Being the Best in  Market  for my Business

           Being the Best in  Market
                  for my Business

Some call it luck, but the consultants at Ernst & Young call it analysis and planning. The firm offers six principles and tips for redirect action of enterprises to be market leaders without waiting for the results of random.

A study by consultancy Ernst & Young, shows the conditions that have the so-called exceptional companies. His model emphasizes the importance of 6 General challenges facing companies and towards whom must redirect their actions to become the market leader.

To greater preparation in the ACMI, you will need less fortunate

The risk is  inevitable attitude that is present in all the challenges facing a company in growth phase. No matter the State of growth, the ability to identify and manage risk as an element of critical success in the modern world. Companies who want to become market leaders should not fear the risk, but must accept it and turn in their favor. The exceptional companies face the same way to other business risks, but take advantage of the opportunity to learn and take the necessary steps to give effective control. This highlights them in the group.
Being the Best in  Market

You not can become a leader in the market unless it achieved control their risks, and for this it is important to ask:

How can I identify and monitoring risks that are most important to our success?

We measure our performance of risk management team, as well as the measurement of the reward?

How our our stakeholders are affected by the major risks and we are communicating effectively with them?

Never rely on luck, but if in the attention to detail

The market leaders have not reached this position only by luck. Focusing on the details, they do understand that every aspect of business should be subject to constant improvement to remain a differential in the market. An exceptional company he leaves nothing to chance, but it takes the control to analyze operations and ensuring that all its processes remain effective at all times, taking risks when they will need.

It is not a coincidence that the leading companies to focus on delivering efficient operations and personnel. As your business develops, you should ask are:

What changes should be adopted to make your business more effective?
How do we ensure that our business operations will be able to respond to major challenges?
How our operational changes affect our consumer experience?.  Money cannot make him win lucky. But you can buy a stronger growth path.

A business cannot grow without capital, but this does not mean to waste and invest in all assured success. How a business manages its money and its new investors, will determine the path to follow in the future. The exceptional businesses identify the best mix of needy financial solutions to accelerate growth, without neglecting control and efficient management of available funds.

Successful financial management is vital for sustainable growth. To ensure you keep available to the leadership of the market, you should ask are:

How to ensure the growth?
What is the optimal mix of debt and payments in your business, and how this may change over time?
How you qualify your financial reputation?
Being the Best in  Market

When you listen to your customers, you don't need luck

A point for every organization must be the consumer. Companies that do not adopt the needs and desires of consumers as the business objective, do not get very far. The exceptional companies know all about their consumers, who are what they want and know how to build loyalty of these, for the maintenance of sustainable growth. Even after becoming the market leader, such companies never fail to think about how deliver the best service to its customers.

If you want to accelerate their growth, be sure of understanding the needs of their consumers, and ask:

How we see our consumers compared to our competition?

What are the best ways to get feedback and learning?

How is obtained apprenticeships used to improve the experiences of consumers?

THE rule of the category

If cannot be the first in a category, create a new one which can be the first.

This Act supplements and dampens the Act of leadership, since it states that if we can't be the first in a category, we find a category that if we can be the first. Convert a product from among many, a leader simply inventing a new category, i.e., doing a variation on the concept of the same can be achieved.

Forget about the brand and think categories. All producers are focused on the best and highest qualities of its brands, while the majority of the public is interested in what's new, and very few in the best. Since it is the first in a new category, promote such category, in essence, it has no competition.

The model of exceptional companies

We understand companies in growth and dedicate a balance between innovation and sustainable growth, manage risk and build infrastructure. It is our pride to have built our reputation serving the leaders of the market of tomorrow.

In a recent study by Ernst & Young, it was found that 40% of the leading companies fail every 5 years. This means that the next generation of leaders is preparing for these positions. This is why you must not wait for fate reaches its your port, and take responsibility for their own future.

Regardless of the phase of growth that is your business, learning obtained by the model of exceptional firms of Ernst & Young will help you to compare your company with the leading companies of today, and that they will be leaders tomorrow. You can identify if you are on the right track, and what steps must be taken to help the growth of your organization, to take advantage of its ability to forge its future.

the opposite rule

If choose to second place, its strategy is determined by the leader.

Wherever that leader is strong there is an opportunity for an ambitious number 2 to change roles. A company should build on the strength of the leader to become weak and can be achieved by analysing the company that is at the top. You have to discover the strong point of the leader and then present the consumer target opposite. (In other words, don't try to be better, try to be different).

For a whole category of products, there are two types of people; those who want to buy from the leader and those who reject and don't want to buy this, i.e. If you are positioned against the leader will cover alternatives that number 1. Let as the alternative to this leading product.

There are some negative things in the practice of this law; for example, is a double-edged sword, since it require sharpening on a weakness that your consumer will recognize quickly, and also, that while the product is becoming old, will accumulate negative connotations, and must be one at the right time to compete her.

When you support not be number 1, becomes vulnerable not only to the leader, but also to the rest, is that in such a situation cannot afford to be shy. That is not the way to remain a powerful number.

THE rule of the resources

Without adequate funds, an idea will not take off the ground.
Being the Best in  Market 

The best idea in the world can not go very far without the money to help, and then take off. Marketing is a game played in the mind of the market goal, and money is needed to enter into the mind, as well as for that being there, stay.

You have to know how to use your idea to get the money, and not the support of the marketing. Now, a rich company should spend enough, as on the road to success is not you can save. Money makes it work to the world of marketing. If he wants success should find and know how to use the money necessary to spin the wheels of marketing.

Remember: An idea without money is worthless. Be prepared to relinquish much in exchange for funds.


In the field of business, knowledge of paradigms is essential. The problem is that when the paradigm change, previous knowledge ceases to be valid: all learned technique not served as nothing. That is why it is so difficult to change; at the moment in which we interpret the paradigms, we can change our perception of the world.

THE rule of the perception

Marketing is not a battle of products, It is a battle of perceptions.

Many think that in the long run, the best product expire, this being a simple and plain illusion. There is no better products, the only thing in the world of marketing are perceptions in the minds of customers, constituting these its reality.

The majority of people are sure of what we think is more secure and certain that what they think the others, and no one is more correct than us. We cling to what is real is what is in our around, but we do not take into account is the only reality which we cannot be sure of our own perceptions.

Marketing is a manipulation of these perceptions, and a battle of the same (you believe what you believe). Now, however, this battle is even more difficult, because consumers often make decisions based on perceptions of second hand, rather than their own. The decision to purchase these based on the perception of the reality of another person.

Some based natural laws of Marketing the product, and that it will win or will lose on the merits of this, but the absolute truth is that only studying the form of perceptions in the minds and focusing them on our marketing program, we will get success.

Being the Best in  Market