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Perform Internal Marketing 

We have indicating, in other articles, that to achieve the sustainability of the company in crisis situations we need, what affects the management of human resources, introduce a new model that involves the consideration by the direction, that the human factor is the key to the problems of the Organization and that a companyone institution, may not succeed if it fails to mobilize all the intelligence available to achieve the common goal.

A very common mistake that usually occur is focus all the marketing action on external activity only. And this just in the communicating or generate the promise (one-way business - market). Forgetting that prior to this it should be investigated to fund who is the customer and needs has, we offer better than the competition, etc. If this is the case, do not expect things to go well and justify that you blame the market, competition or communication. It is that you are putting the cart before the horse.

One of the more accurate and cost-effective sources of information of our client is through contact staff. Who better than him, which is all day face-to-face interacting with customer to us information on how it is that you want that conforms, which he dislikes, as you want to give things.

It is true that there may be some subjectivity in its information, product may enlarge the problem to solve, remove liability from above, etc. Although this is essential information of them. For two reasons, first by that (forgive the expression) in the "Frontline" and second because you will immediately feel (if you do it with good intentions) recognized that it participates, consult their opinion, believes in his word, it is appreciated, are given importance.

And there is no question of praise or that they feel important. It is to give them the place they deserve. It is to recognize that they are through who is played on a daily basis our prestige Frente al cliente. In particular, the face, the voice, hands and the eyes of the company to the customer.

Internal marketing to communication activities which are responsible for promoting the values of brand, corporate identity and corporate image of a company among its own employees is called.

These actions are part of the company internal communication policy; the aim is that workers to identify better with the products or services that the company offers to the clients, with its philosophy and values, thereby improving their motivation and their loyalty to the company.
Perform Internal Marketing

Characteristics of the internal Marketing:

The ultimate goal of marketing is the boost a certain behaviour by members of an organization.

Although the ultimate goal is always a behavior most of the time is required to reach this objective create, modify or delete beliefs, values, attitudes, etc.

Actions, programs, bells, etc. carried out are not covered within the obligations that have defined members of the organization in their jobs or existing in its hierarchical line.

The members of the Organization are free to adopt or not the objectives pursued by the actions referred to in the internal marketing.

Actions referred from the internal marketing do not use coercion to achieve its objectives. It is based on persuasion and the use of positive consequences.

Planned research techniques are used for the creation of actions.

The internal Marketing comes to support precisely the achievement of a greater overall productivity as an achievement derived from motivation, participation and the integration of the collective labor.

However, implement a strategy of internal Marketing in a company should not be something intuitive or improvised, but it will require a strategic awareness of what you want to achieve, on all sides, but particularly the direction and dedication of resources. That is, a planning that is accounted for by what is called internal Marketing Plan.

The objectives of the internal marketing Plan can be described in the following way:

-General: ensure the constant motivation of contributors which extends consciously on the clients

-Strategic: to create an enabling domestic environment for customer service among employees.

-Tactical: "Sell" services campaigns and marketing efforts to the employees, which shall be understood as the first market of the company.

For the design of a good internal marketing plan, we will have:

-Designing the internal marketing strategy

-Create an array of messages by interest groups

-To analyze the means appropriate to the messages

-Define the strategic plan of internal communication

The internal marketing this way becomes a factor of integration, motivation and personal development, benefiting the company with greater coherence between its internal and external image which will be detectable by their customers making it then more credible.

Thus, some key ideas for a good marketing imterno, may include these:

Make clear what behaviors lead to a reward. It is necessary that any quantified numerical challenges, that are challenging and achievable widely with reasonable efforts (both clients and employees).
Perform Internal Marketing

In the case of customers, the rewards (must have perception of value) may be elective, in General, as it is the case of the catalogues of points; similar systems can arbitrate in the field of human resources

Choose the adequate reward, because we are all saturated gift which do not serve anything. The reward must be perceived as "adequate" in relation to what it wishes to change.

Provide extensive feedback, whether it is motivating (fun, transparent, stimulating - literally - and action-oriented).

Given the often variable rewards. There should be formal rewards (associated to the achievement), which is very difficult to temporalize (catalogues and similar) and in addition, there may be ", to the extent possible, personalized details. These details, gracious concession who gives them or grants, they should put in value, avoiding to "pass without penalty or glory".
Perform Internal Marketing   

Make the rewards immediately follow the behavior observed (no long waits). This sense of time in when and for long periods, can literally eliminate details to give them value when delivered.

Ensure that rewards are well visible, and are recovered properly, both by whom it receives, by their environment it (being a stimulus, moreover, which induces to imitate the behavior of the award-winning, to obtain the reward).