Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of asking what people look for in Google when you want to buy, instead of before asking when is it that people want to buy

 Practice to improve marketing

Many business owners are asking how to do effective marketing, in terms of costs and results. I have the feeling that you want to give them a precise formula that works in all cases. Unfortunately, it is not so simple. 

When you make your marketing plan, you must not only find a list of tips and apply them all or try what they have done to others. Here is some steps which you must follow to know better is what will work for your business.

Give a "why" the "why" is the reason why the founder started the business. It is the core value that is trying to share with the world. It is one of their greatest assets. Many companies put a "why" in a small section and give it a paragraph at most.

Do not put it on the home page? Why not create a bookmark entire dedicated to what started this company and what makes it special? You can use your regular marketing channels and channels of communication to promote to it. The "why" often gives home to a very special conversation between your brand and consumers.

Follow your customer behavior patterns, and not only those of the competition if you think that Marketing Digital is opening a Twitter account or pay a Pay Per Click campaign why the competition is doing, it is likely that the strategy does not produce the best results. Before choosing a medium or a tool is needed to define the objectives expected to be achieved, taking into account if they are performing a campaign directed to the company's existing clients, or to those who want to attract. When the Digital Marketing strategy is clear, we can select channels and most appropriate tools to reach them.

Determines when consumers need your product this is a critical point and that it is easy to make a mistake. No one wants a product all the time. Throughout the day they change the desires and needs of consumers. For example, you do not want food if you are not hungry; you don't want to sleep if you don't dream; do not want to replace your car if yours works perfectly. 

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of asking what people look for in Google when you want to buy, instead of before asking when is it that people want to buy. In the example of the ice, my potential consumers would like to buy ice at the right time they buy the soft drink and serve it in the glass. It is at that precise moment when you'll want to reach them and introduce your offer. 

 Not to be radical is not good to bet all the single-channel marketing budget. There are alternative and complementary, paths that can be made to vary the strategies with which the product or service of the company are promoted. If advertising on the Internet, you want to try with a PPC (pay per Click) or PPA (pay per action) model, a mix can be performed with multiple suppliers, that will make us to reach a wider audience. Google is a great medium, but not the only one. Other vendors offer advertising packages that can generate a return on investment equal or even more attractive, according to the audience that you want to reach.

 Creates micro sites - campaigns to share your stories, each company is fighting a battle uphill trying to manage internally and keep the fingers crossed for avoiding public discussion. I believe that the approach of incognito is obsolete and dangerous. On the other hand, We must open ourselves to major challenges and monitor these conversations through intentional marketing campaigns.

The microsites are websites very small but very optimized for these keywords. For example, instead of building a web site optimized for keywords to play the piano sheet music for piano and piano music, create three small sites, one for each keyword.

These strategies can be carried out in many ways and must choose which suits us. For example: 

• If we have a business may interest us create micro-sites optimized for each of our products.
• If you want to work online with affiliate programs, develop microsites for each program.
• To make money with advertising, we can create a few minisites for medium sized or hundreds of really small microsites.

Obviously there are many things that come before tactical actions, such as the definition of the ideal customer wishing to tour the way and communicate that your way is right for walking, but have a built-in Group of tactics, each with the goal of mobilizing prospects and customers towards the next step makes marketing and conversion process much easier.Tips for better marketing