Technology professionals say that communication skills are more important than technical skills

Communication in the TI professional profile

You've heard it said that the social skills of employees are increasingly valued by companies? Both to take on a job interview and to move in the day of a company must know them and use them. But you will not only be useful in these two fields.

Behaviors that allow a greater fluidity in the relationship with others and with oneself are known as social skills.

In the Wall Street Journal, the journalist Ruth Mantell, marked the professional skills that will be essential in the coming years: 

1. communication regardless of the level they occupy in the Organization, the communication becomes the key to the advancement of the Professional because it clarifies information and connects people.

2. PERSONAL branding (Personal branding) personal brand should not be reduced to being in social networks or write blogs. It's a process that begins with self-knowledge, acceptance, empowerment of the strengths, work on the areas for improvement and search for positioning that distinguish practitioners.

3. Flexibility and ADAPTABILITY in a changing world, only survive the staff and professionals with a mindset open to change and a growing desire for learning and improvement. Successes are not obtained from the comfort zone.

4 Improvement of the productivity professional must change the paradigm for "worker" to start thinking that it is a "service provider" with consequent productivity and profitability criteria associated with an entrepreneurial mindset. Look for proactive people, with a vocation for growth and global thinking.

Professional digital technologies an overwhelming 89% of professionals you claims that effective communication of business strategy - and the change will mean for business - will be one of the biggest challenges in course to those who have to face the opinions of a group of professionals you about the future of their respective careers, highlights the rapid increase of Consumerization. Almost half the professionals you see the use of own devices as the dominant trend in defining the evolution of the companies you, followed by the data security in the cloud and virtualization. Therefore, more than two thirds (68%) considered that the function of the TI in 2020 will have more to do with strategy than with the technological deployment.

In response, four of every ten professionals, said that communication skills may be more important than the technical skills, and nearly nine out of ten considered that in the future, to succeed, they will need be business communicators solids.

After reading several offers of employment for communicators from all parts of the world, the network of professional contacts in Linkedin, have drawn up a list of skills that must have a current Communicator to Excel in the market: 

• be bilingual: have a good command of English is one of the skills more applying for companies seeking to incorporate a Communicator among its ranks.

• Manage multimedia production tools: in different job offers is usually always usually ask for expertise in tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator. You can even have extra points if the Communicator handled tools to edit audio and video.

• Be suitable for exercise of Community Manager: experience and ease to manage the social profiles of the company and execute online communication strategies.

• Use content handlers: knowledge for use of content handlers, as WordPress or Joomla tends to be one of the requirements. Many companies have web sites running under those systems by which seek professional that they can handle them.

• Knowledge of SEO practices: companies interested much engaged Communicator to have expertise in search engine positioning. Thus the contents to develop for the company can position in the network.

To achieve success in his future duties, the majority of professionals stated that they could depend on technical certifications offered by providers rather than to develop skills internally. This is part of one greater trend that will see how businesses increase their dependence on third parties. Another group of professionals you expected that the number of projects delivered to external specialists will increase "on-demand". The report also concludes that the needs of the business are increasingly shaping the professional TI.Skills in communication and information technology