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Business Blog vs Website
in online marketing

In the majority of cases, the companies Internet marketing campaigns and entrepreneurs are anchored in the interventions of the website and blogs.

Of course, provided that it can take every opportunity to improve our marketing programs, and this is the main reason why we see that companies and entrepreneurs put in place strategies of marketing anchored on these 2 popular platforms.

However, business owners and entrepreneurs who want to increase their business, will have that measure the impact of interventions of blogs in marketing and marketing in the website, so that they can make a more appropriate strategic decision.

Features and differences of a blog and a website

A website is a collection of web pages located somewhere in internet. Web sites were, and are still created using design as Dreamweaver, Frontpage, etc., tools and technical knowledge required to schedule them.

Many web sites on the principle took the form of personal through entries comments more like a personal diary. At that time, they were not yet called blogs. However, when they take some of these features, come to be a content management system, i.e. are web sites with interactive features and database management tools necessary to operate the website, facilitating things to the site administrator.

On the other hand, a blog is a collection of web pages, organized in a chronological order, as if it were a journal.

Some types of blog:Business Blog vs Website

Brand blogs. Reinforcing the brand image of a product, service or company.

Blogs of products or services. Before releasing it to the market, they get a valuable feedback from them.

Blogs of workers. Behind an organization is a group of people.

Events blogs. Accompanying the release or development of an event with material (slides of lectures, videos and photo album).

Industry blogs. Usually aimed at specific niche markets, not to the company.

Blogs are effective marketing tools for companies that "sell" ideas and solutions. Effective marketing emphasizes the need that we generate attraction focusing on information and solution rather than products and services.

These entries daily online offer some of the best opportunities to turn readers into firm believers. Blogs can also be used by owners of companies and managers as an effective feedback mechanism. This is where give you your growing customer base the opportunity to air their problems, concerns and preferences.

From the perspective of internet marketing, A blog provides a way to enter the minds of your customers and learn more about your preferences and expectations.

A blog is a web site, but with a specific format: A series of articles released periodically, and open to comments.

advantages more convenient:

A blog is simple and cheap: Unlike a "traditional" web site, a blog does not require an expert web or computer for its creation. Any person, even not very "comfortable" with the computer, can create a blog easily and even for free.

A blog is social (interactive): why? Because Internet users, readers can react before articles, actively participate and leave your comments.
Business Blog vs Website

With a blog, the information that is entered on the site generally is very frequently updated depending on the writer. Sometimes the writers of blogs updated several times a day. On a web page, the information is not updated so constantly, usually web pages have information on something that does not change very often. When a page is changed, normally the entire page is altered. With a blog, only an entry at the same time is updated. Once the website has been changed, the information is going and can not be seen by the reader. In a blog, new entries are added, but the previous ones are not deleted. On the contrary are always marked with the date and time in which they were created, creating an index and a title on the page of the blog. This makes it easier for a reader of blogs go to an article specific and read previous posts without complications in his search.

One of the big differences between blogs and pages web is that the page is a little more difficult maintenance and occasionally normally required of more knowledge of the way in that the internet works. While a blog almost anyone can quickly and easily to update a blog. This does not require special knowledge of how internet works. There are many sites that offer functions for blogs, and most of the time can be used for free.

Blogging and web pages do have some things in common. Both are on the internet and contain information, however, blogs give the writer a very good opportunity to communicate with their readers and update their entries in the very frequent form. Anyone working with blogs you'll love the great satisfaction and instantly obtain views and thoughts through the internet and get immediate response from readers who visit your site.

The blog stands very much personal and professional skills

What does your business? Do you really think that everyone knows what makes your business? A blog can be a fantastic way to promote what better you do, not only with text if not with photos, videos, interviews with satisfied customers and everything you want: a blog is to improve your business and create true fans of your products.

Yields greater agility

If there is something terrible for a company that it moves slowly: the immense bureaucracy often makes that other projects will take advantage gradually, and there is where a blog can help you. With a blog, your company has voice a click away, both to express opinions as to present products, but also to receive immediate feedback of how things are going.

Analyze customers

It allows you to better meet the needs of your market goal, which is essential for improving your products. On the one hand, some clients leave you comments. This will indicate what products they like most, what recommendations give you to improve them, and even where you start to make the improvements. On the other hand, as in all web site can analyze valuable information that gives you the web about your readers: what articles generated more clicks (= what topics or products are of interest more to your market), which words attracted more customers, how much time spent on your web site, etc.
Business Blog vs Website

It gives a picture of self-confident company.

If a company launches a blog, it is because it is a company secure the quality of its products and services, that it not afraid of no comments, but it accepts in order to improve. A company with a blog is open to the views and is willing to continually improve to meet the needs of the market. Eye. You can customize your blog to "filter" the comments, i.e., read them before accepting (or not) their publication. This option is recommended to prevent "malicious and not constructive comments". However, it is good for the image of the company to also accept some negative comments or some complaints, to which you can respond constructively, to make your company image improvement continuous and open to the views of all.

Client loyalty.

A surfer has no interest in visiting a "traditional" web site frequently. A blog Yes. One of the characteristics of readers of a blog is that they create culture read its content periodically if the information you give them is of value for them. The more love your blog more "involved" will be with your company and your products and services. If the company can solve the problems of its readers with good information, they will be more interested in buying products this company than a company from the competition.

Business Blog vs Website