There are many entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting your business, but do not decide to be living in a time of economic recession

How to face the fears of the entrepreneur

Why do we undertake? Each one has a different idea of why. Two elements that influence this choice: the character of a person and the external conditions. However regardless of the cause that we push on, all entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs have common fears.

These fears are double-sided. Well-managed give strength and gasoline to move forward even in the most critical situations, poorly managed lead to paralysis or to make costly mistakes. Fears were never just beat... but at the moment in which identify them is much easier to be able to handle them.

Fear of the unknown is one of the main reasons why someone He does not dare to undertake. When you are familiar with what is known in our "comfort zone", hard to leave it and expand our area of movement, which is the way to exploit our potential.

Out of the "comfort zone" causes instability and get used to living with her is not easy. Starting a new project puts to the test our emotional balance, and not everyone resists him. In addition, instability can be filed in the economy by having to deal with personal finances in a situation of low income in certain periods, especially at the beginning, or loss of customers, etc.

Lack of personal decision finally, fear of starting a business, it can come from There is a tendency in the person not to take a decision. This is more common than believed, we see it mainly in people that they wait until the last moment to solve their problems, asked Council to others recursively, follow what others do (attitude sheep), or prefer to hide before facing the reality.

Certainly, not all are made to be entrepreneurs. If we read the stories of entrepreneurs are successful in any country, very likely a person who "know what they want". That is, can be the dreamer, who doesn't care what others say and follow their dreams; the worker, who works every day to "achieve their goals"; the leader, who the challenges and guide others like to overcome them.

 Afraid to start businesses
Fear of another legitimate fear personal instability. For the majority of entrepreneurs starting a new business involves a total change in life outside the Office, from hours of work to personal finances. It is essential to discuss it directly with people who are "affected" by your change in lifestyle (couple, family friends etc..) and have a base of strong protection (most of possible savings, minimize debts).

We all have to accept that, if there is just no fear to undertake. There is the fear of failure when it comes to starting a business. Once you have taken that fear and the possibility of failure, everything will be easier. However, here are some tips to keep you more secure in yourself to get started in the business world.

Share experiences with other entrepreneurs

We're human. See and understand that others are going through exactly the same as us, make us feel better. In some cases they may be already in a phase advanced than you and can give you tips to advance more quickly. Yet in many cases we repeat the same mistakes because we are also stubborn and we like to make our own experiences.

Success begins with the quality of the people you surround yourself.

If Sergey had done friendship with Larry, was never born Google. Surround yourself with people who you admire in what have accomplished in life. Surround yourself with people who provide you with positive values. Does not lack that you run away from negative people. Simply analyze them to be clear about what you don't want to be in life.
Surround yourself and tries to talk to people who have already achieved what you want to achieve. If you want to become an entrepreneur, the circle of entrepreneurs will be your best University.

 Get market research prior to investing

To reduce the fear of not knowing if your business will succeed, he devotes time to investigate prior to starting your business. Investigating other similar businesses in the sector, analyzes its clientele, observe their timetable, how many employees do?, and services provided. Get comparisons against what your you can offer and conducts some surveys to know that acceptance could have your business in the sector where you think to arrive.

The crisis is not an excuse

There are many entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting their business, but do not decide to be living a time of economic recession. Let me tell you that this is like when you want to quit smoking. Now it is not good time, since I am very nervous. Now it is not good time, since I'm on vacation. The case is that it's never a good time. Same happens with business. Our "mental impotence" us paralyzed with fears, putting excuses, which we know that they are just that, excuses.

Find some distractions

Some people do not get disconnected from time to time. Closest are the training of 20-35 kilometers when I go running to remove the stress from the body. You don't have to run marathons, but it is important that you find an activity that allows you to see other things from time to time. Do not allow your business to become an obsession that affects you health.

Acting is a good solution

We could have invented a remedy that is wonderful to overcome the fear, but in fact the best way to overcome it is acting. If it frightens me go talk to my boss to announce I give to mount my business, is logical, but at one time or another, I will have to face with situation. Once you have clear my goals, I can not lose time. I have to act. When you most expect more opportunity I will give you to fear defeat me.

The satisfaction of overcoming obstacles (fears are part of them) is probably the greatest joy in the everyday life of an entrepreneur. You cannot compare the feeling that produces a professional accomplishment when it undertakes with what feels like employee. It is something very enriching and therein we should focus, instead of focusing on the fears.  Afraid to start businesses