The need of having a smartphone is twofold, we want it for their benefit, but also for the status it gives me

Smartphone for executives and entrepreneurs

Technology in excess can cause to lose the path and vision of what is really important. Smartphones are 'tools' that facilitate our communication, management and social links, however, is what lies behind them what truly remains the "engine" of all, ourselves, our ingenuity, creativity and thinking. We also have an "object of status", since the insights of those who we buy smartphones, are associated with power, triumph, success, vanguard and innovation. 

If we find an entrepreneur without one, it is difficult to give you credit, you think: "well, do this how does business then?" Doesn't even have a smartphone! It has not be as important "thus the necessity of having a smartphone is double, we want it for its benefits, but also by the status it gives me a Smartphone contains in a small area a phone, camera, clock, alarm, calendar, multimedia player, email and all the applications that you can imagine, from which connect with up to those social networks that can be translated into instantgiving directions and inform about the weather in any part of the world.

With the understanding that smart phones are an essential appliance in our everyday life, would you like to know that sites will your Smartphone save you life?

1. Special events. Business events and even personal are the perfect opportunity to 'make juice' to these artifacts because they allow to take notes, store presentations, store contacts and 'virtual' relationships through Twitter, Instagram, and receive updates on Foursquare.

The use of hashtags serves to connect with other people who are in the same event and to achieve a greater feedback and even to find out more about other conferences to which it is not or were unable to attend, in this way, the information is not lost and the content continues to circulate.

2.Office. If used properly, a smart phone can serve as a second screen of This way you can have a 'command center' even wider and there will be no need to search all the information on the computer, as it will be sectioned according to importance between the screens.

Nesting and dividing the information it is possible to keep track of everything important that happens around, in addition to activated high functions of the phone can take notes in the form of dictation or receive written notification if it is not available at that time.

3. Travel. A Smartphone is important not only to 'kill time' as expected on a plane, bus or on a scale, but which may serve to provide valuable additional information in real time, for example, the delay of a flight, dealing with changes or simply the function of translation can be vital in those moments.

But using a smartphone you must have certain considerations with people who are close to you. According to the site tips: 1 do business on it only when they are business hours.Learn how to separate work and labor unit that generates carry a smartphone. Use it with some caution. It doesn't have as much need of it as you want to believe.

2. Don't ignore people. Is not only a lack of respect to stop talking about someone to answer a call, is a lack of respect to manipulate the phone while you are with other people.

3. Not distracted. When a person checks your phone, it, is not only distracted but the people around you.

4. Not on all sides. Do not be angry if you ask you what do you do in your smartphone; is clear that the longer you pass through to the screen, more curiosity will generate in people close to you to know what is so interesting.

5 Apologize. If you are going to answer a call or you to operate the phone, excuse you and remove to a proper place. Returning also apologize for the interruption. If you talk, end your idea before answering. If the other person does not end with your idea, don't interrupt you, unless you authorize that you attend the call.

6 Vibrator is not silent. The vibrator mode can distract equal to a doorbell. If you're going to be with someone, make vibration discrete; If not, switch to silent mode or turn it off.

7. Turn it off please. It is not only annoying to sound a phone in a public spectacle, cinema or theatre but it distracts others. (Simple on screen light brings concentration to many people).

8. Where you put it. To boast or dependence, many people put his phone on the table, as if it were an additional covered, or as soon as you reach a site placed on desks or outside spaces to be on the lookout for the appliance. In very poor taste.Business use of  smartphone