For application design is very important to define the correct Information Architecture

How to choose an application for my business

The proliferation of smartphones and mobile applications increasing popularity is making many companies raised the creation of your own. The benefits are many. According to an infographic released by the marketing and advertising agency, BuySellAds, where you try to show the situation of the market of applications and options offered by companies, in the world there are a few thousand 600 million mobile phones, of which 297 million are smartphones.

Mobile applications can be more powerful than the mobile website technologies such as augmented reality, Geolocation, and applications can be used with the camera. It is important to note that When a company creates mobile applications (Apps) must create a promotional campaign online and offline.

Then decide if you need one, first, you must remember that the applications are a marketing technique, and not a strategy. They are one way, among other things, communicate with consumers via a smartphone, so you should be clear what are the objectives of your company, before designing an app.

Then, what, exactly, should be in your application? Of course, that depends on what kind of business you manage. However, your application should only do only a handful of things - and do them well. In fact, the best way to start creating your application is ask yourself how your customers would like to further interact with your brand on their mobile devices. They catch their phones to find out how to get to one of your sites? -Then, a Finder of stores or directions is a necessity.

For the design of applications, it is very important to also define a proper information architecture (IA) for this device that allows us to organize the contents to be found and used by users in a simple and direct way. Some points to keep in mind are: simple and focused. When designing our app we must define the tasks of the users and support them with clean and well edited experiences.

My mobile application  business
Prioritize the content. Put the most important thing first.
Maintaining the context of the user in mind. Where are they? What is appropriate for that environment? Provide visual feedback, always. Many times the user is thinking if the action that has been worked. You always have to confirm the action done immediately with some visual feedback.

 It develops an app thinking from scratch in your business, as if you don't have any restrictions. Think that we are accustomed to having icons of things interesting and useful in our smartphone as if they were Favorites in the browser, with the difference that these icons we like to show them and share them when we met working or in the moments of leisure.

Outdoor use can be with your mobile phone easily in your living room... or on the beach under the Sun of justice. Direct sunlight on the screen affects the readability and can you not trust that user seeks a position or place better to see your content. The contrast between the elements of the design is key, must be careful with texts, the items that are selected, the icons on the funds, subtle graphic elements that are used to group items, etc.

 It is not recommended to start with HTML5 if you want users to make quick use of the app and use it regularly. In that case I recommend a native and a single platform app to learn from the first version and then migrating it to another and the tablets.

Avoid long or complex tasks you can consult social networks, reading an article, write an email, play for a while... but will not create an Excel, designing a portal or to the statement of income (and if you do... do you look). Many people flees to the computer to register the App Store when you view the form in your iPhone (because it is a real pain in the ass to fill it on a mobile). Design processes or tasks in such a way that they do not require much effort.

If you want to do many things, better get two apps: as try that your app is huge and with multitude of options what you will achieve is to not be usable and that no one make out party. Think that the user should find utility in very short interaction times: on the subway, waiting for a meeting, walking down the street, in the taxi, in unexpected gaps in time...

Optimize designs for data entry keyboards are small and often incomplete (it is tedious to write a combination of numbers and letters on the touch screens). All the fingers may also not be used and many people used the thumbs, which are not those who have more precision. You always have to prevail on the inclusion of text selection, and give options predefined when that is possible.

Get more downloads if we consider that only in the App Store is home to more than one million applications, which have already generated 25,000 million downloads, position a new application does not seem to breeze.

To achieve this, some tricks to make our app visibility from the competition as, for example, study very well what will be these keywords that will help us position the search, give great importance to the comments and votes of the users and care especially for the graphic part attached when we present the application.

Do not use only screenshots to show what can find the users if you download our application, let's make a special design and attractive both the app icon as images that describe there are companies that develop applications, and even help to monetize the advertising in those applications. But in this article we will see three platforms that allow you to create applications for your business in a free and easy way.

AppMakr AppMakr is a dedicated platform, above all, to create applications that distribute content that creates a company on its website. It is done through RSS feeds and allows you to send both repositories of articles and photo galleries, as well as send notifications to the user. The creator of the application can, with ease, choose how show content, adjust the colors for several sections, upload the business logo. An application created in AppMakr can be diffused through the Apple (App Store, for iPhone and iPad users) store and Google Play (for users of Android devices).

Mobincube Mobincube is a somewhat more ambitious than the previous two. It offers the possibility of designing and developing applications of any kind. With Mobincube, you can create an application for any smartphone or Tablet using a number of templates offered by the tool itself and which are adapted to the sector of business and type of app that is intended to achieve. Mobincube results are compatible with operating systems from Apple, Android and BlackBerry.  And its distribution is done via SMS, bluetooth or through downloads in stores applications oline. 

The App Builder is the new movement in this direction, an initiative that allows users without any knowledge of programming, creatingediting for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone in just a few minutes. They can be created from a PC or a Mac and automatically applications will be sent to stores of different operating systems.
My mobile application  business