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 Trends and opportunities for Small Business

 Globalization brings as a consequence a high competitive pressure to global, national and local; for this reason, to face the challenges and opportunities that this new stage of interaction of capitalism raises, Micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in the economic, political and social environment worldwide and fundamentally the challenge of survive and achieve positions of leadership. The new companies must assume structural and organizational culture changes backed up in the makeup of a triad: institutions of higher education, SMEs and Government. Allowing them to identify niche markets for their products and services; at the local, regional, national and international levels with low prices and international quality standards.

This is the "main stream" of globalization in the years to come.

Giant companies will be present regardless of frontiers to their performance. For example, already today, car companies do not need their assemblers are your property, German cars, they can be assembled in automobiles of Japanese manufacturing companies. Parts of cars are manufactured throughout the world in different companies of cast iron, all under standards of the companies of origin. The marketing of cars only carry its logo, but operate under business private around the globe. They will be the average company? maquiladoras of big business will be.

Small businesses believe that it will not be more a reality, because they will not even have a minimum structure so they can be maquiladoras of giant companies. Small businesses will survive processed in the franchises of large companies distributors there where unprofitable to giant companies.

 Risks and opportunities presented SMEs generally inserted into the globalization process.
The most significant risks include the following:
1. Latent disappearance of productive sectors.
2. Increased vulnerability of businesses, by the emergence of a greater and better skilled competition.
3. Decreased levels of loyalty from consumers to brands, products and services.
4. Higher number of companies with a more diversified offer.
5. Loss of national cultural values, in order to expand the market through the homogenisation of the consumer.
trends and opportunities for small

World best-selling according United Nations products are:
Telecommunications, computing to levels of primary necessity will be developed: those who have money, will have a computer in the kitchen, even in your pocket. With this comfort opportunities are expanded. For example, in Japan a computer in the House can activate the oven of the stove or the coffee or close the curtains or heat bath.

Technology will customers interact with vendors in real time mode that sales will practically be for internet in trade. Customers can find what they need with only enter via telecommunications providers around the world or in your area. Today in developed countries via local computer purchases represent one of the large proportions of sales, resulting in a movement to economies of network, where the most important thing is not the size of the company as the network creates to your around.

Companies shall be distinguished by the efficiency gain, for example, KLM, responds from an only to calls from any other country. Companies of computer interaction has resulted in that there are companies such as Yahoo and Google where Yahoo owns, at the same time is competition and buyer of Google services.

From Amazon to MySpace and ads, the most successful companies on the Web are building their business models based on content generated by users. This is surely the most dramatic manifestation of the second generation of the Web. Production tools, from blogs to video sharing, are fully democratic and are based on free time, talent and capabilities of common people who, by coming together, create a decentralized workforce of an unprecedented scale.

The evidence surrounds us completely. New standards from sites like Wikipedia or the system of exchange of Flickr photos have already been created. There are virtual worlds created entirely by the users of Second Life. And audience that YouTube has called is already enormous stupid-proof technology for sharing videos.

But SMEs are sometimes harder to compete for prices with the large and more with the big Internet, where the optimization of the supply chain and the business model of the large is difficult to replicate by small. You can enter in the war of prices and margins tight from the sale on the Internet, but the question is, are we interested in?
 trends and opportunities for small

From another different optics, the small company or business has to use their weapons to sell online. Confidence, closeness, the personalised service and specialization are some aspects to be taken into account. Especially in the latter Internet much opens the market and allows us access to a wider global market. What is not profitable in our city or town, might be for sale on the Internet.

One of the aspects we most care with new customers is to make the process of completing the purchase, i.e., since that add the product to the shopping cart until you pay, as simple as possible. User registration is intended for the delivery of the product, so we must not ask for more data than strictly necessary.

Once completed integration with the payment gateway has to be the best possible. Sometimes customers distrust because we have gone from our website to another strange site.

In any case always measuring the bottlenecks which represents the process of payment and we know what point of purchase our customers distrust and not finish the purchase. Be able to detect and resolve these issues may pose an earlier and a later in the amount of sales that we have through our online store.

Ensure you count and handle the knowledge right in your company.

Owning a small business is all a challenge. The drive and passion were two of the elements that made the place. It is time that give a turnaround to your business and begin to build personal and capabilities of his team, in order to not only cope with the changes, but consolidate its growth.

This, with the qualified professional help can place him in positions that always dreamed. We encourage you (and challenge) to continue improving and get great achievements in the coming years!

SMEs should focus on the video
Video is a very impressive tool on the consumer which leaves a mark, increasingly more and consumers don't have time to read texts overloaded, the video shows more useful to publicize vacancies, new products and services in the SMEs.
Based on the crowdsourcing.

Internet allows with a little so that any company can make crowdsourcing, or what is the same, do for the community to devise new products or services based on your wishes. This resource is extremely valuable if developed successfully, thanks to the social networks it's a very affordable action for small business.
trends and opportunities for small

It is important not to lose sight of the world of apps, these small custom categories that have been popularized at a dizzying pace. Many associate it with Apple and your phone iPhone, with functions to read the New York Times or simply to play a video game. For small businesses, it is possible to have a presence in this MicroWorld in which move millions of beings intelligent, able to make your life more efficient, simple and fun with the world of options available by generally modest figures.

And Yes, it's a technological world and the millions of dollars are there, in a changing market that is discovering how to make money with less effort and using the internet, this tool that has finally managed to connect to entire mass from country to country.

The social responsibility of the enterprise of the future.

This is one of the great difficulties that according to many experts floating on the horizon. Is the company of the more responsible future society where it sits and the environment? This is a problem that is difficult to predict, but I am pessimistic in this regard. I.e. companies when they have to respond to national laws that represent a significant cost for them the resulting is that they tend not to take any notice. For example which United States of America refuses to sign the Kyoto Protocol, where the countries are committed to reduce emissions of pollution that creates a greenhouse effect and destroy the ecosystem. The only reason why the Treaty is not signed is because it decreases productivity, increasing costs. It is not uncommon to know how large companies today give to local governments to avoid making the best by the ecosystem where the company is located. I wonder if now corporations fail, how will comply when they have the world at their feet. Cases of Wall Mart in Mexico, the case of electronic maquiladoras on the northern border and or the
garbage dump contaminated in many Territories, or Chinese peoples who are dumping grounds for electronics, from old cell to computer parts fall into rivers and still unknown ability to pollute groundwater with the decomposition of lead, resins, etc., containing electronic parts. Let me show me more negative. Garbage in modern societies is one of the main problems, moreover, many of the spills products are centuries ahead to be downgraded. It is very plausible that our countries are powerful companies garbage dumps.
trends and opportunities for small