Learn to delegate is not synonymous to distribute tasks and be constantly on the people we have in our care

Strategy and the importance of knowing how to delegate functions

Work teams are fundamental for the development and progress of a company, because activities or work group are more fruitful than individual efforts. 

If this strategy brings more benefits than failures, would in some enterprises employees who have excess of work not delegate its functions? Here's a list of reasons that will help you to choose this option.

Include more people when the work is too much for a single employee, it is advisable to delegate work to the team. Thanks to this action, each one will have its own obligations and goals that fulfill, all for the same purpose and in less time.

Learn to delegate is not synonymous with distributing tasks and constantly hassling people who we have in our care, because the trust should also generate autonomy and respect for the work of the other. However, this must learn, it is not something automatic, but it is achieved over time and with confidence in the professionalism of the closest circle.

Taking into account the foregoing, before delegating the following communication is the communication strategy is the basis of the delegation's work. Therefore, the managers who are dedicated to the effective delegation also focus on communication of expectations, as well as its rules of operation. The strategy to delegate the work requires one communication similar to the process of the employer in performance management. Managers have the obligation of providing employees with the tools and information they need to successfully perform their duties of work and communication is the best way to provide the necessary information before and during the process of the delegation's work.

 Starts with something small: you don't have to begin to delegate the most important project that you have in hands, or that so your boss will be wondering in the week. You have to start with something small. It may be a follow-up call to some customers that anyone could do as a member of your team. Or participate in one meeting routine with other areas (not a meeting of strategies or one in which you should make a critical decision, but sure you have one, but several of those meetings that usually are used to keep track of an internal project or maintain informed to some minor areas). It can also be the investigation of a particular issue or the Organization of an event of low scale (such as a meeting, a survey, a working breakfast). Be creative. It is something. Leave aside the excuses. Today finds himself something to delegate.

Efficient job search, combined with labor efficiency planning, is another strategic component to delegate the work. A manager has two basic responsibilities: management of the operations of the Department and the management of employees. Delegate the work improves performance both in the functions of the Department such as the management of the workforce. The primary purpose of the delegation is to improve the efficiency of the Department. The assignment of employees to certain tasks of work is a process of development of skills of the employees, however, its objective is also to improve efficiency suitable in the assignment of duties to employees with the skills and abilities to meet the expectations of the company and performance standards.

Defines objectives clearly: once you know what you're going to delegate, defines the objectives and explain them to who will take this task. Don't tell him exactly what you have to do. Trust that person (as you chose well, don't have to worry about) so that put you your personal touch. It is even likely that if you tell him exactly what you do, you feel limited, forced and even discouraged. If, on the other hand, will say what the aim to comply, it will use its autonomy, creativity and commitment to carry out the task. If you still want to have a deeper involvement, you can give some suggestions, or what are the rules of this task (deadline to comply, delivery, etc formats) or up to tell how you've done it in the past. But it avoids limiting their actions. I assure you that you can surprise with what your partner does with this task.

 Delegate tasks efficiently
Recognition one of the best strategies for delegation of work is the recognition of the employees on your part in the fulfillment of tasks assigned to them. When the employees that you delegate tasks perform those tasks well, recognition is for the employee and the Manager. Employees deserve credit for the performance of their duties, the Manager deserves recognition for the identification of employees with the skills and abilities necessary to carry out these tasks.