The purpose of this behavior is destroying and controlling professionally to an individual or a group.

 What is and how it develops mobbing

In recent years carried out extensive research in order to find the variables which most influence on the success or failure of a company. These investigations have yielded surprising results that reflect more and more; How interpersonal relationships play the most important role.

Moral harassment in the company; the Mobbing business, is a phenomenon that occurs between people who share a number of conditions.  It is a phenomenon in which a stalker destroys a victim and consequences pay them, above all, the company.

The Workplace Bullying Institute, based in the United States, defines the mobbing at work or workplace harassment as repetitive abuse and detrimental in the work area of a person or a group by one or more persons. This harassment can be verbal or not verbally in order to humiliate and affect negatively interfere with the performance of the employee. Sabotage may be of such magnitude that prevents the harassed employee to do its work.

The purpose of this behavior is destroying and controlling professionally to an individual or a group. The reasons for the harasser are diverse and can range from professional jealousy, fear of losing their jobs or want to get out of the Middle employee harassed since this is very well-liked by the other students and a professional threat for the stalker (professional envy); among so many other situations. All these scenarios affect not just performance that employee but to the staff working in this area and therefore, to the company.

Causes stalkers implemented this devastating machinery for various reasons, among which we can highlight the jealousy, envy, focused not only the latter on the property of the victim, but on the positive personal qualities of the same, as his intelligence, his personal brilliance, his equanimity This situation occurs especially when they incorporate new workers young and prepared, threatening professional promotion and even the permanence of the harasser in the organization or vice versa, i.e. young sharks entering the company beset their executives to take his place. It is also common that the attacks occur because the victim has certain differential characteristics compared to the rest of the group, such as the color of their skin or some physical feature that is used by the stalker to highschool with her. In fact detected a higher rate in young pregnant women or homosexuals.

Distinguish the mobbing of other labour disputes.

The existence of a situation of mobbing that is not prevented and eradicated by the company can cause a series of responsibilities, given that labour legislation and more specifically the occupational risks Prevention Act requires companies to identify, assess and avoid the psychological risks. Therefore, you have to know to differentiate a real workplace harassment or mobbing of what a situation of different occupational stress (stress, problems, etc). As they pointed out our courts should avoid that "figures necessary for the protection of the worker (such as workplace harassment), serve as thrown weapons to satisfy internal labour disputes".

So that you can speak in property of moral harassment and such conduct have legal consequences it is necessary that we are facing a repetitive harassment and having as purpose and outcome damage self-esteem and reputation of the employee. There are other situations that, without rigor, are catalogued as mobbing. For example, a particular discussion among personnel of the company or disagreements which only reflect lack of harmony between individuals, or even an impression of the employee feel badly treated, without objective data showing it are mobbing, as neither more severe cases (for example, sexual harassment).

Mobbing does not arise suddenly, if not that is is brewing slowly. Initially usually begins with the creation of a hostile work atmosphere, small menosprecios that evolve into insults, threats, and abuse and that originate, in any case, a great suffering.

It should be remembered that our legal system establishes the principle of presumption of innocence, so only evidence sufficient, clear and decisive, in principle, may prove the existence of mobbing. This means that it should not interpret that any exercise of business powers, although it does not like the worker, is moral harassment at work. It is undeniable that "the right to the dignity of the worker" and the fundamental right that it radiates, the moral integrity, and, of course, right to health in the workplace,  are rights protected by the courts, but if you want to claim its violation must made with solid fundamentals, because otherwise they may arise including responsibilities of the employee by unfair and serious accusations.

How to combat mobbing?

You have to work first on the social individual responsibility, because it is very easy to talk about the companies as if they were the executioner and employees as victims. The idea is not to reflect who will protect these 'victims', but how blaming all to protect us all. What is achieved by respect. We seek to prevent, raise awareness, and analyze what kind of actions encourage a working environment.

The companies I call «bonsai» are those that do not grow and care that others either; They prevent creativity and development by fear and lack of acceptance of diversity. People are the most important asset of the company and when there are problems between them can destroy the organization.

In terms of rotation, some studies indicate that every missing person costs the company about six months of salary. An organization that is not healthy is low of employees on a permanent basis. Many entrepreneurs do not realize that this affects productivity; If you do not care for a healthy organizational culture, hardly will they move forward with their projects.

Eradicate the problem it is not possible (envy, jealousy, arrogance,...) they are part of human nature, but it is possible to reduce it and, above all, make everyone aware of the damage it causes.

The first solution is to show that there are certain attitudes, for example the gossip and intrigue, that allow or facilitate a person to be injured in their work. Who we are dedicated to helping solve the problem of mobbing in the companies work in particular with two foundations: the common good and human dignity.

We must exploit these values in everything what dan to help people understand that in thinking about the welfare of others, also we benefit ourselves. The theme of human dignity has to do with respect for the dignity of each person and of the other.
 That is mobbing