Quantum physics study what happens at the subatomic level, ie in infinitesimal distances. This also affects the entrepreneur, whose vision is so often shows short-term and closed itself

Business focus of the principle of heisenberg

Principle of Heisenberg uncertainty, beginning that he reveals a characteristic other than quantum mechanics which does not exist in Newtonian mechanics. As a simple definition, we can point out that it is a concept that describes that the very act of observing changes what is observed. 

Among other numerous disciplines, the uncertainty principle, is the day of the activity of inverter in sports betting. Its adaptation to the original thesis might be the following: "It is impossible to know with absolute precision the share from which an investment in any event has positive hope of return". 

The fee that would mark the threshold of profitability, as you well know by now, is the result of dividing the unity between the probability of it occurring as the desired event expressed by one. And that likely is impossible to estimate with certainty. Just have certain statistical procedures or indicators that may influence its value the analogy with physics is instructive. The Heisenberg uncertainty principle arises because the observer interferes with the system.

 This is more pronounced in economy: an analyst who makes predictions that are believed by the public will have an impact on the behavior of the same people who is analyzing. Not should a principle of uncertainty there be from the entrepreneur? There are it - and the maligned theory of rational expectations is the tool that many businesses use to explain the relationship between analyst and analyzed.

 The Heisenberg principle has much in common with what is happening in a business project, and can help us to see things from a different perspective.

 Business principles heisenberg
In the first phase of a project we designed a work plan, and test / check what is happening with respect to the plan.
This practice entails at least two problems. First, that our work plan is a prediction of the future, with all the limitations that this implies.

The second problem is that the measurements we make to control what is happening just by directly affect what is going on in the project, and distorts it.

How to address these challenges? Less controlling. We must replace the control with confidence and learning. In some businesses the telework is a very important part of our daily activity. We don't have a schedule control and so many people asked me: How do you realize that people work? The answer is very simple: don't do it. I can't do it. Because I know that the price to pay for the control is too high: loss of flexibility and initiative, less motivated people, less freedom of decision.

Of course, this only works with committed people. You need that there is trust between the employee and the company, between the supplier and the customer. There has to be a trust, that will allow us to assume that this will work.

And this system does not fail ever? Of course, it fails from time to time. Sometimes people spend. There are ready to take advantage, both suppliers and employees, such as companies. But the experience of many says that the benefit obtained in 98% of cases justifies the loss of that 2%.

In conclusion the quantum physics studies everything that happens at Atomic, subatomic and nuclear, i.e. in the most infinitesimal distances of reality. This also permeates the entrepreneur, whose vision as many times shown short-sighted and closed in if same. See, for example, the case of banking in North America that want to measure immediate and bulky results in the granting of loans, failed to look a little further ahead in the future, and out in society.

Because this precisely is another of the characteristics of the entrepreneur, which in its effort of observation, measurement, wanting to flee the uncertainty from the outset, it happens all the time analyzing the different areas of its structure, either from a financial standpoint, already from the people (in the best case), since the technologicalconverting the open and interconnected system that is enterprise-wide in a sort of establishment with compartments tobacconists in which not a single drop of knowledge or relationship can flow from one to another.

Furthermore, always should be to apply the famous saying: the first time you cheat is the fault of which you deceive; but the second is already your own guilt.

As Peter Drucker, the management world guru said: the best way to predict the future is... making this. 
Now tell me do think invent it with what tools?
 Business principles heisenberg