The apps are the best way to be informed for more than 43% of smartphone users

Web applications replace social networks

Thanks to the success of Smartphones, mobile applications have taken greater relevance, has created a new need to meet. Today people are looking for and unload hundreds of online applications as they need. But despite the fact that there are already thousands of mobile apps, it is still very little for the great demand that exists, and which is still growing. It is estimated that in the next few years Smartphones will continue gaining ground and more people will have the need to search for any specific application.

Send text messages, check Facebook and email, time, be up to date in terms of the stock market, see the prices of the products, play online and much, much more.

Games such as Farmville and World Warcraft are also used in mobile applications.

Smartphone applications have become the latest fashion, since they have more capabilities than traditional phones and connectivity.

79 per cent of all the users of smartphones used phone within 15 minutes after waking up and out of bed.
This percentage rises to 89% among people 18 to 24 years of age.

Smartphone users have an average of 7.4 Apps for social networking on their mobile device.

Other smartphones users interesting statistics: 34% placed photos on Instagram 27% makes updates After creating your profile on LinkedIn 26% publish messages through Twitter 25% checks for news on Facebook updates 22% checks for new messages by other people on Twitter 20% check the updates of others in Instagram 16% sent text messages - the use of mobile applications (APPS) is slowly gaining ground on the use of social networksas evidenced by the last wave of the Socialogue report from IPSOS, conducted in 24 countries around the world.

According to this study, the Almighty social networks begin to lose bellows. They are still the preferred form of contact for 55% of users, but closely, 45% remaining, no doubt in that specific apps are your first choice. A very marked difference by sex, as almost 60% of women are faithful to the brands on social networks, compared with about 40% for men, which clearly choose the comfort of apps.

These figures bring us quite to the feelings of users around the world, where 52% of consumers stated that apps motivates them more to buy, mainly due to several aspects: apps are easier and more intuitive to use than the pages Web sites or social networking for 38% of the respondents.

-The possibility to get discount coupons and other promotions with apps is very attractive for the 41% of consumers.

-Apps often include useful tools, something that makes a difference for almost 35% of users.

-Apps are the best way to be informed for more than 43% of the respondents.

There are countless types of mobile applications, from the simplest, as it can be an informative app, that usually has the role to give impact to large corporations and that often can be downloaded for free, since they are incurred by the same corporations, to much more sophisticated applications, offering a value for users, such as an entertainment game. These tend to generate engagement and although we they tend to sell at a low price, the return on investment tends to be important, since real incomes will get from advertising it is inserted in the application, once it has acquired a relevant critical mass.

Simple mobile applications do not require a large investment, and are often profitable from a better conception of the company by consumers. Thus, the company is expanding its network coverage, since it will have a new channel to reach the user with its communication. web application statistics