The online auction business increases as the online market reinvents itself, towards a focus on the mobile environment and small businesses

The business of online auctions projected higher growth

In the pages of online auctions, many sellers are entrepreneurs that have been found in the portal an easy, safe and economical alternative to develop a business. Most of these sellers, engaged exclusively selling products over the Internet, since this allows them to locate their products at any point of the country, or even from abroad, saving all the associated costs to have a shop. I.e., thanks to the possibility of selling over the Internet, you have access to sell without the need for an expensive initial investment, and accessing a virtually infinite market.

Currently you can handle large amounts of data and withstand endless of products and services. Internet is also able to also provide a platform for buyers and sellers to their trade at the global level. As he points out in the report of the consultant, online auctions have been consolidated successfully because they manage to create the three Cs criticism to succeed on the Internet, namely, community, content and commerce.

The popularity of an online auction is mainly due to its unique features. Different types of auctions online, have provided a good choice for people who love to shop online. Held an auction that takes place mainly in line can be classified in the auction from person to person, commercial auctions and real time research by the school of business of the University of Maryland anticipated for some time a fact that today, many regular participants of online auctions have seen: eBay and bid portals allow users to get what they are looking for much less money. According to the survey, based on the analysis of data about 4,500 held auctions in Europe, eBay users have come to save $ 19 billion a year.

Also eBay business increase as the online market reinvents itself: after 17 years in the business of online auctions, the company implemented a series of drastic changes in their website and mobile application, including the new brand image. These changes, combined with a shift to a focus on the mobile environment and small businesses, resulted in more jobs of eBay who won by 22% (1.790 works) in the quarter, since the company diversified its business of auctions in a market of ecommerce, competing face to face with the technological giant Amazon.

Types of online auctions: auction in a sealed envelope in a sealed envelope auction is one in which the bidders presented their offer only once. You can be first price if the winner pays the price offered, or second price if the winner pays the price offered by who finished second.

Dynamic auction bidders know its competition bids and can modify yours while the auction is open. The dynamic auction can be ascending (English), that part of a reserve price and consists of bidders are presenting prices upward, gaining who offer higher price; descending (Dutch) that starts with a price determined, above all offers, and the auctioneer goes down in stages: wins the bidder which first accepts a price. In the American auction all bidders must pay the offer to make, but only which makes the best offer Gets the product.

Dutch auction. Growth of online auctions

The auction is more than 1 unit of the same article. Each bidder can bid on 1 or several units. At the end of the auction, it starts from which most has bid and when it reaches the top of units, is cut.

In some places referred to as reverse auction or downward Dutch auction.

Auction reverse (or reverse Dutch): instead of starting from 0 up to the maximum bid, starts from a maximum price, and slowly lowering. When someone bids what is marked at that time, the auction is completed and the article is awarded the price of the marker. Logically, the sooner you push, more pay, but also more possibilities There is win (or keep). As the bookmark decreases, the chances of losing increase. If the score reaches a minimum established (that must not necessarily be 0) without no one has bid on, article is removed from the auction.

English auction: is the upward normal auction described above.

EBay auction English second price, with a slight variation: one Strip over the second price is paid (e.g. between 10 and 100 euros the strips are 1 euro. If the winner pushed for 90 euros and l second bidder was 50 Euros, the winner would pay 51). In Spain, eBay tries to eliminate this system to leave the typical ads system used by second hand. In spite of that in almost all countries where it operates eBay there is a reserve price, this mode is not possible in Spain, as well as Dutch auctions.

What is the best time of the year for auction items?

It depends on the items. In the northern hemisphere, something new is better in October, November and December. The festive garment is also good to sell it during those months. Summer clothing is good in spring and autumn. Clothes, in general, is good in July and August returned to school (or) in February/March to the southern hemisphere. The books are good anytime. The same thing with other collectibles.

If refers to products that lead the business online, are highlighting the related to tourism (transport tickets and reservations). In particular, tickets (49.5%), accommodation (39.0%) bookings and tickets for shows (30.4%) are placed on the podium of shopping via the Internet. On the other hand, also in this report addresses new sites of consumer buying, indicating the expansion of websites like those of coupons/discount, online auctions and those of private sale.

 Other products growing in online auctions

• online auctions is growing interest of women between 30 and 40 years in items such as jewelry, watches, home, furniture, health and beauty.
• For men, sporting products from renowned personalities, are still on the rise.
• Public appointments with people from the show.

 Growth of online auctions