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knowledge and skills required in business                                  

 The employer must have by itself or its partners or employees of the knowledge and skills required by the business as such. All business involves a special technology, and that this should be available at all levels, because not only will have a competitive advantage but will allow the employer better adapt to all the changes required to the development of the business environment. If the employer does not, it is necessary to begin a process of learning, preferable in similar technology business.


Identify and evaluate a business opportunity, or the production of a good or the provision of a specific service to a specific market in a way and time given in time, is one of the most difficult tasks, and it is here where the employer is clearly distinguished from the rest of the people. As Stevenson has suggested, the entrepreneur is a person who lives focused on opportunities. There are significant differences between business ideas and business opportunities and the transition from the first to the second, requires a process of analysis and careful development.

Undoubtedly, the existence of a business opportunity clear and viable is valid requirement to pretend to have any chance of success in the development of a new company.

 On many occasions it happens that a business begins with a given opportunity, but their development identifies another chance and this second that brings success. This is part of the "principle of the business corridor" developed by Ronstadt, which raises that when the employer started his business life, is finding new doors and new paths to reorient, diversify or complement their business opportunities.
knowledge and skills required in business

The opportunity, making it worth the pleonasm, must be timely, coinciding with the tastes, desires, needs, expectations and capabilities on the market. Opportunity is to be in place, in time and with the attitude necessary to take advantage of the business opportunity offered by the market in good shape.

TAKES moderate risks: The employer is not a player. Identifies risks and measure opportunities. Then decides if the goal is real or not. Only in this way it is released to venture something.

Personal contacts

There is enough evidence that the success of any business or enterprise are associated place relations business group have, since they substantially facilitate all stages of the process, including the achievement of physical resources, customers, technology and even ideas. The employer should devote significant efforts in the development of contacts that can be useful in all their business processes. It is important for the development of the business the with together of relationships that the business group has.

Persistence in problem solving: Here play much the imagination of the individual, his creativity and ingenuity. Often get many problems at the same time and must be in capacity and available to solve them optimally.

INITIATIVE: Do not expect to give them orders and fully rely on themselves; They also have the willingness to cooperate and prove his character the situation requiring it. 

Drive and energy: Successful entrepreneurs make gala of very high energy levels because they are often required to work long hours and even sacrifice themselves to get to the top.  

 Accept that do not know everything: they ask for help when needed; independence does not mean that he is an expert in everything. They recognize and avoid this trap.

Health Physics: not only is of course enjoying good health, but care for her and keep in shape to be at the head of the organization.    

Mental and emotional health: the environment of the employer, of itself it is quite stressful and mental imbalances are common. Successful entrepreneurs have a family and social environment that helps them to relax their brains to the battle in the office.

 They handle uncertainty: Understand that they are not employees, but entrepreneurs and as such integrates business uncertainty as something natural.


Every business requires an infrastructure to operate. This includes
physical resources
(land, buildings, equipment, machinery, furniture, brands, patents, natural resources, etc.),
financial resources
(investment capital for fixed assets, capital of work for pre operational expenditure and boot, etc.),
human resources
(management group, employees, workers, etc.),
productive resources
(raw materials, electricity, steam, water, etc.)

 knowledge and skills required in business

Technical knowledge
Expertise covers what you need to know, not only on the work done by his unit, but also about the fundamentals of management. If you manage a group of stockbrokers, you need to know the SEC regulations, as well as some of the financial products group sold. If you manage a group of mechanical engineers, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of mechanical engineering. You don't have to be the expert - to catch administrators are divided into many, especially those who stood out as individual contributors-, but you need to know enough to make good decisions, smart priorities, and provide useful guidance. In addition, the competition as a boss requires knowledge of the fundamentals of management. His people expect you to know how to plan, assess performance, and delegate, to name some of the key management functions.

FEEDBACK: Are regulars at Feedback at all levels. They related in fact as a continuous improvement tool. 

 Self-competence: They not only compete with each other but that they are resistant to themselves through models and assumptions of personal performance. 

Responsibility: They understand the power. They know that they are responsible for the process and the results. They enjoy the duty.

                                                                              Confidence: Question of faith in himself. They believe in their real capacities and face adversity with strength and skill come from themselves. 

Versatility: Demonstrate ability to comply with various roles and change one to another as needed.    

 Desire for independence: Show clear inclination to seek to be their own bosses. Self-discipline and attempting to own, under rules, looking for own goals. The relationship with others is more professional.

POSITIVE FANTASIES: Allow their minds to fly and build images of their goals. This works as a constant motivation. It is not necessary to be a model at any time, but if necessary the inspiration as a model if it wants to achieve its goals as a successful businessman.

Customers with orders

A business only has any chance of success when potential clients effectively become real and placed orders that removed, pay, and again to repeat the cycle.

It with left over note that business does not sell is dead business, but such is the importance of this concept and the frequency with which we tend to forget, we should try to place it at the top mental of the employer.

Let us remember that it produces to sell. If there are no customers with order and they repeated their share of purchase, it makes little sense to produce,
and finally, there is no reason for the company.

knowledge and skills required in business

Political knowledge is the knowledge necessary to do anything in a political environment, as the organization where you work. You can understand the capital budget, and you know how it is done in your organization. However, get what you need also require political knowledge - an understanding of how justified its request for capital in ways most likely to succeed in your organization. For example, you can be that you tie it to one of the higher strategic objectives of the company or joining a group which is now a favorite of management. Is this "playing politics"? No, if they use the penalty for purposes of organization, rather than personal or parochial purposes. Political knowledge is what you need to exert effective influence in the political environment that exists in all organizations. Thy people expect this from you. Otherwise, and never going to get the resources and attention that we all have to do a good job. If you ever have worked for a boss without being able to understand how and why the people's trust in you as a leader depends in part on their political knowledge.

Ultimately, increase people's confidence in their competence through their achievements over time - through decisions with knowledge that you do, your practical understanding of how the work becomes reality, and their ability to obtain the organizational resources to do a good job. Nothing in the long run can overcome a deficit of realization.
knowledge and skills required in business