten that the architecture and usability is as important as the graphical layout of a WebSite. In the times that run everything passes by impact graphically to the user and perhaps unforgivable basic mistakes for professionals and colleagues with years of experience in this field have been made.

The Navigator in the majority of cases hates a WebSite make you do an action that was not that expected. If a link reads the legend "click here to send an email" the Navigator knows that if it makes a click there, will take you to a page with a form of shipping or will open a new message in your default e-mail. But if a mailto is completely disguised in a link with the caption "find out more about this product! / service!" the Navigator waiting that will lead to a text or another place where you can find out and more information and not to open a new message in your email client.  This error has cost many fewer visitors, since the Navigator feels deceived and worst of all, they took him by idiot successfully.
 Annoying Web pages